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Tillerson Finds Out Through Twitter That He's Being Canned as Secretary of State


Tillerson seemed to have some tiny shred of integrity and capability compared to the others around Trump. I was impressed by him as a personality although I know he represented most if not all that I am against. Trump is a curse on the United States for which it will pay and pay and pay for.


No. Pre Madonna means pop music before 1983. I’m stunned you didn’t know that.


Seems like something a coward would do.


They don’t need comedy shows overseas anymore. They just watch the news about the President of the United States. It is funny around the world but it is a tragedy here at home.


I have to give Rex Tillerson a lot of credit for getting it right when he called Trump: AN EXPLETIVE MORON! At the time I figured it was just a matter of time before Trump would fire him.


Mr. Bone Spurs, a Coward?

Yes, indeed.


Trump is a coward and bully.


If nothing else Tillerson was a good reader of character.


Just what the USA needs. A Secretary of State from the CIA. The new symbol of the USA should be an extended middle finger. Every fucking day the USA continues its unabated descent into utter madness and insanity. It’s as if we’re all being sucked into some evil black hole now.


And we aren’t talking a stead for horses.


Is it just coincidence that Pompeo sounds an awful lot like Pompeii? Hope that is not foreshadowing the future of the World.


Thanks a lot Aleph, now I’ll have that wretched song on my mind for days. But I suppose, ultimately, it isn’t your fault.

A quick listen to Frank Zappa might do the trick. It has in the past.


True. What I wouldn’t give to be in one of those “socialist” European countries watching this comedy on my television from afar, shaking my head in pity.


I don’t much follow commercial pop-crap, but I kind of liked Madonna’s performance in the movie adaptation of the Broadwayy musical “Evita”. A Google search only brings up a 1996 album by Madonna of titled: “Pre Madonna”.


Yes, I would love to see millions of tweets sent to our wanna be dictator saying: TRUMP, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE SAY…YOU’RE FIRED! Of course Pence is just as bad if not worse but it might send a message to the Bible thumper as well!


So Tillerson gets fired, perhaps in part because he called Trump an effing moron. Come to think of it, there may not be two better words to sum up the current POTUS. Tillerson: master of concision and character assessment.


Gina Haspel is a monster.

The kind of monster that Obama, Feinstein, Pelosi worked hard to protect from criminal prosecution.

Yes, yes I know the NYT also essentially promoted the very thing they are now reporting on, but these facts are undeniable. She was up to her neck in this sick war crime.

And now she’s the director of the CIA!!! Yay!!!


I like to think that Canadians are similarly shaking their heads in front of their TV sets, but when I’m up there, I get a distinct feeling that that Canadians either don’t have an appreciation of how bad things are down here, or they are in a kind of state of denial. Their Trump-ass-kissing Trudeau isn’t helping things.

I do know that CNN and MSNBC, and sometimes FOX can be found on Anglo-Canuck’s TV sets far more often than the CBC is. Only the French speakers avoid the US media and watch ICI TV instead.


Hey, why not? We’ve already had a former DCI as POTUS (#41).


So is Pompeo the Secretary of State or Steak? Large man.

As well, doesn’t his last name sound like a last name that would hold some vague appeal to Trump. Tillerson always sounded so proletariat.