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Thwimpie: A Spoiled Brat Named Little Donnie Thwimp


Thwimpie: A Spoiled Brat Named Little Donnie Thwimp

George Lakoff

As strange as it may sound, the sound symbolism of a name has become an unnamed central issue in the 2016 presidential campaign. As a cognitive linguist, my job is to study the issue and, at the very least, to name it.

Perhaps the best-known discussion of naming occurs in Juliet’s soliloquy in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Here is Juliet, proclaiming that all that divides her from Romeo are their family names.


When people support Trump they are mainly voting for a racist. His campaign is based on racism more than authoritarianism. It started with the birther movement. Nothing really authoritarian about that. It basically means only a white person should be president of the US. The authoritarianism is for the purpose of enforcing racism. It is this combination that makes Trump so popular among white people, particularly those who have never attended college. George Wallace had the same appeal as Trump. His rallies were quite similar. I guess the next step is to analyze the wal- sound and the -ace sound and see what you get.


Fascinating linguistics! But, as far as the election goes:
Make fun of Trump - good
Lots of resistance against Trump - good
Pop psychology from every angle - good
Endless not-flattering memes about Trump - good
Just keep Clinton out of office.


Wow, I'm sure Lakoff would have a lot to say about the breathtaking cognitive dissonance-denial in your remark.


What's next, 'Phrenology shows Trump unfit to be President'?

Leading medium declares 'Dead afraid of a Trump Presidency'?

CD is getting down into the weeds on this one.

Based on their coverage you'd think Trump was running unopposed.


What about "Hillary"?


Since we're already having fun with this: I've saved this intriguing argument from mysticism that Trump is a demon summoned by Clinton's innate evil. In the interests of tastefulness, I decided not to post it.


Yours is one way to kill column inches and send writers to the poorhouse.


What about Hillary?
She's a corrupt, liar, but she's still better then Trump the lunatic.

To sum up, the country is screwed.


Hillary may lie on occasion but PolitiFact found she tells the truth more often than Bernie Sanders who has a good reputation for being truthful. So is anyone who has ever told a lie a liar? I guess so. By that definition is there anyone old enough to president of the US who is not a liar. Probably not. Is Hillary corrupt? Given that the political system is corrupt it is hard to be sure who is corrupt. Specifically what corrupt thing has she done? I can't really name anything. Voted based on money she received? Can't name that vote. Actually I don't thing we are screwed at all. I have to agree with the NY Times that we actually have a good candidate running for a major party.


Hillary is far and away the worst presidential candidate that the Democratic Party has ever nominated.
Her husband Bill is the second worst.
And now we'll be tag-teamed by these two thieves for at least 4 years.


It explains so much... :imp:


I don't know what you mean.


Meaning vote Trump.


To cultists.


Buchanan was pretty bad.


Right or wrong, how was it corrupt?


I'll go with: she is better than Trump the racist lunatic.


That is exactly what I was wondering.


The party regulars used to pick the candidates now the people do, and they aren't all Democrats as many states have open primaries. This year the people could have picked Bernie Sanders, Martin O'Malley, James Webb, or Lincoln Chaffee. Personally I would have picked O'Malley but the people have spoken. Bill Clinton ran against Jerry Brown and others. The people picked Bill Clinton. If you don't like the candidates that the people are now picking mayby you want to go back to the old way and leave up to the party regulars.