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Time for Democrats To Betray the Donor Class—Not the People

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/09/time-democrats-betray-donor-class-not-people


The final sentence in this article is the only one which is revealing about the role of Naomi Klein.

She openly reinforces the debilitating trap that keeps people believing that they

“need” the democratic leadership.

This is a lie and it is preventing the rise of real opposition.

If the democrats didn’t “bungle” the election and they deliberately sabotaged progress,

then it is also true that Naomi Klein deliberately sabotaging progress by pushing us to believe that

the democrats are not working with the republicans when, in fact, they are.


Agreed with all you say, however, “In the vision of defund the police” probably did not help the cause so never used those words. Reallocated the funds and responsibilities of the police or as you said “moving the resources from the infrastructure of incarceration, of policing, of militarism to the infrastructure of care”.

We need accountability of the political class, corporate sycophants and donor class. No accountability got us to trump and the republican party of denial of climate, public education, good governance, leadership and party over country, executive branch unleashed.

Not in one article that I’ve read over the last several days did I hear the word “ACCOUNTABILITY”. Am I out in left field?
We the people will not get what is due until there is accountability for corruption which means we do not have good enough laws or too big of loopholes that make all this corruption legal.


“Accountability” is soooooo 20th century, especially for the GOP and its cult members who have blamed somebody else for all their woes their entire lives and found a cult that operates that way.

Further to the left, all the talk about “black lives matter” and “defund the police” mischaracterize the root of the problem and the problem itself which boil down to police “accountability”.

Never having lived in or voted in a swing state, at the POTUS level the last time I voted for a Democrat was in 1988. I have voted for reform and green party candidates ever since. At the state and local level I have never voted for a Republican but often marked the box for the Democrat solely based on the lesser evil motivation.

Perhaps a better characterization than “betray the donor class” is “betray” the 1% ?

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) launching its 1% verses 99% narrative in 2011 struck the corporate Democrats so hard that making everything OWS did illegal became Obama’s Department of Justice’s highest priority.


Democrats have amply and repeatedly demonstrated that they value keeping the corporate grift going far more than they value electoral success. They are institutionally incapable of betraying the donor class at this point as their very survival is intimately bound to serving it. You may as well try teaching a fish to breathe air.


Is there is a 12 step program to shake corporate money addiction that the Democratic Party can enroll in ?


Until money is no longer needed to garner votes; an intractable problem with republics since Rome was one from 509 BCE to 31 BCE, good 'effing luck. One thing that might help is the proposed 28th Amendment being bandied about by MoveToAmend (which is an org on the internet), which seeks to reverse Union Pacific vs. Santa Clara, Buckley vs. Valeo, & Citizens United. Until then, these two maxims apply:

  1. The only things that matter in American politics is money & votes, while everything else is noise at best.
  2. Money talks, bullshit walks.

Yes , the repeal of Citizens United and Corporations are people.


Naomi didn’t say anything, for or against, the idea that democrats are working with republicans. The democratic leadership she is advocating is embodied by AOC and the rest of the squad.


A study performed by Gilens and Page revealed that "average citizens have no detectable influence at all upon federal policy.” A new study by McGuire and Delahunt shows that “the transfer of large amounts of money to policy makers from the wealthiest sources focused intensely on particular policies” as the “lodestar variable” for understanding how our policy makers make policy. They concluded that our nation is in the grip of an “affluent authoritarianism.”

If you can’t beat 'em, join 'em. How much money do you think we could amass through something like a “Buy back Congress” PAC? I propose a revolution that amalgamates all contributions to various left-wing causes for the sole purpose of buying policy by flooding congress with OUR money. If money is speech, we the people need a bullhorn. We could flood congress with BILLIONS, and threaten to stop the flood of cash if we don’t get OUR way. The hell with a third party. The hell with trying to reform the democratic party. Of course, we could do the French Revolution over again, but good luck with organizing that. Collect money, give it to congress, and buy congress back from the oligarchs. We could, with a little organization, achieve our goals in a few years, not generations. Bernie Sanders showed that amassing cash from millions of small contributions is a viable way to fund a campaign. Let’s quit banging our heads against a wall and beat these fuckers at their own game.


Sorry, no. The democratic leadership doesn’t want anything to do with AOC or the squad, and actively works against them in the primaries.


Which is why I have never registered for a political party. I label myself a Proud Progressive Independent. Lonely, like the Maytag repairman (if you’re old enough to remember the reference).


You are exactly right.

Klein cleverly avoided stating the obvious bipartisan nature of the rampant corruption and she

knows there are delusional people who still -

after the blatant republican-preferring “democrat” convention -

are gullible enough to believe that something as self-defeating as “the squad” would EVER

be allowed to become leaders in something as corrupt as either the democrats or the republican

fronts for Wall Street’s global domination.

Go ahead, click your ruby-slippered heals together while your wizard eats your dog.


What we really need is a GDI party.

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So what are you prepared to do about it???

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I’m planning on working on the Peoples Party.
Surely with the time you have invested in third parties, you could provide a little enlightenment to the readers here on the subject.


Dylan should be able to turn that into a 4-minute folk song suitable for
the deluxe reissue of JOHN WESLEY HARDING

Or, better yet this Labor Uncivil War & Struggle Cognizant Buzzing Canadian group
Ramshackle Parade led by Jessica Rhaye

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa (Refuge of Atonement Seekers)
Media Discussion List and Looksee

On the plus side, Biden may become the first president in history to actually deliver on all of his campaign promises: he won’t ban fracking, and fundamentally nothing will change. Oh and I think he might have promised to choose a black woman as his running mate.


Spot on, Naomi. Frankly, all I felt for 24 hours was relief that we are rid of Trump but by the next day: He may be thinking of running again in the next election! NPR started echoing a lot of the “centrists” points and even daring to think there could be some actual workability with McConell! I have not celebrated and am not celebrating as I was one who voted against Trump and, rather than getting a breather, we now have the fight of our lives. We need to be up to it.

From today’s Democracy now:

Bree Newsome & Prof. Eddie Glaude: The Black Lives Matter Movement Helped the Democrats Defeat Trump


Ro Khanna: Progressives Helped Biden Win. We Can’t Stop Push for Green New Deal & Medicare for All

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Glad to read they have a coalition. What should be considered would be a clear break from capitalism and reaching out to communists, socialists and Greens. As an eco-socialist I would work with them.