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Tick-Tock, TIck-Tock: Why Even the Insured Are Waiting Too Long for Care


Tick-Tock, TIck-Tock: Why Even the Insured Are Waiting Too Long for Care

Donna Smith

Though a strong majority of all Americans support adopting a single-payer, Medicare for all model of healthcare policy, their political candidates and elected officials have failed to move confidently and clearly in that direction. Most of us know it is not rational to allow our healthcare system to be grounded in the same inhumane, cold-hearted and economically unsustainable way as it has been in the past many decades. The American public is funding ever increasing profits for the insurance giants, the pharmaceutical giants and the provider giants of the healthcare in


But Clinton told us "Medicare for All will never happen".

Think of all the corporate welfare she will be able to fund with the money that could be spent on Medicare for All.


Thank you Donna for continuing to bring the truth about ACA to the people.

I do not understand why more people aren’t outraged and moving toward civil disobedience regarding the theft and murderous behemoth that is Obamacare. Yes, it is murderous as people are paying premiums and avoiding care because of high deductibles ---- they are literally dying because of this all the while lining the pockets of the "health care" and insurance industries.

Every day I fret over the fact that I have to come up with 700 dollars every month-----700 HUNDRED DOLLARS---- to BCBS with a 5,000 deductible which usually deters me from seeking any medical care I need. IT IS A TRAP that is very hard to extricate oneself from.

I want to channel the fretting into action but am at a loss. Especially with the way this "election cycle" is going. Moving out of country seems like the only sane option----if I can afford to do so.

A minor side story:
I moved 5 miles a few years ago. They raised my premium saying: “different zipcode, higher premium” to the tune of 100 dollars a month higher.

So now, I am moving back to the old zip code (with the previously lower premium). Shouldn’t it go down? NO----it is going up again due to this second move.

Why aren’t more people outraged about this obvious extortion?

What can we do?


I went to a Gerontology conference probably 10 years ago as I was a Senior Real Estate specialist and I like to be educated in all things seniors. The main thing I got out of this conference and that I remember is that there will not be enough doctors coming thru the education pipeline to facilitate the care of seniors. We need more doctors and nurses and especially the ones that specialize in senior/elderly care.

I am now there, a senior but I call myself a "Boomer" and I also have a tag line: "Dancing Boomers Are Forever Young". Back to the point. I have a small little problem but unable to get an appointment until Sept 6th which I made two weeks ago. A month ago I started trying to get an appointment with a dermatologists thinking it could be skin cancer, however, that would be an early/mid October date.

Our politicians are continually letting us down as they did not address this shortage. They could of given a substantive benefit to those that go to school to become a General Practitioner or Gerontologist so they don't come out of school so heavy in debt after six years.



Our Cobra is $1200/month, with co-pays that keep rising. Fortunately we have a $500 deductible compared to Obamacare where we would pay nearly as much premium but have a $6,000 deductible.

If I were 30 years old a $6,000 deductible might be managable. Being more than twice that age, it is not.

Even if Stein is elected, by the time Medicare for All is implemented, we will both be old enough for Medicare. We will vote for Stein in hope that younger Americans are not put through the same misery we and so many others have been put through.


Thank you Donna Smith for an excellent article. Some of the comments from readers are spot on as well. The system is insane. How long can costs continue to rise exponentially and wages stagnate? Paying rent is a huge burden for some whose subsidy is laughable if they are eligible at all. (Rates for rental units in this area have risen 27% in the past five years.).

The ACA is another form of corporate welfare with the burden of its monstrous existence on the shrinking middle class. The oligarchy is protecting the beasts that keeps it alive at the expense of the masses. It is laughable that people still believe that this is a democracy. The will of the people is rebuffed on any and all matters of import.

For all the criticism against the VA health care system, I have to say that my husband for years has received excellent care in a very timely manner. He has never had to wait any amount of time. He had a serious illness a few years ago and received top notch care at the VA hospital in Vermont. He has very small co-pays. He has nothing but praise for the system.


"In my case, what incentive does Kaiser actually have to speed up this process for me? None. So long as they can collect multiple co-pays, the $600/month premium, and hold off care for as long as is humanly possible, the bottom line gets better and better." Insurance companies have zero incentive to provide speedy and necessary care. They are no different than the banksters who make profit off of fees. This is true of capitalism. Period. And those who are medicaid patients do not fare any better: Physicians speed up the visits and/or have them return often to make it financially worth while for them. Another tactic being used is having a patient who needs a specialist being seen by someone without such experience such as a PA or NP. And the patient waits, and waits, and suffers.


Same here. Solidarity!


Get in touch with Healthcare-Now group who have been at the forefront of pushing for single-payer.


Thank you, Giovanna.