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Tillerson Won't Confirm or Deny He Called Trump a 'F#@king Moron'


Tillerson Won't Confirm or Deny He Called Trump a 'F#@king Moron'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The Secretary of State insisted in surprise remarks to the press that, actually, Trump is "smart"


Well, he is a fucking moron and much much worse!


" I’m not going to deal with petty stuff like that." Rex Tillerson

No Rex, not petty; calling Trump a moron is soooo true! Denying that you said that? I guess if that is true that also makes you a MORON!


What a waste of space. Jake you are better than this nothing story.


This is pure spin and damage control. The denial, that is.


Tillerson, I apologize for calling you an “empty suit” when I heard you were joining the Fucking Moron’s team.

At least now, we have something in common.


New tv series: “When Billionaires Eat Their Own!”

Tillerson’s far more powerful in the scheme of things than Trump will ever be. Lead singer for Exxon? Donald, shut up and sit down.


I got the laugh of the day, when I read the headline, but the fun was unfortunately mitigated, by Tillerson calling Trump smart, when questioned on it.


I’m not a Twitter user but it might be fun to see a national (world wide) campaign of twitter users constantly tweeting Impeach the Fucking Moron non-stop for a month or two.


Impeach Donald Trump
The Case for Impeachment

Time magazine: As Norman Eisen, Richard Painter and Laurence Tribe stated at the Brookings Institution, “Never in American history has a [President] presented more conflict of interest questions and foreign entanglements than Donald Trump.” Moreover, Trump’s businesses dealings are veiled in complicated corporate technicalities and lack transparency.

Vanity Fair
: The Evidence to Impeach Donald Trump May Already Be Here
We don’t need to wait to see Trump’s conflicts of interest in action. The ethical violations that will soon be illegal are already taking place.

Think Progress


"Takes one to know one . . . "

I’d be happy to join in, but – as noted previously – Only TWITS Twitter!


The Cabinet jackals are circling and yipping…


I seriously doubt that either Trump or Tillerson is technically a moron. HOWEVER, that they may act like morons or imbeciles in their dealings on the policies and, with Trump especially, moronic speeches if not scripted and read from a teleprompter is a fair assessment. After all they both made boatloads of cash either in shady real estate business dealings or running the biggest energy fuel supplier, hiding scientific assessments that definitely said fossil fuels exacerbated global poisoning/warming. These are both inexcusable in my book.


And that is what jackals do…turn on each other and chew off limbs one-by-one. DJT, the fattest, laziest jackal, appointed a pack of black-backed jackals for all Cabinet secy positions…the two token women included.


What he should have said is that trump is a smart moron.


“I seriously doubt that […] Trump […] is technically a moron.” Really? Only a moron would feel it necessary to follow up the observation that Puerto Rico is an island with the explanation that it is surrounded by water. Only a moron would say, with a straight face, that “Many people don’t know that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.” I could go on, but I don’t really have to, do I?


Don’t know about Tillerson but it seems Trump is the genuine article of a moron. Unfortunately he is the useful idiot of the establishment. And as long as he continues to fulfill that roll, don’t expect for him to be impeached.


I dont know about moron even if it does fit, but I am thinking demented, he is speaking more and more without a filter between the brain and mouth, he has been able to “present” reasonably well , … at least to his base but it is becoming increasingly clear that he really isnt quite “with it” …to say the least , for a recent example i will point to him tossing paper towells to Puerto Ricans, and in another instance after questioning some Irma survivors in front of there demolished home, at the end of the photo op. he tells them to have a “good time”??? WOW… can he be any more out of touch with what is going on under his imperiall upturned nose,

Tillerson called it, to bad he backed down, eating crow must be Washingtons number one dish, in all the posh bistros,


Since Tillerson may be the only person standing between us and an attack on North Korea, i would let what he may have said just quietly go away. The world needs him. He is very quietly and steadily keeping us from falling off this roller coaster ride. Don’t distract him.


I know it is conventional wisdom to say at least with Mattis, Kelly, McMaster and Tillerson there are adults in the room and they should stay to prevent chaos but I see a bit more chaos as a possible catalyst for change. I think they and anyone else with integrity in the entire federal government leadership positions ought to resign immediately. I think this would thrust the Congress in to a position of acting to remove this grifter and his team from the government. But of course I dream and have a rich positive outlook fantasy life…!
That Ryan and his buffoon colleagues in the House, what would be left of the cabinet and McConnell and his ineffectual team would have the courage to do a single thing…