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Tillerson's State Department Drops Stated Mission to Promote Democracy


Tillerson's State Department Drops Stated Mission to Promote Democracy

Julia Conley, staff writer

In keeping with a recent trend of abandoning key tenets of its stated mission, State Department is rewriting its statement of purpose without any mention of promoting "justice" and "democracy."


How does one promote something it doesn’t itself possess?


Could it be that Don and Rexxon do not actually believe in democracy (their flag pins notwithstanding)?
Hint: Don described the Constitution as “archaic.”


Definitely an improvement. But in the interest of truth and transparency, I would tweak it a bit more-
“We promote the security, prosperity, and interests of the American people globally” and said the department will strive to “lead America’s foreign policy through global advocacy, action and assistance to shape a safer, more prosperous world.”
“We promote the security, prosperity, and interests of the American people globally” and said the department will strive to “lead America’s foreign policy through global advocacy, action and military assistance to shape a more prosperous world for the 1%.”


Read my mind - good thing i read the comments before posting :slight_smile:


Well at least the US won’t be so hypocritical.


That would kinda be like Hitler traveling the world to “promote democracy.”


noting that the U.S. government has not always truly acted as a promoter of democracy on the world stage.

Correction: to promote Empire across the earth …


Good. The job of the State Department is not to “promote democracy”, it’s to support, advance and protect the interests of the United States. That may, or may not, have anything to do with promoting democracy in other countries.


Can anyone name one post WW2 nation anywhere on Earth that became more democratic
because of (not in spite of) democracy promotion by the United States government?>

Actually, I can only name the reverse in nations over which US/CIA had control by the end of
WWII. See: Operation Gladio where they ensured that Japan, Germany, Italy, France would
ONLY see the rise of right wing governments. And, in order to make sure that happened, the
US actually resurrected the MAFIA in Italy to carry out and safeguard those plans.

As for us, we got the McCarthy Era which removed liberals from government office, “I Love Lucy”
and the Bomb. CIA finished up by targeting what liberals still existed in the US Congress and
later used the NRA to remove even the middle-of-the-roader’s in both parties.

By 1965, they gave us hack-able computers to vote on which finished us off.
Only the right wing won after that in very odd and unlikely results being reported which were
attributed to either Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” or "The Silent Majority.
Doubt that either of those things actually existed, however, and believe there was only ever
the hack-able computers. Understand at this point they may be hack-able via satellites.

Two other operations supported Gladio …
Mockingbird which took our free press
and Paperclip which put ex-Nazis in charge of our government.

PS: UK isn’t on that list, but I’d include it.


…interests of American corporations, banks, and energy companies along with promoting the American monopolization of water resources and slave labor around the world while abrogating all environmental and ecological regulations of either the U.S. or the country in which the US companies have operations/buildings/factories, etc. In the event of attempted nationalization of oil/fossil fuel/mineral/natural gas resources, the U .S. will intervene with military force in the air, at sea, and on the ground with diplomatic negotiations to follow sometime within 50 years of the incursion.


Another warning shot over the bow…and heard around the world. Rexxon (love that, “chapdrum”…thanks) only knows how to promote more business for his favorite cause: Exxon and being SoS helps "bigly’ with that effort. Ya’ can take the wildcatter out of the oil fields, but ya ain’t gonna suck the grasping greed out of the oily barons.


That is definitely more accurate, but a bit long as a mission statement. Glad you elaborated though.


Well that’s a relief. It’s for the best not to promote democracy worldwide as an excuse to attack other countries. We are a corporatocracy, run by imperialists and plutocrats. We are exceptional and unapologetic. We take what we want, so sue us.


Yes, but as they say, “hypocrisy is the tribute that vice gives to virtue.” So, removing mention of any kind of virtue, no matter how ignored in practice, is still not a good thing…

A humanity of nations that unhypocritically engages with others in straight power terms, is a humanity that does not have many years until extinction.


I’m sure on direct orders from his boss, V.Putin. Surely no American president would suggest such an anti-American change of direction. Right? Please tell me I’m right.


Sadly your version is more accurate. And how they think that throwing more fossil fuel on the fires of global warming is “safer” is far far beyond my ken.


If this stands, it is a major defeat for the neocons, the Clintons, and other PNAC fellow travelers.


In the past “promoting democracy” was used to justify “interventions and regime changes”, leaving behind nothing but chaos and destruction. …

QUOTE: "It’s a worldview similar to that of Putin, who also thinks that great powers should focus exclusively on self protection and enrichment, rather than promoting democracy,"UNQUOTE

…Putin has never done such thing. So, if our foreign policy will become more like Putin’s, I can only endorse the change.
But unfortunately we should hold our applause until we can figure out, how that plays out.
Preemptive strikes against N. Korea and Iran might well be claimed to fall under “self protection”.


Since the U.S. government doesn’t promote either “democracy” or “justice” at home, how can it be expected to promote them in foreign lands? Makes perfect sense to me.