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Thumb on the Scale? DNC Backs Off Bernie but Questions of Neutrailty Linger



The whole thing was a numbskull move by the DNC, in the first place. What better way to tempt Sanders to consider running as a third party candidate? If so, good-by Hillary's shoe-in victory against the eventual Republican thug candidate. What were they thinking?


It's "wringer". Also, you still have time to remove the misogynistic remark.


The democratic/progressive wing of the Democratic Party, and all who recognize the reality of our republic's slide toward totalitarian corruption and corporate domination, should seize this opportunity to demand a return from DLC/corporate street-walker to closer to an open and progressive Democratic Party.
The DNC shot itself in the foot by this asinine "leak" of a non-issue and displayed corrupt idiot politics, trying to sabotage Sanders, for all with eyes to see, not to mention giving the RepubliCons something to twist out of proportion. The DNC manipulated and limited the debate schedule to advantage candidate Clinton (and Rebubs). DNC chair, D W-S, has been an embarrassment and shill/supporter for numerous side-issues not in the interests of the American people or Dem Party, such as it is, and should step aside. There must be someone of integrity and grasp of strategy that can lead and reform the Dems, certainly do a better job than D W-S.


Controversial wringer analogy, but tells the story......


Which is why he will never do it ...

He will give up his "political revolution" before he will "spoil it" for the DP - been through all this before with an even more progressive Dem - Kucinich ..


So who picked her to lead it?


At the very least DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz should be forced to resign.
I would promote Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (HI) from Vice Chair to Chair.


The chairperson of the DNC (currently U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida) is elected by vote of members of the Democratic National Committee. The DNC is composed of the chairs and vice-chairs of each state Democratic Party Committee, two hundred members apportioned among the states based on population and generally elected either on the ballot by primary voters or by the State Democratic Party Committee, a number of elected officials serving in an ex-officio capacity, and a variety of representatives of major Democratic Party constituencies.

From Wikipedia:
Democratic National Committee


Fantastic picture of Debbie!
She's got her BiBi scowl on!


Try making your point without sounding like a clueless male oaf.


As per the power paradigm that exists today in the DNC Hillary is absolutely not the underdog. She should be in any democratic organization of the DNC but the same corrupting corporate influences that have taken over governance of this country are dominant in New UnDeal Democratic Party politics.


"chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (NY)"

FL, not NY.


As long as the democrats smoke filled room is packed with Clintonian scum like Deb, the best they can hope for is the White House. Wasserman, and the rest of her crippled coalition still have no plans for taking back the senate, and have just simply given up on the House, most state governorships, states houses and all open positions for dog catcher.
Debbie has overseen the final and complete capitulation of the Democratic Party to corporate interests. She is easily the most distasterous leader the DNC has ever had.
It's time the banshee screams for Ms Wasserman-Shultz, before she has a chance to gift wrap the 2016 White House for whatever lunatic that survives the GOP's rush week.


Squishy apples and oranges. Just because Hillary has opponents in the corporate media doesn't disprove the fact that she is a corporate tool and that the DNC is wholly owned by corporate dominance.

Furthermore, Hillary absolutely has had more exposure and more favorable exposure in the corporate dominant press, especially compared with Sanders. That comparison isn't even close.


This was clearly a setup by the vendor who is a close political ally of Clinton, and the compromised subservient chair of the corporate owned DNC.


Dean and Gore were absolute sellouts and Gray Davis isn't worth mentioning as he couldn't manage to beat back that ignoramus who took the governorship away from him. Clinton and Obama are from the exactly same corporate gene pool.


Anyone else suspect that Hilary's campaign stole Bernie's data during the computer problem, but that they were successful in hiding this (or that the DNC is covering this up)?


Sorry you are too far gone to try to convince otherwise. You support a right winger.


"Questions of Neutrality Linger"

There's no question at all.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz was so determined to make Bernie look bad she took something that should have been handled in-house and handed it to the press. Polling shows Sanders is viewed as much more trustworthy than Clinton, and DWS, the 2008 co-chair of the Clinton campaign, wanted to turn that around - just before the 3rd debate. In her fanatical rush to smear Sanders she even violated the contract about the database, which specifies 10 days notice must be given prior to any change in access to the shared database.

She attacked a Democratic candidate a month and a half before the Iowa Caucus.

She's gotta go.

MoveOn petition to remove Debbie Wasserman Smith as DNC Chair