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Tillerson Says Human Rights Will Not Interfere with 'America First' Agenda


Tillerson Says Human Rights Will Not Interfere with 'America First' Agenda

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stirred outrage on Wednesday when he outlined what an "America First" foreign policy will look like under U.S. President Donald Trump, namely that values such as freedom and human rights will not get in the way of "national security and economic prosperity."


Wow, shit. You're not supposed to just come out and say that, idiot. It's frightening that these thugs can get away with such brazenly thuggish, authoritarian language.

"Those are just our values! But if our values get in the way of making money, then fuck our values!"

There you go. Rex Tillerson voluntarily admitting to being an amoral cretin unfit to run a Burger King, never mind a corproration or a god damned country. (PS if you abandon your values whenever the opportunity arises for profit, then they aren't your values, idiot.


National security means the security of the 1% like T-Rex; economic prosperity? FOR THE 99%, there is nothing national about it!

What a nightmare...and to think we have to live through this bad dream for another 4/8 years!


"Tillerson Says Human Rights Will Not Interfere with 'America First' Agenda"

When did it ever before?


Just say it:

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. - George Orwell -


For this administration

national security and economic prosperity

really means

Corporate security and profits


Some thoughts come to mind:
1) transnational predatory capitalism is and has been waging war in the name of the US taxpayer from the get-go. Keep in mind that particularly in countries like Brazil and the situation of Standing Rock, the centuries of genocide of indigenous peoples and peoples of the land are in industrial lock-step and in some cases goose-stepping at paces that Hitler would envy.
2) the dog-whistle in the oil man talking about human rights and nationhood is to evoke the horizontal equity (threat to national security) under the national 'branding' of activities in other countries, when it is private industries that are using US citizens as 'human shields' in a vertical (class) warfare that is also inherently racist as well as whatever else it is.
3) the manufacture of divisiveness by sectioning off regions, class, race, access to healthy agricultural practices and economic 'rights' (think access to healthcare and treatment of refugees and immigrants) is designed to fracture and shatter along ALL of those divisions whenever any of the concerns is pressured.

Use of the pressure has now been forewarned. Industry seems to have decided that US citizens are the 'foreigners' and as Hillary Clinton put it, "need to be brought to heel". Sure hope I'm wrong about some or all of this but history would not seem to present that lens.


It is frightening that they get away with this lack of diplomacy. Perhaps it is a reflection of Trump's billionaires' coup flexing their arrogance and assuming that it is power. What I wonder is what are these people intending? I feel like we are being drawn into a bullying bravado almost to compensate for our military failures. Maybe these arrogant poker players/con artists think that America can go around showing off our military as if other nations will immediately cower or heave to? I worry that these arrogant fools will paint us into a corner where we will have to 'do something' using our military just to prove how serious we are. It is our only Trump card since our economic status is a shadow of what it once was and we apparently 'age' rather than be known for innovation as we once were. See all of our high speed bullet trains?

None of these people seem to know history either. Why is Trumpenstein encouraging the rise of strongmen and fascists?


Tillerson should read some of Martin O'Malley's campaign speeches on this topic. O'Malley made it clear that US foreign policy should be based on American values. The US is not a generic country, which is what Tillerson's view implies. On the contrary, a look back at history shows the US has certain values that were stated when the country began in 1776 and other values have since been added since. Of course the US hasn't always lived up to those values in the real world but still they should be at the center of our foreign policy.


America first -- common decency, common sense, and common welfare last.


"For this administration, national security and economic prosperity really means Corporate security and profits"
Its always meant that! give them credit for admitting it.


"Tillerson's false dichotomy between universal values & human dignity and our policies is misinformed and dangerous."
Couldn't say it better.
But the top 10% can't understand and don't want to understand all that 'utopian thinky' stuff. Make America great again really means double down on the brutality and omnipotence of corporate governance. Voting center has made this happen.
When brutes are leaders, this will make America hate again.


This guy looks and sounds like a sociopath!


and "Greed is good." "God is dead"


To reach the level he did while at Exxon-Mobil, if he were not a sociopath at the outset, he surely drank the kool-aid within the first year as reflected in his mercurial rise to the top...Sociopathy is part and parcel of being a top exec at any and all energy companies, major corporations (GE, Boeing, Raytheon, Halliburton, Monsanto, Bayer, etc.) It rapidly invades their DNA....


Nazis weren't a different species .... and which I guess is why most Americans not scared or ashamed.


If one lives long enough, one learns that no
Not all administrations are the same


The journalists are correct, all he is doing is laying bare the lie that the US cares about values anywhere. The US has always been america 1st and screw anyone that gets in the way.
Oh sure we lie about how we care about values like freedom, democracy, equality, but our installation of dictators and our unrelenting support for the worst dictators shows what a big lie it truly is.
So we have some truth at last about what really matters for the US.


'This guy looks and sounds like a sociopath!'

But a clear reflection of what the US has ever been.


No, 'Nazis weren't a different species', but did they get a bad press!

Spin, propaganda, damned lies in spades. Even small children know when you have really dirty hands blaming it on the other is a good tactic.