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'Time for Acosta to Resign': Judge Rules Labor Secretary Acosta's Plea Deal for Billionaire Sex Offender Broke Federal Law

'Time for Acosta to Resign': Judge Rules Labor Secretary Acosta's Plea Deal for Billionaire Sex Offender Broke Federal Law

Julia Conley, staff writer

A U.S. District judge ruled Thursday that U.S. Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta committed a crime in 2007 when, as a U.S. prosecutor at the time, secretly gave a lenient plea deal to a politically-connected billionaire accused of sex trafficking underage girls.


The story kind of left me hanging, what are the options for the victims? Does double jeopardy come into play? If not, can Epstein still go to prison (a real prison) for life? Can Acosta join him? Can they share a cell?
Inquiring minds want to know.


I would like to know this as well. It obvious that the State worked to protect Epstein and those people that frequented Epsteins getaway in the Virgin Islands while stonewalling the victims of his crimes , most of them Children.

How any person can look the other way or just shrug this off is beyond me but we have apologists on these very boards who do not think it all that important.

Acosta should be tried. He is unsuited for office. The Epstein case needs to be reopened and all those persons who flew on that “Lolita express” investigated. The reason this is not likely to occur is that some very high profile peoples participated in these crimes against Children.


Go to the DailyBeast and MiamiHerald links and you’ll learn that Epstein could be brought to trial in other states. - If you are interested in other well-known people who flew on the Lolita Express, run a search on “Lolita Express”, “Bill Clinton”. Even Alan Dershowitz, one of Epstein’s attorneys was on the Express.


Acosta brokered the plea deal, but Epstein’s lawyers brokering it with him were Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr. Amazing how the records were sealed so that other names on the Lolita Express were kept out of the public eye, especially when Bill Clinton was allegedly involved - oh, and also allegedly Alan Dershowitz himself. Nice to be the lawyer getting records sealed that could possibly implicate yourself, huh?


The higher they are the farther they fall. We just need to make sure they fall.


I think we have gone well beyond ‘the inmates are in charge of the insane asylum’. The criminals are in charge of the prison, and we the people are the inmates.


Cases like this illustrate how different the law is for the rich and powerful.

Why would it even be legal to seal plea agreements for this crime? The public has a right to know how sex offenders are being punished.

Roy Black was one of Epstein’s lead attorneys. Years ago, he was a frequent guest on CNN.


That sleaze Clinton was down on Epstein’s island a mere 26 times. I guess he was there to discuss world politics. Lock them up


Is anyone surprised? Cohen, Manaford, Roger Stone and who else is still on the streets for their crimes. If anyone of us were charged with just one of the indictments against us we would immediately jailed. Millionaire/billionaire justice and then we the people go to private prison were these billionaires make more money of the tit of taxpayers $$$$.

Yes, it is a fact that we the American people are very generous. Just ask the people who have been robbing us blind for all these years.


“Make Acosta an offer he can’t refuse.”


Or not, as the case may be.

Article 7 of the UDHR states ‘All are equal before the law.’
And then there are those who are more equal who’s entitlement is merely based on the numbers in their bank accounts…


After I posted my reply above, I thought, “What can you expect when these parties have people with the “affectionate” nickname of Turd Blossom, amongst others,” noted for their dirty tricks and railroading of targets? Who seem to show up whenever something dirty is required. And this goes all the way back to the Kennedy assassination!
Makes me want to puke!

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The obscene-wealth fueled corruption of US politics is mind-boggling in its vast scope and scale. Even Carl Sagan would not have grasped it.

¡Que se vayan todos!

And Trump, and some Saudi royalty, and many other politicians and capitalist potentates (all male of course) as well. This billionaire Palm-Beach-pedophile-pervert has dirt on them all.

Thanks Callmeskeptical, I had forgotten a MiamiHerald reporter was on this story, and did a good job reporting about it through out the trial process.


Funny but in a free democracy so many like to hide the truth - secret agreements, non-disclosure agreements, police misbehavior records not allowed for the public, hidden legal hearings. For some reason this all sounds like another form of government operating than a democracy. The truth is that the people supporting this are traitors to our constitutional democracy and should be treated as such. Acosta seems to be conspiring in a sex trafficking operation. What is the prison time for that?


It’s a game being played on us - the average american public. It is set up for us to lose. And they have the gall to want to send out kids to places like Vietnam and we are supposed to wave the flag and support it all.

You’re not kidding, if this case ever gets opened up completely, we’ll have to build a new prison just to hold them all. From the state level, all the way to the top. I’m not sure how anyone in the Justice Dept. can look these kids in the eye (of course this case has dragged on so long, they’re not kids anymore).