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Tillerson Finds Out Through Twitter That He's Being Canned as Secretary of State


Tillerson Finds Out Through Twitter That He's Being Canned as Secretary of State

Jake Johnson, staff writer

President Donald Trump informed the public—and, apparently, Rex Tillerson—in a tweet on Tuesday that CIA director and climate denier Mike Pompeo will soon be America's new secretary of state.


I was appalled by Tillerson’s appointment, but I’ve been impressed that he seemed to be the sanest voice in the Cabinet. And I’m way more appalled at the shift of CIA torture operatives to fill the void, or maybe just to keep the Senate too busy to complete the Russia investigation that Nunes tried to kill in the House. Sigh!


The evil bastard was head of Exxon for godsakes. He helped to absolutely gut the State Department. So why do I feel like Trump just fired the last sane voice in the room? I have a feeling nothing good will come of this.


The “we should run Government like a business crowd” has got its wish. If people really understood why it is that those “Rock Star” CEO’s seem to make their Corporations prosper is NOT because of competence but because the Government they claim to hate and is INCOMPETENT protects them and ensures they succeed via legislation and corruption , they might be less inclined to worship those same CEO’s and the guy who thinks he still on “The Apprentice”.

It is just a great Con.


I wish Trump were as easy to get rid of. Let’s all tweet him out of office and see if it works.


hmm…Pompeo for Tillerson…not exactly the best trade. I wouldn’t put either in charge of a sack lunch, but at least Rex had some dignity and independence form the freak show that is the WH.

Oh well. Back to climate change for ol’ Rex!


Pompeo’s a total sycophant, so I’m sure the lunacy factor is only going to escalate.


thank god this country has a stable government

or is that a stable for a government


Pompey is a better butt kisser.


Temperamental Pre madonna is the first characterization of Trump that comes to mind. For example, he demands total loyalty from his cabinet while he obviously has no loyalty toward them. The second term that comes to mind is “narcisstic sociopath” - which is terminology from the Diagnostic Statistic Manual, a reference book for psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors nationwide.

We are at a point in March of 2018 of making guesses about the future. For example, Republicans in congress will be running for office/re-election in 2018 and my prediction is they will take a heavy hit from the current Trump backlash. Trump will run for office in 2020, and I see the pattern and predict that he will not get re-election while pulling down in the entire Republican Party. By 2020, Trump will pull down the entire Republican Party with him.


Pompeo is a blowhard like tDump. Might as well go ahead and ostracize the US even further. I forgot that not everybody hates us yet. This appointment should put us over the finish line!


LOL firing the Secretary of State of the United States of America via TWITTER.

Wow. Trump is such a moronic, embarrassing, juvenile piece of crap. Via Twitter! LOL
The rest of the world is laughing their asses off at us. And deservedly so.


You have set a very low bar, though. Yeah, Tillerson was sane and sober, but was he working for our and the world’s interest?


It’s “prima donna” - Italian for “leading lady” - as in an opera. Also someone who has an inflated view of themselves.

“Pre Madonna” would presumably be the Virgin Mary either as a fetus, or before that angel visited her…


Appointing a CIA director as Sec. of State is not an anomaly or a coincidence. It is the inevitable consequence of extremist politics, both nationally and internationally, that demands an intelligence/military ‘leader’ to greet and manage the world. It documents that the under-belly of politics is undeniably authoritarian and aggressive.
Normalizing this extreme state of affairs is another step in burying democracy, and, continuing the destruction of human values dedicated to the well being of the many. Virtue and morality is long gone in politics, and is often irrationally absent in major religious support for same.
Ho hum - just another day in the U.S…


Translation: Mike will be a much better obsequious and fawning, sycophant.


Trump is a “class act” firing his Secretary of State via a Tweet.



I had the impression he was educable, and gaining education. Look at what he was doing just up to yesterday: touring African countries and patching up after the shithole offense. He actually knew how to negotiate, and that he was negotiating on behalf of the nation, not one individual.


Is Tillerson on the, “go out and make another couple hundred million then maybe come back” program?


Your take on this is of course, correct. We should be afraid, very afraid. Instead we are ho-hum, very sad.