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Ties to Putin Are Nothing Compared to Rex Tillerson's Climate Crimes


Ties to Putin Are Nothing Compared to Rex Tillerson's Climate Crimes

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In a scene straight from a "dystopian movie script," President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday officially tapped Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson to be his Secretary of State, thus elevating someone whose "lifelong mission is to crash the climate" to one of world's most influential and powerful government positions.


To all those of the "Putin-loving left" take this!


The taking of America by corporations has been going on for a very long time, supported by both Democrats and Republicans. Trump is inviting corporations to help themselves to our country, which is actually not that surprising. It had reached a tipping point before the Donald and he has just pushed it over the hill.
For Democrats to feign shock by his appointments is laughable. Most probably get big donations from the same companies. Trump isn't dodging the anger caused by his appointments, he's not used to hiding and triangulating like the Dems. He's just dropping the pretense that had muddied the water for the Dems and Repugs, he's letting it all hang out. He is exposing everyone and has no use for equivocating, or concern for the positions of his future Congress men and women. They must really be upset about that. He's putting them all in danger of not being re-elected in two years.
Narcissism always ends in self destruction.


They are the same people who thought Hillary Clinton was as bad or worse than Donald Trump. I don't think anyone takes these people seriously except themselves.


Always look on the bright side of life, ta dum ta dum ta dum. Always look on the bright side of life.


The oft-cited site The Duran has run hit pieces on Pussy Riot. Remember when people here thought that the heavy-handed treatment of Pussy Riot by Putin was a bad thing?


With regard to climate change it looks like it is going to be America versus America. The former being the soon to be climate denying laughingstock of the world executive branch of the federal government that 60 million fools put psychologically challenged Donald Trump ahead and the latter being many American states and cities where serious people are working hard to fight climate change. One American wants to pump out as much oil as possible while the other America wants to reduce its dependence on oil as fast as possible. The US will be totally out of synch going in two conflicting directions at once.


Let's at least hope so. The Feds have considerable power to hinder or shut down local initiatives.


Lrx - a comment of yours I agree with.


Trump is assembling a rogue's gallery of criminals in his admin. Having them all together will make it easier to round them up and send them all to prison.


" For Democrats to feign shock by his appointments is laughable."

Yes, the controlled opposition just playing its part.


I agree that the Trump ties to Putin or nothing compared to Rex Tillerson's climate crimes.

The demagogue in chief appointing a climate criminal like Tillerson, the CEO of Exxon-Mobile, and who has vast ties to Putin ( who even awarded Rex a Russian medal of friendship) tells me the fossil fuel industries climate terrorists will not stop until they make this planet uninhabitable for millions of people.


T-dump is devoid of any and all concern about the environment worldwide, poverty, health care, foreign policy lead by diplomacy, or life itself and his anointments (emperors anoint, presidents appoint/nominate) reflect that paucity of conscientiousness. The only care he has is for himself and surrounding himself with sycophants and slobbering pawns seeking only to do his bidding. At least Satan was a favorite of the Supreme Being at one time whereas T-dump has always roamed the deepest most damnable nether regions of existence without any consideration or desire for redemption (I repeat myself). He and Tillerson are cut from the same cloth...it is always and forever just about them and their greed, avarice, and self-aggrandizement.



The most disturbing thing is that never, in my years of involvement in the libertarian and anarchist-left, going back to the Seattle days, have I experienced anything like the utter isolation I feel in the face of this conspiratorial, crypto-fascist insanity most of the US radical left community has descended into. It is getting increasingly hard to even finds a website or forum, or public figure on the internet that continues with a proper objective left/Marxian analysis of things. There is still barely-surviving Znet/Z Magazine, WSWS, and to some degree Jaobin. Still the Monthly review too - although its issues get skinnier - with little new thinking as its authors grow old and die.

Like Pussy Riot in that Orthodox church, I am now going to smash some icons. This collapse of the left did not start with this election - I saw the troubles start with the Occupy Movement which I mostly watched as an observer through frequent visits to my city's Occupy camp. The over simplistic, thinly-veiled conspiratorialism of the 1%/99% meme was deeply flawed, and the "people's mic." process had overtones of authoritarian groupthink. The consensus-based meetings in the camp assured that only the most simplistic visceral, rather than analytical, ideas could get approval. And worst of all was the seeming rejection of any kind of ideological program to organize the Occupy movement's discontent around - only raw, free-floating discontent driven by an infantile "its the one-percent's fault!" with no political-economic, systemic or dialectical analysis whatsoever.


So there it is, a right-wing shitshow of oil and blood tramped everywhere. It's completely ugly.

But are we to feel outraged on behalf of the lady they call in Eastern Europe "the fracking queen", who spearheaded the Global Shale Gas Initiative, who fundraised with top fracking magnates in the presidential race, who called natural gas a "bridge fuel" when serious experts are saying it's absolutely nothing of the sort, who left huge loopholes in her talk about where fracking shouldn't be allowed because she was trying to sound like a people's advocate on the same stage with Bernie Sanders?

Are we going to be so caught up in the football match between whitewashed evil and blatant evil that we forget to stand for what we actually believe in?

While the certainty of Standing Rock's victory is teetering, the Obama administration has approved two more pipelines for the export of petroleum. Rhetoric alone is not going to turn this planet around, but it's sure getting people to throw their desperately needed energy down a deep dark hole.


"In Tillerson's tenure," Kretzmann observes, "ExxonMobil has supported undemocratic regimes, attacked climate science and activists, and stands accused in U.S. courts of complicity in human rights abuses including torture, murder, and sexual assault."

Trump and Tillerson have quite a lot in common. Trump I'm certain is looking forward with great enthusiasm to the murder for oil thing. He has Holy Warriors to direct killing of what they deem the "infidels" and the great Western Capitalist God to "take the oil".


And what was Hitler's popularity rating?

And the cold war had nothing to do with trade relations or rivalries - it was a clash of diametrically opposed ideologies.

All you seem to care about is power-relations between rival capitalist gangster bosses and not the masses. Let me guess, you are a member of the comfortable brougeoisie, right?


Are we going to be so caught up in the football match between whitewashed evil and blatant evil that we forget to stand for what we actually believe in?

Speaking for myself, absolutely not. As I'm not going to feel obliged to "balance" criticism of Trump with criticism of Clinton every time I criticize what will be an Administration lurching hard right.

If you don't yet see the extreme threat posed by a fascist Trump Administration then not sure what to tell you.


Hitler was very popular with Henry Ford and other American Corporate leaders.
And the US companies were happy to sell supplies for the Nazi gas chambers.
IBM's tabulating machines were used to keep track of Germany's "undesirables", just like Big Data does on us today.
And never forget that the head of the Bush Crime Family, Prescott Bush, was Hitler's banker.

The Corporate mindset has one thought in mind. How to make money regardless of the social or ethical considerations.
Nothing has changed except that the Corporations just keep getting more powerful as they more thoroughly control our government. They own Congress, the Presidency, and the Courts lock, stock, and barrel.


Thanks for reminding us of Prescott Bush. I had forgotten that fact.