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Three Women Charged With Grand Theft Felony For Saving Thrown Away Baby Cow


Don’t just read the headline - read the article and read between the lines, as well. Why does such animal cruelty persist? Given recent votes that show above 60% public support for animal welfare, how is it that animal care activists can be continually charged with offences for attempting to save animals from the illegal actions of livestock farmers and meat producers? Why are the police selectively targeting those who are attempting to ensure animal welfare that is enshrined in law and yet being charged, basically on a technicality, whilst those committing the cruelty and breaking the law continuously over periods of years, appear to receive no sanction and simply continue their horrendous treatment of animals for the sake of their own profits?

Such situations are symptomatic of the selfishness, materialism and wealth-seeking at any cost of so many, not only in North America but across the World. It is such people that support the manic and erratic prejudice and hate speech of Donald Trump - the election and support of whom has exposed a massive and inherent weakness in what has previously been thought of as a relatively strong example of a democratic political structure, for all its imperfections.

The fact is that examples of animal cruelty such as this and the response to those trying to prevent or ameliorate them, should not only be of interest and concern to animal welfare advocates but need to be recognised by everyone as a reflection of self-centred attitudes, reasoning and actions that are also the cause of similar appalling treatment and conditions in which so many human beings - in their billions - find themselves and similarly, those that attempt to help them are much more likely to be reviled and punished than those who are responsible for the poverty, cruelty, dispossession and immoral treatment of those people.

ALL people need to realise that intelligence is not worth a jot unless it is applied in a rational, logical way and used to devise processes and solutions that will produce a better experience for all living creatures, the planet that we live upon and all that it supports and which, in turn, works interactively to provide a brilliant ecosystem and habitat for life and its sustenance.

If we continue to allow narcissistic autocracy, mass conditioning, socialisation that perpetuates the worst of human values and behaviours, and the insular territorialism and greed that creates conflict, disproportionaly kills the young and the innocent and fills the pockets of the 1% or less, then the imminent demise of the human race as a result of inaction over global warming may even be preceded by the more obvious human made disaster of a final World War or use of some of the 15,000 of so nuclear warheads that are possessed across the World.

Think about it.