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Throwing the Base Under the Bus—and Other Deep Thoughts From NYT

Perhaps the type of work Bernie has done with Republicans, see youtu.be/P9ituMWcJ2c.

Let’s fight this NYT bullshit the right way - use their negative energy against them. Go Bernie.

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Right, just saw an OP-Ed from that loathsome MFer Rahm Emanuel on POLITCO. He was “warning Democrats that Sanders and Warren were driving party too far to the left. Medicare for all would lose the election and other BS. Just in time for Bloomberg to enter race. I think he is trying to be a warm up act for Hillary to try and jump in the race “to save us”.


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Emanuel was on Bill Maher last night with the same, tiresome message, wholly supported by Maher. I’m so tired of the “fake left, move right” playbook.

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I think that we should move past our sadness, abandon these outlets, and teach students better ways to determine valid sources.

Up to a certain point in history, money followed ratings pretty closely, though not so much that outlets blew out sponsors or sources without dire motive. As is, sources have become more active and more important to the business model–sadly so, yes. Maybe there was a moment that some concentrated effort might have saved these giants, but if there was, I cannot imagine that it is not past. As you point out, the people with whom they retain some cachet have aged and will die.

I mean, there’s no real way to go back from the sort of sources that you are reading now and credit those institutions, is there?

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