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Through the GOP, the Wealthy Are Waging War on the Old


Through the GOP, the Wealthy Are Waging War on the Old

Richard Eskow

If you’re an older American — or expect to be someday — and you aren’t wealthy, you may have concluded that the Republican Party is at war with you. If so, you’re not wrong. Republicans are pushing proposals that protect and expand the wealth of the wealthy at the expense of the elderly. (The disabled, working people, and the poor are also targets.)


Those are only words. When people ( including congress and POTUS) do not respect the elderly , our society at large is done. Where do they think they came from anyway- oh they were hatched out of hundred dollar bills.


Like George said:

"Next they're gonna come for your Social Security. And you know what, folks? They're gonna get it!"

The Boomer Generation is in their Crosshairs because we are the last Actual Witnesses to What We Had and What We have Lost and who is Responsible.


Even though there a large number of poor people in our country there are no representatives in Congress who are poor. Who really understands and represents the interests of poor people? or middle income for matter of fact? Where is our current day Martin Luther King?


The ugly just gets uglier and there's very little to see of beauty that isn't already in the cross-hairs of austerity which is nothing but a cover for plunder. "Nothing to see here folks," just the wreckage of a dream that some of us once had and some of us will keep trying to hold on to.


Good question. Perhaps Bernie, and Elizabeth Warren are a start.


Republicans hate the disabled- remember Trump's imitation of a reporter who happened to have a disability? If they were human, they would have ended their support right there and then.


There is no large group of members in congress who supports rights of the poor and working class because they do not make donations to their campaigns.