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Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock: Flint’s Disposable Poor Children


Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock: Flint’s Disposable Poor Children

Marian Wright Edelman

America’s political blame game continues while children continue to suffer life impairing harm. The nation was riveted this week as Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Chief Gina McCarthy were grilled over the shameful inaction on the Flint, Michigan water crisis by members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. There is plenty of blame to go around. But where is the action for the children and families of Flint? Every day we delay the damage to children and their families grows.


The feckless US “DOJ” will not indict Gov. Snyder for the HATE CRIME that he committed.


Sort of benefits from the context of the set up.

Dog bless the First Amendment!


A number of lessons scream out from this; and all should be taught, if not implemented.

First: The Love of Money must be revisited. When churches push the false moral argument that those who show signs of success have won God’s favor while those who struggle have not, they set up the moral argument for punishing the poor… further.

Second: When a city manager is appointed who is not answerable to The People, it is both a serious violation of Democracy AND a political means for granting primacy to Capital (as in MONEY) over all other needs and objectives.

Third: The trend in the marketplace today is for consumers to purchase insurance on products. Not that long ago, it was the COMPANY who took on that responsibility as a means of assuring the public of the soundness of their product(s).

I think elected officials should now carry an Insurance Clause. And what it should specify is that if anyone in a public position acts in a way that brings great harm or great cost to others, they will be sued. And they will never hold public office again.

As smart people have pointed out, a LOT of money is going to defend the indefensible and a governor who refuses to bear accountability. The money spent on his trial/defense is money better spent on helping all those kids exposed to lead.

The Bible is full of what is now recognized as spiritual cautionary tales. Flint is a modern version of that very thing… here are the 5 cardinal sins that brought this nemesis about:

  1. The Love of Money trumping all other objectives

  2. Absolute power (on the part of the governor) corrupting absolutely (to this could also be added: Hubris! Precisely what brings rectitude through the agencies of “the gods.”)

  3. Long-standing racism permitting an ecological form of battery to be done to the Black Community

  4. Corruption in high places that goes without any culpable individual taking the blame. The MIC loses billions of dollars; but no one is held to account. The MIC loses wars; but no one is held to account. A fortune is spent on all sorts of alleged Security apparatuses but a number of terrorist events ensue… anyway. The media makes a false case for War of Aggression, and no one is held to account for the massive loss of lives that follows. And so on. These heroes typically hide behind the passive “mistakes were made” defense.

  5. Deregulation: It’s what entities like the Koch Brothers pay so much “good money” (to lobbyists) to protect under the guise that it sustains THEIR so-called freedom of enterprise. It’s this political mood that allows for so much toxic pollution, an overload that rendered the Detroit River a health hazard in the first place.

NO RIVER carrying the precious waters of life should be treated as a toxic waste refuse center!

In a healthy society, spiritual houses of collective worship would not, for the most part, give cover to items 1-5. Today, with the fundamentalist religious sects under thrall to Mammon (the love of $) and Mars rules (“holy” war homage)… true values have been profoundly undermined.

When corporations rape nature relentlessly; and when economic systems grow into the stratosphere to become utterly decoupled from sound wealth management techniques and measures; and when leaders betray the true National Security needs of their people… The Center Cannot Hold.

Which will implode first? Nature? Global Banking? The social safety nets?

Watch for falling debris.


This is the kind of Hit Job that is seldom recognized as such. After all, it feigns righteous indignation for all those kids poisoned during the primary phase of their cognitive growth.

But instead of directing its sense of injustice at the ACTUAL perpetrators or the system that enables those who pursue Big Money to escape any responsibility for their deeds, the “new poster,” EnemyofWar wants to direct readers to the “sins” of Marian Edelman: the individual whose positions forces her to be most vocal in protecting children.

This idea that she is too timid is easy for a Monday Morning quarterback to assert. After all, he doesn’t have to work with the media (which will call her all sorts of names if she comes off as “a radical”), or private donors (which are required given all the cutbacks to social services in recent years), or the govt. entities that consign the funds.

This is a Hit Job. It’s this sort of “polite critique” intended to chip away at the legitimacy of organizations like the one headed by Ms. Edelman. And of course, the attacks start by delegitimizing the leaders of such entities.


Could be the political malaise nationwide can be traced to the mind numbing effects of lead. Is your school lead free. Of course not. No school is. Try and buy a lead free faucet. Low lead faucets, maybe. Always run your faucet a minute before using. Alas.


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