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Throwing Off Austerity's Hold in Greece, Syriza Pledges Allegiance to 'The Good of Society'


Throwing Off Austerity's Hold in Greece, Syriza Pledges Allegiance to 'The Good of Society'

Jon Queally, staff writer

In a speech before the Greek Parliament on Sunday, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras made it clear that his Syriza government would not accept a continuation of the austerity measures imposed by outside forces as he formally announced Greece would refuse the next installment of a bailout package from foreign creditors. Instead, the newly-elected leader vowed, Greece would chart a new economic path ahead of upcoming negotiations.


The process of making the Vote of the People superior to the Greed of the Bankers must succeed at all costs. Hopefully the birthplace of Democracy will prevail.

It started with bundling false assets into portfolios, having S&P falsely rate their quality, then over sell them to Sovereign Countries, placing a Country’s entire financial stability in jeopardy, then using Barclays & Bank of Scotland to control the LIBOR thus triggering the portfolios to go toxic, causing the ensuing fall in housing values leading to foreclosures and bankruptcy on a global scale.

This is criminal under every RICO statute. This IS “Organized Criminal Cartel”


" Mr. Tsipras said it was Greece’s historical duty to seek war reparations and the repayment of a loan it was forced to make to Germany in World War II."

Great Point. In fact, Germany was bailed out and rebuilt on US money after WWII. It has not had to repay that money but demands austerity from Greece. He is on firm ground and the Germans need to pay attention.


It would be useful to have a “basic accounting” Wiki, to encompass all looting and unpaid debt - including ecological debt, and all forms of “primitive accumulation” from the enclosures through the slave trade to contemporary “bail-outs” and “free trade” pacts - that would build a historical narrative and derive some true “bottom lines,” from which a broad “accounting” and “restructure” could emerge, to lay the groundwork for a truly just economic system.


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“we have faith in our struggle, because justice is on our side.”
If things worked that way, then Palestine would no longer be occupied.


With interest!