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Throwing Support Behind Apple, National Protests Declare 'Don't Break Our Phones'



Lester Holt emphatically stated the exact opposite, citing 38% support for apple from a survey


Yes, the FBI chose their PR test case well; making Apple appear a heartless, petty, bureaucratic obstruction to the earnest investigation of real live 'Merkan-slaying Islamic Terrorists®. The real agenda, the real target, is everyone else. The United States can't send automatic weapons to ISIS fast enough. The problem they have is with you, not with terrorists. The problem they have is with your resistance to their unfettered domination of every aspect of your life.

Time to learn to live without technology, as there is no dignity in paying money to carry your own surveillance tools around on behalf of the Stasi State.


Lester is a Paid For Putz

Reminiscent of "Everyone Supports the Iraq Invasion"