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Tillerson Puts Preemptive Strike Against North Korea 'On the Table'


Tillerson Puts Preemptive Strike Against North Korea 'On the Table'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Friday that "all options," including a preemptive strike, are on the table when it comes to dealing with North Korea—the clearest signal yet from the Trump administration that it would consider taking military action against the nation.

At a joint news conference with South Korea's Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se, Tillerson said the U.S.'s "strategic patience" approach was over and that it would not engage in talks with Pyongyang unless the hermit kingdom gives up its nuclear weapons.


This should make it clear to every member of Congress that they need to pass legislation that would require congressional approval for a first strike and take away from the president that power. Even if we had a mentally adjusted human being as president instead of Donald Trump such a law should enacted.


Before Campaign 2016, US policy was pivoting toward Asia. (The TPP was a significant part of the plan.) Then Russia rumors started flying and the US pivots back in that direction. Now we're pivoting back to China. I'm getting whiplash.

If Trump succeeds in starting a war with North Korea, China will side with NK, and nuclear fallout will rain down over much of the US. Good plan.


Here's another face that gives me the creeps, this killer of the Earth, Rex Tillerson.

Yesterday, I spent some time scrutinizing that hideous close-up photo of Steve Bannon's face. The words of Mike Malloy describing him as looking like he'd just come off a long booze binge played in my mind.

Last night, I had a terrifying dream: I was a young man. I was somehow absorbed into Bannon's inner circle. I had to pretend I was one of them, or they'd surely rip me to shreds. Everyone wore a uniform, and their faces all looked alike. Their expressions were dull and reptilian. I needed to go to the toilet. I was in a toilet stall and some of the men were looking over the top of the door, watching me try to defecate.

Then, I was outside, wandering away from the mass of uniformed men. There was war. I was on a dark road. I crouched in a ditch with my back against a hurricane fence and watched as truck-loads of soldiers moved down the road. I closed my eyes as each truck passed in case my eyeballs could be seen.

I woke up in somewhat of a panic, my heart racing. This is what was on my mind: Steve Bannon is a cannibal.

I was extremely thirsty and had a foul taste in my mouth.

It must have been the lentil soup I had at dinner.

Yeah. That's what it was.


Target bridges, dams, schools, hospitals and government buildings first. Potato chip factories next. Then go for the roads and farm fields. If that doesn't do it. Bomb the fishing boats and restaurants.

Blast the cemeteries so them Northies get the message; Even death won't save them from American wrath and blood lust.


That legislation is written into the constitution. Congress already provided that approval by rubber-stamping Cheneybush's open-ended use of force anywhere on Earth. And renewed that approval under Obama.


Since the national disaster, I've been thinking that Trump was going to get us into a war, probably with North Korea, possibly with Iran. I believe that Trump WANTS to use nuclear weapons (he has a history here, by the way).

He's obsessed with appearing "tough" (in the toxic masculinity sense of the word) and being taken advantage of (every nation is taking advantage of us, according to Trump, even Austrealia). Look at his budget. Everything "soft," that is, everything that even hinted at compassion or joy, is wiped out, replaced with an increase to hard power. Even the State Dept. is too girly for manly man Trump.

Everything needed to imipeach him and get him and his gang of scoundrels and miscreants away from power is already there except for the political will. That's up to us. Call your representative every single day and demand that Trump be removed from office. Spread the message everywhere, until the conversation isn't about if it could happen or not, but when will it happen.


Anyone worrying that Trump will find this to do something about his past-stated campaign musings about the use of nuclear weapons? Little old N. Korea can hardly strike back - at the US anyway...


Yeah, but Hillary-Killary-Shillary would have been much worse...


Oh, of course. just ask any Stein voter here. HRC would be taking those filthy Meals on Wheels leeches, infecting them with Ebola and catapulting them into Syria, just to start a nuclear war with Russia, because reasons!!!

My rage at these fauxgressives grows every time Trump does, well, pretty much anything.


Being all about peirochemoicals his entire life, of course Tillerson will advocate occupations and wars over diplomacy. Diplomacy consumes few petrochemicals while the US military machine is the biggest consumer of petrochemicals the world has ever seen.


Exactly. Seoul, on the other hand, must be freaking out right about now. But they're not white, so they don't really count in the Trump administration. Gorka is probably salivating just thinking about it, Nazis are like that.


Plus, a lot of the metal pipe used in pipelines is manufactured in South Korea. Trump won't need as many tariffs if some of the US warheads miss their North Korean targets and "accidently" hit South Korean steel plants.


"...elevate the threat of their weapons program to a level that we believe requires action...". That's a vague statement. What level is that? What is he going to do, count to ten? If he is suggesting a preemptive strike, then the level has been achieved in his mind I think.


Thanks for sharing that, Uncle Sam. Not to start up a metaphysical conversation here, but I do believe some dreams have prophetic details and symbols in them.


'...China has done little to help!"' Wait, what!? So now other countries are supposed to rush to our aid? Yea right. If Trump wasn't a jackass, they might.


You are correct, but Congress abdicated that authority to declare war a long time ago! When Truman used the euphemism " police action" for the war in Korea and thereby circumvented the Constitutional authority that only Congress can declare wars.

Ever since, America has been a covert, military dictatorship pretending to be an overt, democracy.


But Yunzer, think of all those clear consciences!


Interesting dream. As for me, sleep serves as my escape from anxiety. My dreams for now are all pleasant - usually involving wandering and drifting about alone to all sorts of interesting, and always peaceful places - kind of like the old TV series "Kung Fu" but everyone is peaceful and friendly instead of cowboy-thugs.


No excuse for whiplash. Trump hasn't changed direction. Putin still a buddy. What greater distraction from Russia than the threat of a nuclear confrontation with NK? The tweet is a twofer, poking NK and insulting China.