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Through the Looking Glass, Trump Doing Swell


Through the Looking Glass, Trump Doing Swell

A moment for the vomit-spewing elephant in the room, who thanks to his breathtakingly inept campaign also keeps turning up in our in-box seeking money in exchange for swag - Personalized Team Trump yard signs! Lunch with Eric Trump! Art of the Deal for just $184! Campaign Gold Card on sale for $49! Despite the desperate tone, new polls and apps just for Trumpsters show a glorious victory ahead in a world where pesky facts are a bore with a conspiracy behind it.


"70% reportedly believe that a Clinton win would be a rigged win" I agree, am I delusional? Don't think so... please read.


Every time Trump predicts that "the election will be rigged" he forgets to finish his sentence with AND I AM THE RIGGING. A sixth grader with a C average could conduct a better general election campaign than Trump is, leading anybody not in denial to conclude that Trump has been planted to assure a Clinton win. If I had voted Trump in the primary I would feel royally duped..


Probably one of the most profound political statements in all of American History is contained in the 8th Episode of the 8th Season of the award winning, mature rated comedy, South Park.

When I think of Donald Trump, I only see the animated "Big Douche." When I consider the alternative of his war-mongering opponent, Hillary "Goldwater Girl" Clinton, I can only visualize a super sized Turd Sandwich. Take your pick!

Regardless of which candidate you choose this year, be proud and know that YOUR VOTE COUNTS!! While Wall Street and the Military Industrial Complex laugh all the way to The Bank!

Don't forget to make your voice heard and vote for the Douche or Turd of your choice!! You will be glad you did! I share this link under the Fair Use Policy. [Note: It contains graphic and possibly even offensive language.]



I could be wrong and often am, but I think the best thing that could happen to the US would be a massive voter NON turnout. The groundwork has been laid. The majority of eligible voters don't like or trust either one,

HRC is trying to amp up Fear of Trump to give herself a landslide win so to be able to claim to have a "mandate" so she can, once sworn in, march us off to the war of her choice and show that she has the femi-balls to stand up to Putin and do completely unnecessary nuclear saber rattling.

It would be wonderful if Green Jill Stein could get enough votes to get into a run-off, but that doesn't look likely.

So not voting for either one "sends a message" to the Powers Behind the Big Screen Tubes that We The People are fed up with the choices we were given, two non issue raising candidates who have nothing to offer but why their opponent is worse than they themselves are.



This is an offensive, foul-mouthed, low-brow article that should not be on the Common Dreams website.


Voting for Jill Stein -- that works for the strategy I would hope to see. I would just like to see the Clinton-Trump campaign get as few votes possible. I would vote for Jill Stein except I am an expatriate with no connection to any state or territory so I can't get an absentee ballot. So whatever the registered citizens decide is who we shall have, My thoughts on which of The Main Two is the "lesser evil" alternate between them.

'Twould seem what's-his-name, the Libertarian guy, is regrettably doing a bit better than Jill Stein. He got a Town Hall Meeting on TV while I have yet -- over here in my getaway life ok place -- seen or heard Jill Stein. If it weren't for the Internet I wouldn't know she can even speak audibly and eloquently.


I agree. Not Voting is NOT a political strategy. I will vote for Jill Stein if she gains ballot access in my state. Otherwise, I will only vote for local candidates who support a Clean Energy Economy and oppose militarism.

But I believe that when Matt Stone and Trey Parker created that truly offensive episode, they were stretching the envelop of Free Speech, and attacking Political Correctness in what was one of their most creative episodes.

I repeat: Not Voting is NOT a good political strategy. In fact, it is No Strategy. What better way to empower right wing fascists and militarists than to voluntarily abdicate your democratic rights.

But, I will never vote for The Lesser of these Two Evil candidates. Neither of them will change the disastrous Neoliberal and Permanent War Economy ushered in by The Duopoly since WW II.

The combined existence of another War Mongering Clinton, and this racist buffoon Trump on the Presidential Ballot, demonstrates the depth of contempt for Democracy held by the .01 Percent who own the privatized debates and elections.


It is offensive and foul mouthed. It is also intended to provoke thought about continuously voting for the Lessor of Two Evils. Look where that's gotten us.

While you are busy cleaning up the foul language, perhaps you'd like to simplify Bipartisan Politics by eliminating the nasty Third Party references to NAFTA Bill Clinton and his initiation of Humanitarian Interventions as official American Foreign Policy in Kosovo / Yugoslavia?

Or how about banning references to the disastrous destruction of the Libyan state and diversion of military weaponry to our new "moderate Al Qaeda" allies seeking to overthrow the Syrian government? If that strategy to topple Assad had been successful, it would have opened the door to a potential ISIS takeover.