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Thugs R Us: Roger Stone Prosecutors All Quit After DOJ Meddles in Sentencing To Appease Mad King, and There's More

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/02/11/thugs-r-us-roger-stone-prosecutors-all-quit-after-doj-meddles-sentencing-appease


There’s just a small window of opportunity to stop this slide into authoritarianism. Waiting till November may be too late. (A LOT can happen between now and then). There’s no telling what Trump will do before the election to try and hang onto to power (this is especially true if he feels he will lose in 2020). It looks like Sanders will be the wild card that Trump was in 2016. If this message hits home to Trump, all bets are off and we can bid the USA we knew and loved goodbye.


Well, another eyeopener for early AM indigestion, no offence, only kidding about the indigestion. Seriously what is needed is for this ENTIRE mis-administration, top to bottom, is a big dose of Summary Execution. No souls to be saved, no appeals to be made, no mercy to be given, no regrets to be had. To the shit heap of history for ALL of them! Sounds harsh don’t it, it was meant to be.


The exceedingly low barr is tied at the hip to the negative interest rate of the private club known as the fed.
Seriously, all of this makes for some of the most revealing word games in history. We’ve been fed bs since the Jeckyl (sp) Island masturbation by the parasites in madness… true, we have managed to eeke out forms of life despite it all. But the ‘externalization’ of societal awareness of the storm of false equivalencies, the false “premises” from those of “race” to the fuckuppedness of The Chicago Boys work to continue the sixteenth century criminal enter-prize of genocide, extraction, lies, parasitic practices dependent on institutionalized murder of militarism and the institutionalized lying by ‘media control’ remains the failed state outcome that is now in full swing to destroy all life on earth. Makes science fiction an incomplete form of literature despite its contributions to the red flag warning of their colleagues in the arts throughout the ages.

Our task is to discover the REAL complemetarities, balances, creativity is within all of the compartments of denial, negation, hiding and poisoning on which this death dealing momentum depends. We KNOW reality by living it, inclusively, respectfully, mutually and lovingly.


Good God man! That was quite a mouthful, confusedly delightfully interesting.

U.S. government now operating on the Führerprinzip.


And has been for quite some time.


and also he has a very nice bridge he’d like to sell you.
… a beautiful bridge. Truly the best bridge that’s ever been built.

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I think as the walls may be closing in on Trump and as he may realize he may lose, who knows what he will do. He can suspend the elections arguing millions of illegals he wasnt allowed to build a wall against thanks to Pelosi voted. Or he may say he lost 2 years to Mueller and impeachment, arguments he has made, so he should get two more years and you bet the GOP will back it.

He and the GOP may ramp up voter suppression and intimidation, there is the lack of election systems being secured, foreign interference. All Russia has to do is just change a few hundred votes here and there , nothing too grand and noticeable, and Trump wins. Remember he won 2016 by close margins too. It wasnt a landslide.

Or, if he doesnt do any of that, he may just not concede. Simple as that. And no one will stop him then either.

The incentive for Trump to do all the above is huge. HUGE. Why? Because the presidency is the safest place for him right now. He is untouchable as long as he is sits on his, literally, white house throne. Once he is out, there are like 2 dozen prosecutors waiting to indict him. And he knows that. This makes whatever worst case scenario we imagine here very probable and even likely.

Trump knows the difference between winning and losing is the difference between remaining in a position of vast power where he is above the law and most of all, out of jail and actually having to face the music.

Out of office and without the resources of the POTUS and this government at his disposal to protect himself he knows what’s coming so he really really has no incentive to play fair or concede or not do everything he can to remain in power. And we should all be afraid.

Thing is: there is NOTHING we can do. Our hands are tied. We keep running into walls. The system that was designed to prevent exactly such an outcome has been perverted and is used to protect Trump. We dont have the senate and we need a super majority to get rid of Barr or see any accountability. The courts have been stacked with loyalists. All we can do is do the tight thing, impeach, subpoena, have hearings, take it to court etc. but knowing that the outcome in all cases will be like the acquittal after impeachment. And after that…god help us.

Either way, I dont see this ending well. I have this pit in my stomach that between now and the end of the year Trump is going to do something horrible. The tsunami is coming. The end is closer than we think.


Oh Mr Barr-----you have so lowered the bar for Truth, Justice and for the People.
I suppose that Aesop had you nailed when he told the tale of the big frog in the pond, who wanted to be bigger and bigger and more and more puffed up-----until----one day he puffed up so large-----That BOOM! He blew himself up.
You seem like that bull frog Mr. Barr. Although as A.G, Bull Frog Barr , you also play the bagpipes, so I supposed that as you blow yourself up in the Frog Pond, you will be playing your own dirge on your swallowed bagpipes. : (


Give the Mad King a crown all right. Made of pure neutronium. Can one of you calculate the probable weight in pounds, and tell us how many digits are before the decimal? Can you also calculate how radioactive it would be?

