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Throwing Shade, Not Light, on Youth Voting

Throwing Shade, Not Light, on Youth Voting

Laura Flanders

It’s the summer before midterm elections, and the political forecast is already promising heavy showers of skepticism about young voters.

The seasonal downpour is especially important this year because, for the first time, 18-35-year-old "millennials"—and their even younger counterparts, “generation z”—will be America’s single largest voting block with power to swing the result if they actually turn out to cast a ballot. The perennial question is, will they?

Without Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, more youth would have come out in 2016 because Bernie resonated with them. Yes, the Republicans are the masters of voter suppression, but the DNC did a lot of its own bidding. Biden ain’t going to cut it in 2020, should he try. Fresh blood and fresh ideas are what this creaking country needs.

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More young folks have registered. It really doesn’t matter how many the jaded think might vote. The kids have learned that it’s only the actual voting that matters.