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Tillerson Finds Out Through Twitter That He's Being Canned as Secretary of State


Agree. Tillerson was regarded as one of the “adults in the room” whose role seemed to be like Charlie Chaplin’s job as street sweeper in City Lights, following after the parade to clean up the horseshit Trump left in his wake.

I suspect that the educable and negotiation aspect to Tillerson came to full-flower during his tenure as CEO for ExxonMobil. As the CEO of a publicly traded corporation, Tillerson had to know how to finesse the stakeholders, “the Street,” and the general public, whereas Trump, whose “business acumen” is based on leading private, family-owned enterprise with little accountability, could be autocratic, leading to his looking lovingly at despots such as Xi Jingping, who recently proclaimed himself leader for life.

Of course, this is all relative, like praising Heinrich Himmler for being a devoted family man. Not to go Godwin right off the bat, but Tillerson spent almost his entire working life at ExxonMobil, which determined by the early 1980s that fossil fuel consumption had a direct effect on climate change but suppressed this conclusion until recently, among other “shortcomings.” For me, an early exposure to corporate greenwashing came in the wake of the Exxon Valdez oil-tanker spill in Alaska’s Prince William Sound in 1989. Seem to recall an Exxon ad that used a picture of Marilyn Monroe that called out her facial mole, noting that that imperfection only made the overall beauty that much more striking, so Alaskans shouldn’t worry too much about that “mole” out in the Sound.

So, yes, sorry to see Rex go, particularly as he was replaced by Mike Pompeo, who may get the President’s Daily Brief reduced down to a Spy vs. Spy cartoon from Mad magazine.


“Torture Queen”? That sounds like something everybody here was calling Trump’s oh-so-hated opponent in the last presidential election.

Now they will get to see the real thing in action…


Yeah, and forget prosecuting his predecessor for war crimes - the closest Obama ever got to even condemning Bush was his sheepish “yeah, we tortured some folks”.

Re-live it here:

(Disclosure - I never voted for Obama - but I would be dishonest in not admitting that being in a safe state was a big factor…)


another confirmation the merica is a fascistic corporatocracy


In some half-normal universe the President of the United States wouldn’t gratuitously fire his Secretary of State an hour after the polls opened, in a congressional race swamped over with Republican money.



I know what you mean h.g. I was just thinking before I read your post that some demonic “thing” has taken hold. And I’m not even in the u.s. :roll_eyes:


As Psychedelic_Chicken notes, US intelligence recruited Nazis and fascists en masse as well as recruiting the scientists and engineers of the German rocket programs such as Wernher von Braun to form NASA. Fascist fun fact: Trump launched his attack on NFL players last year from the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama. And as my mother worked in a munitions factory in southern England during the war, I grew up listening to stories of her and her co-workers having to run to the bomb shelters as the V-1s and V-2s from that rocket program were on their way toward them.

But the US and the West also restored the fascists to power in post-war France, Italy, Greece, and elsewhere as they provided the bulwark against communism, as Germany had done before it got too big for its britches. Not to mention that, before the war, there was considerable support for fascism in the US through various channels including America First (also the name of Trump’s foreign policy), the German-American Bund, and the Reverend Charles Coughlin, a radio preacher with national exposure who used to read verbatim speeches of Joseph Goebbels on-air. Sinclair Lewis wrote It Can’t Happen Here, his novel about a fascist president coming to power in a democratic election, in 1936. (And, yes, I couldn’t help but think “Macgoblin” the first time I saw Steve Bannon.)

The chickens didn’t have to come home to roost. Some of them were already here.


yea, but I bet he enjoyed telling the truth.


They have no problem using the rest of us a cannon fodder but still the American public needs to realize who they are and what they are doing if they are ever to move against it.


Agree. But there are many Americans who believe that ICE and Gina Haspel are making the same sacrifice as those you identified as making the same sacrifice during World War Two. How do we solve for that?