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Throwing Roses To Hitler


Throwing Roses To Hitler

Poor poor Drumpf. Turns out he's unbeloved not just by the Rockettes and almost everyone else - see China's shiny gold Trump rooster! - but by many historically conservative Mormons. Upset their iconic Tabernacle Choir is slated to sing at the inauguration of a sexist racist moron, almost 30,000 Mormons have signed a petition to protest the appearance and one singer has quit. In a stirring open letter, she says she could not in good conscience “throw roses to Hitler, and I certainly could never sing for him."


" ... and I certainly could never sing for him."

I just drove across the US in my old 1988 pickup truck. Somewhere deep in a red state; a young motel check out desk woman saw the peace sign on my door and sighed. "This was my first election and I skipped voting - I didn't want to vote for her and could never vote for him."

I told her that I voted green. "What didn't you like about her?" she asked.

"She pays her daughter two million dollars a year to help the poor." I replied. Not wanting to be too political.

"That's how much she doesn't want to do it." She stated without a second of hesitation.

That young check out desk woman smiled watching me figure out what she said and then compliment her astounding quickness.


Year of the Chicken, coming up.


"almost 30,000 Mormons have signed a petition to protest the scheduled performance and demand it be cancelled"

Umm, not really. If someone had bothered to look at the link, it is a change.org petition. The correct statement would be "30,000 people siged a petition requesting the choir not perform at the inauguration". They might all be atheists from California or script program in St. Petersburg (just to play on everyone's fear du jour). But hey, it's an opinion piece so it should not be taken as news.


Kudos to Jan Chamberlin for recognizing that politics is a huge moral issue.
Unfortunately, this moral issue does not arise with Trumpism.
The reigning corruption, empowered for decades, demands that voters set aside morality, ethics, and many other truly human values to dutifully perform the 'necessary' functions of repeating the same mistakes ad nauseum under the guise of democracy. This instrumental rationality undermines the actual rationality, justice and decency that work for the benefit of all. But in cultures where values no longer matter, except the values of power and $$$$, there is no room for freedom, truth and the great potential of humanity to prevail.
Conform and perform - your patriotic duty, they say, is to support the lies and violence!
PS Jan - please apply same to Mormonism.


Good for her. I can't imagine what Mormons must be thinking when they agree to abandon what I imagine are their values to bow down to this corrupt human being. It's not going to get any easier to resist than it is now. Now is the time to make a statement.


After reading that, I must ask, "How many of these people that will sing for him will be able to look themselves in the mirror afterwards?"