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Time for Democrats To Betray the Donor Class—Not the People

Good luck. You have Mitch the bitch sitting in between you and them.

Superb assessment of N. Klein here and single issue voters…On the Bibi front, as criminal prosecution of his trial picks up again in December, even if U.S. news media will limit coverage as they did for the open public trials that led to the criminal prosecution of 2 recent South Korean heads of state along with their Corporate Caliphate colluders, grass roots Good Government groups and especially the movement of high tech professionals looking to revive anti-trust\anti-competition law enforcement and break up the monopolizers, market makers and carteliers can break the news and introduce the issues to an issues-starved public and nearly hood-winked electorate state-side…

Some of these Neo-Liberal E-CON’d and E-CON-ners see the big picture and fear more than anything to do with their career prospects or investment portfolios and latest IPO prospectus the basic human liberties our generation has taken for granted since the decades of building Civil Rights wave of uprising v. Jim Crow in North via Red Lining and Trumpian exclusion from the better built and maintained subsidized Public Housing for low-income. That is how long Wage Stag-Nation has been goin’ on and concentrating wealth not in the hands of domestic investors in our infrastructure but mostly off-shore via unfettering of Global Capital in money hoarding and idling or money laundering schemes.

That threat of inflation devaluing idle cash in bank secrecy tax-evasion\avoidance accounts (with help on the inflation front from Stag-Flation, Japanese decades of postindustrial deflation and the two necessary rounds of monetarist gimcrackery that Obama-Biden-Geithner and the Wall Street Apex Predators in their cabinet along with the Federal Reserve Central Bank of Free and Rational Markets and Market-Driven Democracy, remains less risky than the investment that was forced by the earlier 20th Century’s Protestant Work Ethic (Capital had to work, not the Gilded Concentrators of Capital).

The contradictions of concentrating wealth by Robber Barons and the democratic impulse that Justice Louis Brandeis commented upon as being incompatible, the impoverished with no access to higher education or lives for succeeding generations any better than the canon fodder of economy stimulating Perma Wars and Daddy Warbucks supplying all sides of every global conflict, plus on the home front the bleak Bank Panics, Great Depressions and Not So Great intervening Recessions and Dust Bowls, cancer clusters, poisoned water sources and maladies of plastics entering the food chain.

We should of course also consider the dispiriting entrenchment of our institutional corruption granted “professional immunity” and its resulting cronyocracy spawned before the down trodden rallied under original Roosevelt the Republican who launched the short-lived Trust Buster Progressive Party and later the physically crippled Roosevelt, a wealthy old money set Democrat and reluctant New Dealer, who was guided to less “winner-takes-all” rigged markets and attendant privileges of caste and class rather than any meritocracy by his wife Eleanor Roosevelt and some of the best minds produced by subsidized higher education at commuter colleges like CCNY and the jewel of the once proud University of California campuses like Berkeley and UCLA (at least before the shameful acceptance of the Junk Bond King Michael Milken’s post-felony conviction and jail time served cyber-cleansing of his and his brother Lowell’s family name capped by UCLA’s School of Law accepting the ill-gotten corporate looting of Drexel Burnham Lambert that Lowell and Michael drove into bankruptcy, yet now Google the name Milken and you find the UCLA School of Law’s prestigious Lowell Milken Institute of Business Law and Policy: ~https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2012/06/ucla-should-release-lowell-milken-documents/

The 10 years since we learned after the Bankster Bail-Outs of TARP (Troubled “ASSET” Relief Program by Bush-Cheney and former Goldman Sachs CEO turned Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson who structured the bail-outs of trans national Big 6 consolidation of those “Troubled Assets” (in banking lingo all the bad loans are viewed in Neo-Liberal E-CONomic parlance as “assets”) and the billionaire Hedge Fund founder John Paulson’s ABACUS fund at Goldman Sachs…that worked something like this:
~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHwrZLrNc94 (Except don’t forget to add that the Goldman Sachs share-holders paid the huge fines assessed, while the bid-net modelers and execs at Goldman Sachs made hundreds of millions in boosted stock valuations, and the Obama-Biden-Holder professional immunity from prosecution or Claw-back of illicit gains signalled there’d be no new legislation dissuading clever Paulsons of the future from structuring a new ABACUS Fund…)

