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Three Years Later, the Snowden Leaks Have Changed How the World Sees NSA Surveillance



Kudos and respect for EFF, a good organization fighting a really good fight to protect the commons.


As a student in London in the 1950s, with others studying Russian, I was aware that there were records being kept by the college - monitoring our views and activities. It was assumed that such records were being routinely 'shared' with the CIA etc. Also, we always assumed that the US agencies monitored all international phone calls to or from the US, and that all postal correspondence in or out of the US, was intercepted and opened en route.
For some years after a brief visit to Moscow, I sent a New Year greeting card to a Russian friend there, and I noticed that the cards I received from Moscow had been opened and re-sealed en route.
Then I assumed this clumsy spy-work was done by the Soviet spooks - now I'm thinking it may well have been done by the UK or US 'intelligence' networks.
Orwell was ahead of his time when he wrote of Big Brother in 1984!