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Three Steps for Progressive Resistance and Rebuilding as Trump Era Launches


Three Steps for Progressive Resistance and Rebuilding as Trump Era Launches

Katrina vanden Heuvel

As the new year begins, any honest progressive knows the political outlook is bleak. But if we’re going to limit the damage that President-elect Donald Trump inflicts on the country, then despair is not an option. The real question, as Democracy Alliance President Gara LaMarche recently said, “is how you fight intelligently and strategically when every house is burning down.”


Yet another semi-propaganda piece ignoring or covering for the failed/complicit/craven Dem Party "leadership" - collusion, NOT leadership the party MO, culminating in the candidacy of HRC, the most despised politician ever, next to trump!
Bernie Sanders message and candidacy was sabotaged and sandbagged and it's the entrenched party hacks and "my turn" stupidity/arrogance that gave us trump - but not a clear word is here written! Its great to now - after two mid-term Dem ass-whompings by R'Cons, and the HRC debacle to say/write "we" must resist and organize locally - how the bloody hell can progressives build "resistance" with no real opposition party or leadership that spent any time building a strong Dem/progressive voter base?

Neither the Clintons, Obama or Dem DNC/DLC entrenched party hacks did much of anything to do so! The reverse is actually the case, Dems sabotaged and undermined progressive unity and our issues in favor of their own interests - pandering to big-money campaign-contribution bribes, corporate/banker/Wall Street interests/profits, financial parasites, the war-machine, and ignoring the little guy & gal - they were craven and cowardly in standing-up for issues and building an opposition when all the signs were there people/voters were fed-up with lies, deceit and serving wealth, and that goes for the entire mealy-mouthed Dem hierarchy!

There must be an actual opposition party and leadership to build resistance. That means the complicit and architects of Sanders - OUR - betrayals must be rooted out. All the DINO mouthpieces and apologists, "Russian hacking" purveyors, desperate to divert attention and hold onto power and influence - to maintain the Dem mechanisms of failure - must be replaced.............utter failure and complicity should not be rewarded with "another try"...................

Sorry Katrina, excuses and shifting responsibility, silence on political weakness, collusion and self-interest just don't cut it!


This is a continuation of Hillary Clinton's blueprint to build and finance a 50 state Democratic party strategy, but dressed up in progressive clothing. In doing so, vandden Heuvel, misleads readers by using Democrat and progressive in the same sentence. The party, as a whole, is not progressive or populist and the Clintonites are still very much in control. They're not about to meekly step aside for a Warren/Sanders takeover. Progressives who plan to use the Democratic party as a vehicle to fight Trump need to understand this or risk being thrown under the bus, yet again. It's not just about fighting Trump.


This article is just one more person repeating what's been said ad nauseum since the election. No news here, no inspiration or great ideas. As such it reads like pablum and encourages more 'business as usual' politics - Dems v. Repubs.

For an article that makes much more sense, see Paul Street's contribution today in Counterpunch. This isn't going to be easy, Folks, but we are staring at the face of our own demise, and that of most of the delightful creatures this planet contains. Spending the next two decades trying to push 'progressive' democrats will not produce a viable future.


The only way ahead is to crowd-fund independent progressives and beat down laws that restrict candidates not from either party. If Bernie can let go of the D again and help get this done, there may be a chance. Wage earning people are not represented any more anywhere in the system. And they can't afford to run for office anywhere. We are still on the same killing floor - one butcher uses a rusty blade while screaming and the other uses ether and a fine scalpel as soft music plays...


This article is a perfect example of state-sponsored propaganda on behalf of the ruling elites to maintain the current economic and political systems that are in a massive state of chaos and are ready to completely crumble.

This article is also a shining illumination and example of what mainstream journalism has become when a pseudo-journalist's task is to "sell" the propaganda by further enforcing the false narratives (lies) and base assumptions created by the state and the ruling elites to maintain authority and power over the working class.

We must remain ever vigilant and aware that any solution(s) the state or the ruling elites propose or offer is a snare designed to maintain the current economic and political systems ... not to give any real financial relief or freedom from exploitation, oppression and domination to the working class.

The underpinnings of the current economic and political systems are based on lies that are enforced via ever-present propaganda, coercion, intimidation and force (violence) when required. Once this is fully understood and acted upon by the working class, the gig for the elites is over ... and they damn well know it.

The elites haven't been this scared since early in the last century ... and their fear of losing it all has them once again in panic mode willing to try every machination imaginable to maintain their wealth and power.


This time around, for sure for sure for sure, there will be progressive policies implemented if you the voter elects a Democrat. Really!! Just come to us and tell his your ideas and we will determine the best way to carry them out!

I am going to suggest that had Bernie Sanders left the Democratic party when it became apparent they were not progressive in any way shape or form and helped to form a new party , that progressive movement would be much further along. In trying to keep it under the umbrella of the Democrats he helped ensure it would stagnate .

