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Three Years After Rushing Bernie Sanders Event, Animal Rights Activist Takes Mic From Kamala Harris at MoveOn Event

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/02/three-years-after-rushing-bernie-sanders-event-animal-rights-activist-takes-mic

Personally, I think it would have been funny as hell if Kamala Harris would have kicked his ass on stage.

A BLM protester took the MIC from Bernie Sanders in Seattle and spent 30 minutes disrupting his program. White Privilege? Black Privilege? Aiden spent a couple of seconds up there and got accused of white male privilege. Medea Benjamin does this type of action all the time. Rather annoyed at the reactions.


Aidan Cook, you impulse-impaired imbecile, you just provided fodder for Fox News’ smearing of your cause. Nice work. Go back to the end of the brains line and wait for new rehabilitation methods to be developed.


Watch this video and understand this man’s actions:


I hope he understands that all livestock farms are not CAFO’s. As with any type of business or for that matter, any advocacy group, don’t paint them with a broad brush. Sanders and Warren have been outspoken in their advocacy for integrated regenerative farming systems, not CAFO’s or mono-culture commodity farming.


“The action, which saw a white man taking the microphone from a black woman,”

Well bugger me. I just happen to be white. And you just happen to be black. And i just happen to be male and you just happen to be female.
But those creatures feeding your carniverous appetites are all colours. And i just wanted to point out their suffering. No matter what colour you, i or they are.


Could this be a leftist attempt to divide the antiwar and anti anti animal exploitation groups. I’m not sure what either of their races has to do with this.

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That feeling is so personal exactly zero other people share it.

I totally get where the visible animal rights activists are coming from. I’ve lived rurally most of my life and there is non-stop suffering involved in the raising of animals for profit. They are after all sentient beings and love life as do we.

That message is heard and appreciated by a minority. That’s why I personally choose to focus on a plant based life style for the most part and have done my share of rescue. Criminalizing compassion is a pathetic ruse to cover bad behavior.


“Progressive candidates should be advocating for vulnerable populations.”
How confused is this group that they think Harris is a progressive?


I’ve been trying to get that message out here a CD. All democrats are often, mostly, painted with a broad brush as well.
And we are like bears, we eat anything we want.

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Most of the rest of the carnivores in the animal kingdom eat meat out of need, humans do so out of choice unless there is no choice.

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Harris has potential but…

I respect you’re position, but fail to see the potential with Harris.

Perhaps we can find a teaching moment here.

Gandhi said that violence is better than apathy, but that nonviolent methods are best. In this case, the animal rights activist did get a cheap promotion of his platform, but in pushing other people around he made himself out to be an apparent advocate of bullying other people around.

Whenever I see bullies I almost instinctively think, “Those people probably couldn’t be right, or particularly moral either.” I’ve been around the block. When lawyers have no real logical stance they raise their voices and pound the table. When people are losing arguments, too many of them raise their voices to try to overpower people. Most of us just don’t like bullies, not the famous ones, not the ones in our family or in our social circles either.

In this case the optics of seeing a fairly strong man overpowering the unsuspecting women on stage is pretty bad. Our nation has a long, unhappy history of white people not caring about black people’s minor rights, and so those optics don’t help either.

Now, when somebody with money wants to discredit a good cause, they send infiltrators in to cause violence. I don’t think that’s the case here. I think the animal rights activists as a single group don’t think that much about their tactics and about who is representing them.

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I’m not sure I do either. I’ve seen some good qualities, she is not shy when it comes to issues. When you really want someone to say something or find something out that needs discussion. But, she is also impetuous.

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A closer look shows us a man with a cause that he feels isn’t getting it’s fair representation. Probably cannot afford to buy time to speak, and feels disrespected because of the sounds of silence.


“People have their own big ideas”, (but they don’t matter).
Black Lives Mattered to Bernie though.

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Agreed. I didn’t mean to be disrespectful either the other night when I hopped on stage and grabbed the microphone at a local piano bar to push my cause. Many audience members thought I was. Maybe I needed you there to listen? We really do need to reduce the use of staples, after all.