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'Time for a Major Shift': Groups Demand Biden Vow End to Endless Wars and Destructive US Foreign Policy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/11/time-major-shift-groups-demand-biden-vow-end-endless-wars-and-destructive-us-foreign

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Yep that’s the Green platform… clearly not an interest of the Democratic Party… even as a a scam to sweep up Progressive votes.


Groups “demand”, that’s a good one. Demand or else what,… you’ll vote for him anyway in the next election? Give it up, you have no leverage over this corrupted government, none! If you want change you cannot vote status quo, it’s that simple.


50 groups urged the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee for president

Biden is not the presumptive nominee for president, hell I posted over a year ago that Biden was a pre selected, nominee of the most corrupt DNC! And the so-called debates were nothing but a farce for the politically naive and sophomoric American, sheeple.

The 50 groups demand? I am not being pejorative because the groups mean right but demanding is a total waste of time and energy. Biden was selected precisely because he will never do what the 50 groups demand!


“Demand” of someone who should be in prison for war crimes, along with his former boss, the two previous (V)POTUS and the current ones?


For anyone interested, MIA Joe’s role in dooming any hopes for progressive solutions to problems in Latin America are recounted in this excellent article. As usual, Joe’s approach was neoliberal and ineffective at anything other than making life miserable for poor people:



It would make more sense for these groups to demand that Biden drop out of the race and that the Democratic Party nominate Bernie Sanders.


The 50 groups might accomplish something if they endorsed the Green Party and promoted the GP to their members. Instead, they send strongly worded letters to Biden, hoping to get a weasel-worded response that will magically offset Biden’s 35 years of warmongering and corporate toadyhood.

Begging Biden to budge is a declaration of progressive impotence. The 50 groups should just admit that they’re firmly in the Democratic Party’s corral. We all know it, so there’s no point in pretending otherwise.


It’s silly season, time for republicans to make pretend offers, and the democrats to pretend to make offers.
I’ll be waiting for Biden to commit to anything. Shall we hold our breath till we are blue?


Biden is going to be far too busy dealing with the following to shift anything:

  1. Deflecting credible sexual assault allegations and the “hidden records”

  2. Deflecting Democratic “Russia gate” hoax perpetrated for 3 years. Was he involved in the hoax? If so - how? Or did he not know anything?? That may look even worse.

Biden is the absolute worst possible candidate in the world to run at this point in time - even hillary has better optics at this point.

Democrats need to drop biden - say he has health problems, whatever - and beg Sanders to come back. When the Russia gate hoax and deep state shenanigans becomes the top story only a seeming outsider like sanders will work.


I guess they aren’t war crimes if nobody is willing to prosecute.
Does the sound of a tree falling in the woods get heard if there is nobody to hear it?


I still find it strange that the republican claim that trump and his henchmen had no ties to Russia is picked up and flown by the left. Unless all that claim hoax are trolls. Why so eager to reward the right by furthering the real hoax, that it’s all a hoax.

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Damn good point, even though a pipe dream, because Bernie would support what the 50 groups are demanding. To even entertain the idea that Biden who is nothing but a war mongering stooge of the Amerikan, Empire, tells me the 50 groups are the epitome of political, ignorance.


There is no leverage if a group or person already pledges their vote to this corrupt, right wing, handsy zombie. The left shouldn’t be pledging a fucking thing to this monster or his shitty party. And who cares at all what he says in a speech? He is a serial liar, and you don’t just trust someone that has a history of lying and someone that promises to do things the exact opposite of the policies he has done his entire time in office. Why would I care if he says that he will do this or that policy that is well to the left of anything he has ever done? He is a dinosaur, and he will “pivot” once he stumbles into the general election. He has already made it clear that he cares more about and will appeal to people on the right. He doesn’t care about, thinks he needs or feels the need to appease the left at all. For anyone on the left to just pledge their support at this point is lunacy.

Screw that party for nominating this person. Shame on them and the media for pushing for this monster.


A selection process isn’t even necessary when progressive leaders are so naive. Any sensible voter will judge a candidate on the candidate’s record - especially if the record is 35 years long. In this letter, the groups’ leaders merely ask Biden to lie to them. That’s dismal leadership.


Vote blue in the face no matter who’s in the race!


Well said.


You deserve extra hearts for the pun.


Sending a letter to a non-sentient potted plant? That will surely make a difference! Somewhere, a pet rock approves!


A virus. A perfect storm for trump. Limited, if any debates. The same with any protests. Trump gets his face time, so the dems should have their own press meeting daily to correct the trump lies, present the reasoning behind the lies, and get opposition face time.
The virus, a naturally occurring pandemic, or something other.