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Tillerson Puts Preemptive Strike Against North Korea 'On the Table'


Electoral strategy for the left is an important topic in its own right and I have my own opinions on that that I am perfectly happy to debate. In 2016 I was a Bernie supporter in the primaries and a conditional Stein supporter in the general election - meaning that I was more aligned with her program than Secretary Clinton's so I intended to vote for Stein as long as my state of Pennsylvania was sure to go to Clinton. When the election got close at the end I was forced to vote for Clinton. I have a variety of ideas about electoral strategy for those that support a progressive agenda - and am happy to engage in discussions on that topic. I just don't see the need to constantly poison the well so it becomes impossible to form a united front.


Obama told Trump that North Korea would be his worst problem. The way Trump is dealing with it again shows that he is not presidential material and those who voted for him clearly have put the entire world's population at risk. If Tillerson had any depth to his character he would resign instead of carrying out the orders of a madman who became president.


If everyone had voted for Stein the world would be in better shape. The amazing arrogance of the Hillary disciples to think that if you didn't vote for that corruption you are somehow responsible for the person (Trump) that the DNC actually pushed on us, is just another sign of how brain-dead the party and it's dwindling followers are.


You are right that unity is needed. If this is an attempt to impose fascism on the US how are we going to successfully resist if our side is divided? The leftists sound like a broken record. What does it take for them to wake up and realize these are not normal times? We are all against right-wing fascism. Let's work together to stop it. That is priority number one.


Good call


Yes, I live in Pennsylvania and that was pretty much my strategy. Except that I saw the likelihood of Trump narrowly winning Pennsylvania starting in June, so for the first time, since 1996, I did not gather signatures and canvass for the Green presidential candidate and was privately angry at Jill Stein for not adopting a safe-states strategy. My comments here promoting a safe-states strategy and strategic voting like you and I did earned me torrents of hateful vitriol from other commenters here.

By the way, to see a sampling of the same totally uncompromising, totally infantile attitudes that regard even strategy itself as "selling out to the democrat corporatists" - go to the ongoing discussion here:


While we are caught up debating troglodyte politicians like the oligarchy wants us to, things continue to deteriorate and politicians seem to be getting worse rigged election after rigged election. Instead, why not look for proven ways to change the corrupt system given to us by our oligarch forefathers? Depending on some heroic politician(s) to save us keeps us on the hamster wheel of oligarchy corruption.

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I didn't say one nice thing about HRC during the campaign. Try again.

Also, if Stein had won, we'd be in a world of pain. She's a know-nothing amateur who didn't even understand why the finance bailout had to happen, nor did she understand how it happened. She's a fool who seems to be nothing more than a perpetual candidate for purity losers to vote for, knowing that she can't win and so pretending that absolves them from all responsibility.

There was ONE candidate who could beat Trump. We'd be far better off right now had she won.


North Korea is a dictatorship, but has done nothing( like other countries ) to the US.


Nobody is going to save us except ourselves.


We are against it, but the Trump voters ( including the women cream in their jeans at the mention of the military and machismo.


And who is that???? Does it matter?


Still in the past?


I would like to hear your ideas.


One would have to wonder with all of their money what are they so angry about- it's as if they cannot stop and that is a form of psychosis.


Exactly. Sick of watching these "children" role out their charts , doing presentations and crying fake tears. They do not give a flying fig about us.


It's all sickness and business. These people would get rid of us as well if we stand in their way.


That is what happens when "they sell their souls to the devil" as the saying goes. They become empty vessels devoid of any capacity to feel deeply about anyone or anything except the thrill of the pursuit of $$$$.


Gee, while the US is acquiring more, the rest of the world has to bow down.


I doubt if they even care about their families. Once heard about a presentation where Wall Streeters admitted they did not even care about their families when they crashed the economy.