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Three Years For One Picture


Three Years For One Picture

In a move coinciding with the first anniversary of her imprisonment, Banksy has returned to New York after a five-year hiatus to paint a mural in honor of political prisoner Zehra Doğan, a Turkish painter and journalist sentenced to almost three years for painting a watercolor of a Kurdish city reduced to rubble by the Turkish Army - an image, perversely, based on a photograph they themselves had circulated. "They did it," she argued after her sentencing. "I just painted it."


I worry that the tide is turning here at home with the new shape of djt’s white house. Our reporters lives are our own, they keep us safe by shinning light into darkness, the darkness of the heart.


Art can have the quality of oppression because it explains the truth in ways that cannot be subverted. It makes you ask questions in a sensory context, with a combination of abilities. This is a profound visual statement.

Great article too.


So I can get a clear picture I read from around the globe. There are a few here, there and everywhere.