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Three Richest Americans Now Own More Wealth Than Bottom Half of US Combined: Report


OK, the left tramples the Constitution with uneven prosecution, constant attack on the Second Amendment, attack on the First Amendment, 2 out of 8 and they got little done, but you can’t even answer a question with anything other than a question.
Stayed to elect Trump…roflmbo
You’re right, Bush did trample the Constitution a couple times.
So how have I not respected your right to privacy? Think I’ve been looking in your window? Are you that paranoid?


Obama isn’t a leftist for starters, and check out my comment history for my love of Obama. Good luck.

Your challenge is ridiculous. I won’t be wasting my time.


Because you can’t…Run and hide when faced with the truth…


Run and hide from your “truth”?

Sad to see people so affected by decades of right wing propaganda. I pity you, seriously.


Read about it:

Don’t you just love that the republicans give ISPs the right to mine your data, monitor your internet usage, all without having to ask you permission or even let you know they are doing it and not have to buy any of it from you? Don’t you just love producing something for free that other people get to sell and make themselves rich from? Do you feel like a slave to your corporate Wall St. masters yet? Or has the reality of how screwed you are not really settled in yet?

You make a lot of incorrect assumptions about progressives- that reveals how taken up you are with right wing propaganda and misinformation. That’s why so many people here have been so impatient with you. We aren’t “the left”. We sure as hell aint the right either. If you’d read more information here, you’d see we aren’t any more happy with the democrats as we are with the republicans. Obama was not our darling child. You should learn that. Please start challenging the assumptions you have been holding so dear and never yet questioned.


What evidence do you have that ‘they’ hate us? Since we are killing them they have a reason to hate us and want us out. When is the last time you were threatened by a Korean?


Guess you haven’t seen the threats from Kim Jung Un in the news…I think they were threats, no?
What proof do you have that we are killing them? Haven’t seen those reports.


Hyperbolic statements from a North Korean dictator should not inform our foreign policy. That is taking the bate. Koreans have not harmed anyone for years. There has been peace. In Iran the CIA has been running cover kill operations for years ever since they ended democracy in the 1950’s/ By the way Iranians know their history and know the US is responsible for upending their democracy and putting a ruthless dictator in power for reasons of oil and money. The MIC wants war because that is their money tree. They are crazy people like the Doner Jews of the Republican Party who are insisting that we recognize a city as the capital of Israel when in fact it is not. That is insanity and likely leads to more war and deaths.

  1. Tell that to the Japanese and South Koreans kidnapped by the North, or Otto Warmbier for that matter.

  2. Let me see… The Knesset sits in Jerusalem, the Israeli Supreme Court sits in Jerusalem, naw, can’t be the capital of Israel… Of course, Clinton, Bush and Obama all pledged to move the embassy there too…