This is why there all these voices from so called progressives claiming "Grass roots activism" within that party needed to move forwards. They want to ensure the party apparatus which is corrupt to the core is in control. They can then go cap in hand to the 1 percent and say "we got them again" and pull in their millions in donations and "Corporate speaking fees"


....while laughing in mockery of the "people" every step of the way. It makes me sick.


As much as I respect "The Nation," I agree with the commenters above as to the misguided advice rendered in the article.
Will the author attend the inaugural? According to the "New York Daily News," Hillary and Bill will be there. Of course.


Same here. When the stakes could not be higher, they laugh and sell out.


After many years of being in politics Jerry Brown seems to be emerging as real leader in taking on Trump who seems to have a goal of getting to 2C as quickly as possible, perhaps believing it will make the northeast winters more bearable. Or does Trump really believe the hoax stuff he has been peddling to those poorly educated white working class males whom we seem to have to thank for unleashing a fascist in the White House. I have to say the poorly educated white males got back at the elite Ivy Leaguers big time. All it took was filling in a small circle on a piece of paper and shoving the paper into a machine.


As if they can even read - well maybe they can read at a third grade level.


All well and good, Ms. van den Heuvel, but I think we have to each start weaponizing our every encounter with fellow citizens. I am currently traveling through the southern states and have been using every casual encounter with people I meet as a chance to spread the message of resistance. I use Robert Reich's "Fifteen Warning Signs of an Impending Tyranny" and tell people, phone in hand, that I been just been reading about fifteen signs that Trump will be a dictator and then I offer to tell them just one. So far I've shared one of Reich's signs with people at an gas station, Subway sandwich shop, ATV store, gun shop, cousin's house and Walmart. I just say one thing and shake my head, no prolonged discussion, nor do I seek a response. And after two days no punches have been thrown, either way.

Here's my weapons, Reich's 15 signs: http://commons.commondreams.org/t/the-15-warnings-signs-of-impending-tyranny/35613/17


We're way past the point where pep talks from the liberal bourgeoisie have any relevance. Objecting to this or that piece of legislation is not "resistance." It's routine politics.

We'd love to wage a revolution, but can't get enough time off from from work. We can't risk losing our jobs because there's nothing to fall back on today.


fascism: an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.

Would you know what I'm talking about if I said that the US actually has been implementing fascism (by definition) for years now, slowly and from the bottom up?


Where was this headline when Obama took office in 2008?


Step #1 should be to get rid of the elites in the Democratic Party. If that is not possible then simply getting rid of the Democratic Party would suffice in my book.


At one time I would have thought Jerry Brown was a progressive, but after reading Brown's Dirty Hands it's clear Governor Brown is another elite Dem taking the corporate money and screwing the environment and the state of California. From the second paragraph in the Executive Summary:

The three major investor-owned utilities, Edison International, parent of Southern California Edison (SCE), Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and Sempra, parent of Southern California Gas (SoCalGas) and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), contributed nearly $6 million of the total. The three utilities and Chevron also made the biggest donations of any energy companies to the State Democratic Party. Donations were often made within days or weeks of winning government favors. The evidence points to Brown and his operatives using the Democratic Party as a political slush fund to receive contributions in amounts greater than permitted to his candidate committee, and masking money from unpopular energy entities.

Katrina vanden Heuvel has touted Governor Brown as an environmentalist. Don't be fooled.
Note that the Democratic Party was (or is) being used as a pass through for contributions that would otherwise be illegal. The Clinton Foundation was used in very much the same way.


I'm temporarily hog-tied. I know it's time to "move on", and that for there to be any hope at all for the future of human civilization (for whatever that's worth), we must build a strong solidarity movement. Yet until there is some acknowledgment, even some evidence of recognition of the fact that The Nation and it's writers were among those responsible for giving us Trump, it is hard to sense any kind of kinship with Ms. vanden Heuvel or other "liberals" now calling for resistance.

There should be little doubt that the Nation, with writers like Katha Pollit and Joan Walsh, regularly echoing the HRC campaign talking points including the "Bernie Bros" identity-politics falsehoods, helped undermine Sanders and elevate a woman whose values and political history were quite clearly anathema to so very many, effectively killing all the potential grassroots juice that Sanders' campaign had begun mobilizing.

That kind of mistrust runs deep and will not be easily overcome; and that, I fear, is one of the biggest barriers to any kind of needed solidarity movement. It might go a long way if people like vanden Heuvel, Pollit, Walsh and others in the Hillary booster machine were honest enough to own up to their parts in the Trump fiasco. But I will not hold my breath. And until it happens I'm not sure I'll be able to respect much of what comes from them.

One thing is certain: I will not trust that they are doing anything more than being mouthpieces for the Democratic Party elites.


Indeed. Sitting on their hands. And as many of us pointed out in fearing a Clinton nomination (and anticipated win), so-called "liberal" voices would largely be silent while Clinton did what the corporatist Clinton(ite)s will do...quietly sell out democracy bit by bit; rather in the huge, sweeping (and likely more clearly visible) actions such as are now evident in der neue Führer's Reich.