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'Ticking Time Bomb': Corporate Lawyers Openly Discussing Suing Nations Over Profits Lost to Covid-19 Measures

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/20/ticking-time-bomb-corporate-lawyers-openly-discussing-suing-nations-over-profits

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Time to strip corporations of “rights without responsibilities” and place them under comprehensive regulation design to protect people and the environment while mandating they pay taxes, living wages and abide by the social contract.


1 Timothy 6:10* I share this as a non believer at that.

*For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.


Great opportunity to shine a light on these legal-corporate prostitutes. By the way, how much do you want to bet Biden tries to revive US joining TPP with its ample ISDSs?


Plebes are expendable. The system must (and will) prevail…

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The mad dash to fascism is on!


As if we haven’t all suffered enough already. WTF.
Unmentionables is right: legal corporate prostitutes. (Although prostitutes realistically speaking, provide a social service.) These cretins are worse than the blood sucking ticks on a mangy dog.


Who’s on first.?

I suppose they may, as well, recover all of their expenses, including taxes, compliance with building codes, fire safety regulation, wages, etc., not to mention all the revenue they haven’t generated but dreamed of generating. By their calculus, they are all entitled to all of the wealth on the planet—several times over, once each for every company.

What a foolish and ludicrous system capitalism has been allow to create for itself.


There/s never been a time not to completely strip all corporations or non-biological “persons” from all constitutional protections, to eliminate their right to lobby.


If any further proof is needed that the “free market” is one long con, here it is for all to see.

Under what straightforward definition of capitalism can an investor be compensated for “loss of expected profits” due to a country’s performing its core function of protecting the populace from harm? (yeah, I know…rhetorical, right?)


This exists at the WTO, and if Clinton had his way, there would be no public health exceptions. So, if a cure for AIDS was developed (likely with lots of public sector support) and some horrible capitalist took over the patent and jacked up prices, poor countries couldn’t make generic versions of that cure. Clinton fought against public health exceptions, countries in Africa and countries like Thailand, India and Brazil that have generic drug industries fought for public health exceptions. Crazy ideas, like life saving drugs should be thought of as a public good. But, these are also in the old NAFTA and all the deals modeled on NAFTA. When NAFTA was created, those that created it (hint, not working people, unions, environmentalists or consumer rights advocates, only the “adults in the room”) said that they feared expropriation in places like Mexico. So, what did they do? Expropriate our political system. When Obama made the decision on the XL pipeline, what did TransCanada do? Work to challenge it in those ridiculous private, secret NAFTA tribunals. They wanted, I believe, 13 billion in compensation. Financial firms have threatened to use the old Chapter 11 in NAFTA to challenge financial regulations, saying they should be compensated for profits lost. This is capitalism. It is not neoliberal capitalism. It isn’t a capitalism gone haywire, it is just capitalism, which is a destructive, undemocratic, authoritarian and environmentally destructive system. And both parties are dominated by proud capitalists.

This will backfire. Maybe not here, because the left is so weak nationally and so many Americans are brain dead zombies, but it will elsewhere. Marx said that the capitalists will be their own gravediggers. Well, FDR was a capitalist, but he was faced with a far more powerful and radical labor movement, and socialist and communist parties were gaining and threatening the system. He was able to convince (often force) many capitalist interests to sacrifice or their system itself would be on the chopping block. Well, there is a very weak, pathetic labor movement which is little more than an appendage of the rotten Democratic Party, and the movement long ago got rid of radicals that used to lead them. The left is only starting to emerge and is doing so largely in a party that hates it and will never give it power. So, I don’t know that there are logical people and pressure from below to scare these sociopath idiots into sacrificing to save the system. Given that we have an environmental crisis on a worldwide scale and given that capitalism has zero chance of doing much about it, what they are doing is using the state to prop up a system that is driving us straight to hell. This will speed it up.

By the way, Marx gave a speech at one point on free trade. He pointed out that it was disastrous for working people, but thought that it would speed up the radicalization of the working class. An argument can be made with this. The problem though is that the radicalization in the US is likely to come from a fascist like interest. Let’s be honest, Schumer, Pelosi, Hoyer, the DCCC would prefer fascism over something as relatively mild as Bernie-like social democracy. Long story short, this stuff will further radicalize working people. Hopefully the left is growing enough to funnel that radicalization. The “center” is a non-starter and offers nothing at all on much of anything. Worthless, able to survive on grift, corruption, ignoring a large segment of the public (which is getting crushed by this system) and undemocratic shenanigans. Instead of doing this in the general election though, it generally does it in primaries, where it is legal. That is what the Democrats argued in court, and the court agreed. They can tip the scales, rig it, however they want in their private primary. They do, they will, they are a dead end. If the left wants the radicalization to be used for long-overdue changes, it must organize, organize, organize, and it must do so outside of the Democratic Party. That party is rotten, and so is everyone running it, the parasitic consultants, the annoying media figures of theirs, and their shitty think tanks. Fuck the whole thing.


One word covers this: fascism.

I didn’t think much of the bloody Bolsheviks; but me thinks this gives them some credence.


When corporations rule the world we all suffer. All of Life suffers.

Time to end all these treaties that never should have occurred in the first place. There has to be a global solidarity in telling these vultures to F Off.


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Well, a definition of capitalism is different than their definition of a free market. The economists define a free market in a way that no free market has ever existed, never will. Nothing at all close to it has existed for some time in the US. If you look at how traditional neoclassical economists define a free market, it cannot be dominated by large companies. So, there goes that.

But, actually existing capitalism has long been about the state removing most risk for capitalists (which is demonstrated whenever there is a financial crisis), socializing costs (allowing for the externalization of non-market environmental impacts, not paying much in rent, paying for large share of R & D costs in regards to the development of high tech, biotech and the like, having a highly protectionist agriculture system and those subsidies go to large agro-corporations). Right now, we have a pandemic, and all either party really cares about is the rich and large businesses. Workers, small business, local and state governments can all die. The amount of collective failure of those in power is staggering, and why the hell should anyone just accept that the status quo should continue when it offers nothing at all on anything our society needs to address, and is almost always making things actively worse? It is a rotten system, let by two rotten parties, dominated by rotten sociopaths.



Manufacturing consent to deny.

Where have we seen this one before?

Corporations buy politicians and put their own personnel in key positions.

Corporations then sue their own people when it’s advantageous for them to do so.

Corporate reps in government look the other way and/or condescend to the corporations demands.

People, people, people. The United States is, by definition of the word, a fascist entity. Not “if things keep going as they are we’re soon going to be…”. ALREADY IS.

I know it hurts to admit it (cognitive dissonance being what it is), but…WAKE THE FUCK UP!!! If you vote for anyone for any position in this entire, illegitimate fascist government, YOU are part of the problem.


Beyond extreme arrogance !

The author referenced two think tanks who verbally condemned these actions but nothing that will make it illegal or any action powerful enough to stop the rape.

More outrage and prayers I guess

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