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Tillerson 'Moron' Comment Followed Trump's Call for Massive Nuclear Buildup: Report


Tillerson 'Moron' Comment Followed Trump's Call for Massive Nuclear Buildup: Report

Jake Johnson, staff writer

President's call for tenfold increase in nuclear arsenal, say critics, would violate treaties, inflame tensions, and initiate new global arms race


The somnambulant Trumpsters won’t care. Their willful ignorance brought US this “reality” star ready to implode at any moment. While I often view Trump’s antics as diversionary on his part, I must accede to the more rational view that he is just a narcissistic useful idiot for big money–big money that cares not for life, liberty nor anything of intrinsic value. And so we sit at the precipice.


Just who do you think he’s benefitting? He takes the desk plaque “the buck stops here” very personally. He thinks only of enriching himself.


Tillerson’s “Moron” name for Trump, could easily be replaced with “Mass Murderer” if We the People do not do something soon.


Not that history will record it, since we will all be dead, but the USA will be solely responsible for WWIII and the resulting horrors. I remember the so-called Peace Dividend that was supposed to reduce defense spending for the benefit of all of us. But the fucking god damned military industrial complex and their puppet politicians put an end to that concept immediately. And now we have Trump the megalomaniac two-year old emotionally tantrum throwing a$$hole who wants ten times more nuclear weapons at his disposal. What could go wrong with that scenario. The USA has turned into a suicidal society death cult.


Do We Really Need to Blow up the Planet Five Times Over?


The only thing worse than having a moron for president is having a moron for president with enough nukes to blow up the world 5 times over over. I can just see it now, Trump could be technologically set up to nuke other countries simply with Tweets. So how do we get this moron out of the White House as soon as possible?


Trump is like a little boy with a sand castle, dreaming to be a superhero and smash up everything without consequences.


I agree that Trump is a moron, which is not frightening to me, but what is really frightening to me is: Trump IS VERY DANGEROUS MORON! What could be more frightening than an insane, POTUS with his finger on the nuclear trigger!


" So how do we get this moron out of the White House ASAP?"

The only way, it seems to me, is Congressional impeachment, but of course… not much hope of that happening.


Trump ran his campaign promising, and delivering huge benefits for the Corporate State.

The same Corporate State that Obama and Clinton served, and serve, just with less audacity.

It is that decades long servitude by these useful millionaires (to billionaires) that ultimately brought us Trump.

Trump cares a whole bunch about other billionaires and that extended club that includes the caste of mere millionaires.

Not all millionaires and billionaires like Trump of course. But only about .001 % of them would ever utter a word of criticism of the Trump Administration cutting regulations, cutting their taxes, or promoting the interests through war of the MIC which includes the myriad of corporations that directly benefit from wars that propagate “terrorism”.

If Trump were only benefiting Trump, Trump would no longer be in office.


I guess Tillerson wants the credit for ending civilization. Nuclear War would end it sooner than climate disaster. But maybe not by that much.


He hasn’t delivered a thing yet. One industry after another in chaos, and that’s only on his ineffective dictates, such as the latest about undoing the clean air plan and bringing back coal. It’s all just threats, because he has no idea how government works. Let’s hope those who know how the nuclear arsenal works continue to hold him in check there too.


The Trump Administration will get tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, with the ultimate assist of Corporate State Democrats. Mark my clucks.

The Trump Administration will succeed in a massive rollback of what remains of the safety net.
Mark my clucks.

The Trump Administration is succeeding already at increasing money flowing to the MIC, and more to come.
Mark my clucks.

The Trump Administration will succeed at massive deregulation of polluting industries.
Mark my clucks.

There are many many wealthy advocates of this Administration who keep their mouths shut but their wallets open. Open to receive even more mountains of cash to make love to.

The name of the game is the Corporate State. The Trump Administration is serving it up, and will continue to do so. The Corporate State Democrats that align themselves with that power structure, will of course assist.

What else is new?


Prove it. Just one clucking reference that isn’t a conspiracy theory.


Go cluck yourself for that insult. Did I insult you?

No I did not. Again, go cluck yourself.


Your question is cleverly redundatorical. … Come to think of it, its really quite apt (like an apt full of the planet blown apart 100 times over. )


Never hurts to keep the momentum going…

Sign Here to Impeach Donald Trump Now


Marking each and every one. By golly even the chicken gets it!


Would someone please put this S.O.B. out of my misery. I don’t even think Pence could be this insane.


Signed it thanks. If we could get several million people to submit to the impeachment of Trump and refuse to vote for anyone in Congress that does not endorse this petition, just maybe we could get our cowards in Congress to do their jobs!