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Tim Kaine Has a Troubling Record on Labor Issues


Tim Kaine Has a Troubling Record on Labor Issues

John Nichols

The Democratic Party platform that delegates are expected to approve at next week’s convention in Philadelphia absolutely endorses labor rights—spelling out clear support for union organizing and collective bargaining and pushing back against state-based and national attacks on the ability of workers to demand representation and a voice in the workplace.


Poor records on just labor issues?
That's the best you can come up with Nichols?
What about his positions on the trade deals?---that's what is really disturbing.
Few folks seriously believe Hillary's campaign suggestion that she might be against TPP/TTIP/TISA, but this selection of Kaine ought to remove all doubts about where she truly stands and what we're likely to expect from a Clinton administration
There's only one candidate out there who has authentic progressive positions and for some strange reason that same candidate fails to merit your attention, ever, it seems. It would be wonderful if should one day decide to abandon your gatekeeping polemicist role and instead, once again return to striving to act the journalist..


Similarly, his restriction of abortion at the state level is being given a free pass because he'll vote with the party at the national level.


Hey John Nichols; Earth to John Nichols:

Clinton and the Democratic Party have extremely "troubling records" on labor issues!


From today's Roanoke Times:
Even state Republicans have good things to say about Kaine

Isn't he wonderful?


Ya think?


Tim Kaine also has no qualms about broadening the war in the Middle East to Syria and Iran. Check his record on the foreign affairs committee he chairs.


Damn, Carol, your post cheered me up. I am a Roosevelt loving man of 88 years and you gladdened my heart. But Jill will not be there to pick Supreme Court justices. Clinton the lesser evil will at least pick better judges and the next four years are important for the Court.


Calling the anti-Union laws "right to work" is like pretending anti-abortion advocates are really "pro-life", regardless of their stand on war, guns, care for those already born.


Yes there is..Not electing Donald Trump. Are you just naive or what?


Purity! Purity at all costs! Sounds bit like the conservative problem to me.


Sounds like you want to help elect Trump to me.


Exactly where on earth do you get the idea i don't like having a democracy?

The winner of the majority of the votes wins in a democracy and that is what happened. Even the Super-delegates did not come into play. We even managed to not let very un-democratic caucuses screw with the result. The final result is that a lifelong Democrat won the Democratic nomination.

O do not about you, but I want a Democrat making the next Supreme Court nominations. Stein will never win, so she will never make any nominations. Bernie isn't going to be the Democratic nominee so that won't happen either. That leaves Clinton or Trump. Not a real hard decision for me.


Nobody can control or select who supports you. Just think of Donald Trump having all of the White Supremacists supporting him. by your logic that guarantees that Donald is truly a racists.


UN observers? Yeah! Did your tin hat fall off. Stein has no chance to win unless both clinton and Trump pull out and even them you probably would end up with the Libertarian Party Johnson.


She won't win and she won't select a single Supreme Court justice.