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Three Years After Justice Failed Trayvon Martin


Three Years After Justice Failed Trayvon Martin

Terrance Heath

In the three years since George Zimmerman was acquitted in the murder of Trayvon Martin and the Black Live Matter movement was born, so many more have been lost even as so much progress was made.

Three years ago today, full of despair, I posted my feelings on my Facebook feed.


Purveyors of xenophobia/racism/hatred--"You're Fired!"


According to whom? Please link to documentation of your assertion.




Mr. Heath cites many good examples of police violence-Michael Brown is NOT one of them.


The BBC report is wanting and an excellent example of the kind of failed journalism they've been party to for some time going back at least until the events of September 11, 2001. To say the BBC account is, pardon the expression, a white wash would be understatement. At least the LA Times coverage of the grand jury's controversial decision not to indict included mention of the Justice Department's broader investigation into the practices of the Ferguson Police Department and other police agencies in the area after demonstrators and residents complained about racial profiling and harassment.
Questions still remain unanswered regarding Wilson's culpability with regards to initial handling of the situation, and to what extent his possible harassment was responsible for the situation's escalating out of control.
As it is, contradictions between the documented testimony and DA McCulloch’s press statement accounts of November 24,2014 have yet to be resolved. Those inconsistencies may be read about here: http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2014/11/inconsistencies-what-happened-during-michael-brown-shooting

If nothing else, sufficient doubt about the events was never reconciled and therefore, the decision to not even bring officer Wilson to public trial was an absolute outrage and disgrace. The fact remains, guilty or not of petty crime, Michael Brown essentially received an extrajudicial capital execution for the crime of walking in the middle of the street while being black. Officer Wilson's actions were those of a bigoted and unprofessional incompetent. incapable of executing even a routine stop or investigation. One of the main objectives of officer training is learning how to control and handle a situation in order to preserve the minimal loss of life. By all accounts, officer Wilson failed in that regard, his actions serving only to exacerbate.
To those bigots that have posted suggesting Brown's execution is undeserving of mention on the list, I say shame on you---you are also part of the bigger problem.


Thank you for posting the link. There are still countless unknowns and, in my mind, simply the fact that the community was able to document institutionalized abuses of such an egregious nature and sufficient scope and gravity to warrant a Department of Justice investigation that resulted in findings leading to changes is a call to attention that the incident remains part of a profoundly distorted system.

I would have to disagree with you on the assertion that Michael Brown does not belong among the long painful lists of deaths at the hands of police. Our communities must take back engagement with law enforcement for both the communities and the officers.


Wow... One relives the shock of each attack upon reading these narratives.

Amy Goodman has been interviewing a number of powerful witnesses on this subject and one of the reasons why so many cops get away with murder is that there's some arcane law that posits that MOTIVE must be proven. In other words, even though it's obvious to anyone with half a brain and a working conscience that these were largely acts of cold-blooded, unmitigated MURDER; since "proving intent" is virtually impossible (if a cop denies that he had the motive to kill), it literally sets up a license to kill protocol.

And given the laxity with which case after case occurs... it's the atmosphere of permissiveness towards these brutal acts that enables them to remain a constant.

This reminds me of the way people in power do virtually nothing about global warming and nothing about the radiation leaking over from Japan's Fukushima.

It's as if there's so much trauma that everyone is rendered numb and forced to sleepwalk through travesty after travesty and atrocity after atrocity as if THESE are normal occurrences!


I seem to remember you self-identifying as a college level professor, right?

But you don't know the difference between your underwear and you're fired?


Either that or auto-correct ain't perfect yet. Neither is my hand-eye coordination.


His 'documentation' probably comes from fox-so-not-the-news ...


It also came out that Darren Wilson had been fired by another police department prior to being hired at the Ferguson PD. Not that being fired from one PD is reason not to hire him somewhere else, just that it shows a possible problem with his behavior.


No, Michael Brown was killed when the officer fired in self-defense. Look at the forensic evidence, it shows that Brown attacked Wilson in the car and was charging him when shot. Witness statements that Brown attacked Wilson in the car and was shot while charging him are supported by forensic evidence. Those that state that Wilson pulled him into the car, Brown never entered the car, brown was running away when shot, was facing Brown with his hands up when shot, was on his knees and was executed are NOT supported by forensic evidence.

By all means, question the official version of events, check the facts. .But what I see on this site, far too often, is an assumption that anything from a police officer is racist, any conflicting data from a confusing event is evidence of malfeasance, everything is a sign of a conspiracy. You want those of us on the "Law & Order" side to open our eyes to all the facts, thats why I come to this site, to look for evidence & viewpoints from the other side. But it is a two way street, you need to do the same thing and honestly evaluate the situation and not try to hold it to a ridiculously high standard.

I have stated it before on this web site and I will say it again, If you do not want to get shot by a cop, don't start a fight with one and don't make a move that could be construed as going for a gun. And why you're at it. How about showing a little consideration and respect, so every encounter doesn't become a confrontation.


"How about showing a little consideration and respect, so every encounter doesn't become a confrontation?"

How many times was Philando Castile Singled out, Harassed and Stopped by the Police before he was finally murdered?
How many times was Eric Garner Singled out, Harassed and ABUSED by the Police before the day they decided to murder him? An upcoming book by Matt Taiibi reports, in depth, that answer.

The Militarized Police occupying our Segregated Nation have turned 'Protect and Serve' on its head, to become 'Protect' only Fellow "Warriors" and 'Serve' the Corrupt, Bought and Paid For Government.


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I don't know, but I do know he was stopped numerous times for traffic violations and as far as I know, there were actual violations involved on all those stops. Which would mean he was stopped for moving violations, not "Driving while Black". You jump to the conclusion of "murder" before all the facts are in. The video posted shows the aftermath of the shooting, including the officer (Noticeably upset) yelling, "I told him not to move". If you get pulled over while armed, you keep your hands in sight, only moved as instructed by the officer and move slowly.

I also do not know how many times Eric Garner was singled out or harassed. But he was not murdered! He died of a heart attack (in an ambulance - so medical help was summoned) after HE started a physical confrontation with police while resisting arrest. Again, you jump to the label "murder" without looking at the entire situation.


Philando :
No criminal record beyond traffic.
Stopped 52 times, issued 86 tickets, many of them for minor infractions including no seatbelt, loud muffler, late inspection and no insurance card, more than half of them dismissed.
Paid $6588 in fines.
Seems like the classic definition of "Driving While Black" to me.
What the Officer screamed at Ms. Reynolds was "I told him not to reach for it! I told him to get his hand up!"
Some might compare those words with a Cop yelling "Stop Resisting" while they pummel a non resisting detainee.
Eric :
Arrested over 30 times staring at age 10.
In 2007 victim of Police performing a Cavity Search on a Public Street.
Video shows his resistance to be mostly verbal, the only part of his body moving were his forearms used in an expressive gesture only.
NYC Medical Examiner declared his death a Homicide due to Compression of Neck and Chest.
Grand Jury declined to indict the Chokehold Cop ( and ignored the others who piled on ) leaving it as a Homicide Without a Perp.
Eric's family sued Richmond County for Wrongful Death and were awarded $5.9 Mil.


the Federal DOJ twiddled its thumb through all of this. i know there are some legal hurdles to get past before the DOJ can step in. But when we see 5 Black women die in custody in the same month as Sandra Bland, a massive alarm must go off. And there is video of the jailhouse murder of Natasha McKenna. and also an unbelievable story about Gynnya Mc Millen. I remember begging Loreta Lynch to act in most of these cases, and i remember the stony silence of her and
Obama. Black lives clearly do not matter to them.