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'Ticking Time Bombs': Democrats and Advocates Demand Release of At-Risk Inmates Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/23/ticking-time-bombs-democrats-and-advocates-demand-release-risk-inmates-amid

Manafort and Cohen will be just fine, depending on how close they are with their jailers.

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While this is going on GEO Group and CoreCivic are making profits from their lockup quotas.


My question is, where are these folks going to be released to? How are they going to get housing, food, medical care, etc?And who is going to pay for it? I would suggest a claw back from the for profit prison corporations…

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That’s something which piqued my curiousity too RF.

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So how about the high risk inmates in Community Corrections such as halfway houses? I’m currently in a halfway house in Cincinnati Ohio. I’m a high risk inmate with non violent charges. I discharge next month however there’s people getting sick in here and all we arw doing is laying around. We get no programming done. I feel we should get considered also for early release. I have an address to go home to also.