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This issue is more complicated than it seems most people want to admit. I personally don’t care about Roger Stone. I care about the fact that over the last several decades, because of the work of Clinton. Biden and many others who want to get tough on crime, prison sentences have increased dramatically. A ten-year sentence used to be extreme and was often given for homicide. Now, life and indeterminate sentences (in fact, life) are given with incredible frequency. States with three-strikes laws sentence people to life for non-violent crimes even when some of the crimes were committed many years ago when they were juveniles. People, including progressives, should be concerned about harsh sentences, not too lenient sentences. The factors of “advanced age, health, personal circumstances and lack of criminal history” should be applied to all defendants, not just the rich and powerful like Stone. The answer is not more jail time for Roger Stone, the answer is that the same criteria applied to him should be applied to the poor and minorities.

Here is a question to ponder. Attorneys usually just change the subject.
**The eighth amendment to the Constitution (part of what is also called The Bill of Rights),States:
Excessive bail shall not be required, excessive fines be imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted. [my emphasis] We have seen evidence of such things as waterboarding, hanging people by their arms secured behind them until their shoulders dislocate, wiring the sexual organs to electricity, exposing people to sound volumes louder than a jet engine taking off, for hours, or high intensity flashing lights. [I’ll stop here, nobody needs to read several pages of this stuff, but it does go on.]
**My question. If this goes on, in prisons and black sites, year after year, at what point does it cease to be cruel and unusual and just becomes routine punishment and therefore not forbidden?

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I think seven to nine is just about right, for a self-declared “dirty trickster” (“dirty tricks” DO have victims, duh) like Roger Stone. And yes, IF I were ABLE to be surprised by events any more, I certainly would be, IF I relied on the teevee to “notify” me of anything…

Regardless, Stone has had such disdain for the Justice system through all of this, that he can just take his medicine LIKE a good boy… even if he isn’t one. Besides, we KNOW how LUXURIOUS his lodgings will be through that sentence. Nothing like the sitting-on-the-floor holding cells drug “offenders” have to cope with. Nothing like the BEATINGS that Rikers Island (sp?) dishes out to rest of us.

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Never, no matter how much those doing it claim it is necessary.

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I wasn’t even thinking about Stone. His sentencing was a recognized punishment for his crimes, documented by a committee that regularly weighs crimes and punishments, to see that the punishment is within legal bounds.
**I was thinking of the stuff that went on at Abu Ghraib, military and CIA Black Sites, Guantanamo, and other countries we sent victims to to be tortured, not to mention in the “Prisons for Profit” hell holes in this country. And then, there’s ICE and the rest of our boundary SS.
**It would seem to me that ripping children away from their parents at the border and crowding them into dog kennels, to sleep on concrete with only an aluminium blanket between them and cold, being dosed with psych drugs because their crying bothers the guards, would be considered cruel and unusual punishment, but it goes on all the time, thousands of children have been lost as we kept no records, many children have died. Parents are likewise locked up, filled with grief and lost, often being sent back to the place they were fleeing because of death squads, torture and rape. Apparently this is not “cruel and unusual punishment” at all.
**I hope that We the People will soon awaken to what is going on and throw this pack of grifters and thieves into jail, and do some repair work to our Constitution so this kind of bureaucratic crap can never happen again.


I guess in Barr’s Dept. of Injustice, Roger Stone must be incredibly saintlike to make up lies to not cover up any U.S. malfeasance with Russia. He was just providing a distraction to help the Orange God Emperor. Stone’s hair is white like Pence’s - are they angels from heaven? Who can understand their divine ways? All bow.

“ A break glass in case of fire moment “
And STILL the anti trump crowd goes for the intellectual scold , instead of starting the damn fire and admitting to the arson.
Burn the executive branch down and rebuild it .
There is NOTHINg left worth saving .

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Yours is a very grim assessment of tRump’s state-of-mind, but his actions and statements since his acquittal are revealing of an person who continues to believe he is invulnerable and increasing invincible.

I have a grim vision: all the Democratic candidates lie on the ground in tattered clothes, some unconscious, some knifed, some bruised and battered at the base of a statue. Raising high above them stands an ermine caped and crowned, triumphant Donald J Trump.

At this point, I think the chances are 50/50 that your assessments and my vision are the likely outcome after 8 more months of dithering Democrats, weak-kneed Republicans, and tRump Unchained.

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Especially if they make Bloomberg the nominee. In that case Trump or bloomberg - what’s the difference?

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