Robert Christgau, the long-time Music Critic Editor of the now folded VILLAGE VOICE alt-weekly in NYC described the former pride of Beaverton High Todd Snider’s 2012 release this way on Christgau’s recording critics web-site. He catches the rare insight we gleaned not from MARKETPLACE or THIS WEEK ON WALL STREET but from a recovering opiate abuser and East Nashville former PoTown, Ore roustabout who grasped what was going on as the smoke cleared on the first of a series of Troubled Asset tax-payer bail-outs to the profit maximizers (don’t forget Obama-Biden and their Secretary of Treasury the former NY FEDERAL RESERVE PRESIDENT TIMOTHY GEITHNER and TOP COP ERIC HOLDER devised the second presidential term’s erasure of remaining bad paper for the banks by electronically making the negative ledger “assets” disappear in two World’s Reserve Currency sleight of keyboard monetarist tricks called QUANTITATIVE EASING 1 & 2. Here is Christgau impressed that Todd Snider began to “get it” on behalf the rest of U.S. who haven’t and still don’t:

" Agnostic Hymns & Stoner Fables [Aimless/30 Tigers, 2012]
Musically, these are not complex songs, and although Snider’s boyish air never seems forced and his good humor always comes with laughs, his 45-year-old voice bears the gravelly traces of many sleepless nights. Yet for the third time since he kicked opiates in 2004, he’s scored a full album’s worth of new material that remains completely in a character unique to him while adding something new to that character. This time what’s new is a band sound shambolically anchored by John Prine’s New Orleans-raised drummer Paul Griffith and cunningly colored by fiddler Amanda Shires. What’s also new but less surprising is an ever more explicit and uncompromising class animus. One song names the Abacus Fund Goldman Sachs and John Paulson conned unions with. Another begs to differ with the privileged canard that living well is the best revenge. Uh-uh, Snider sez. Revenge is the best revenge. A "

Keep an eye on Bibi Netanyahu’s criminal trial for corruption and collusion with once working class muck raking daily Hebrew newspaper Yedioth Achronoth (you can read in English translation on Y-net) and its owner-publisher Arnon Mozes that could be a mirror image of the extent of corporate-capture of News media and Public Affairs journalism (especially broadcast) in the U.S.:

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa (Refuge of Atonement Seekers)
Media Discussion List and Looksee


Much like their masters the corporate duopoly will never willingly give up their power, and it will take an actual revolution to remove them.
I suspect that she recognizes just how disasterous attempting a traditional revolution would be in America, and so advocates changing the system from within instead.
A doomed endevor, certainly, but what are the other options?
Not only are a significant portion of the citizenry rabid rightwingers, and many more just plain confused rightwingers, but there is no coherrent vision for the people to unite behind and strive towards.
The country is divided in a thousand different ways, and the oligarchy are holding all the cards.
In this age of drones and rockets the numerical superiority of the people don’t really count for all that much. Even if unity could be achieved long enough to attempt a revolution, the willingness of the ruling psychopaths to wantonly slaughter any opposition has been on daily display for decades.


Eco – Terrific post –

“Biden/Harris kind of squeaked in, and that’s because Biden was somewhat palatable to the number and genre of Americans that most of the folks here responding to Klein’s article and Klein herself would prefer not exist. They are the folks who love the lies of the monster they somewhat helped create, and they are, sorry to say, either one issue voters (against abortion and pro Netanyahu, for example) or voters who believe the horrific lies of the real fake media (Breitbart, Magapill, InfoWars, Natural News, DonaldTrump dot org, etc). They believe liberals are evil, ready to assault them in violent mobs; they believe liberals are also ungodly, dangerous, and some combination of socialist, communist, and fascist rolled into a big green ball.”

"This assessment derives, in part, from my four years of posting on the White House FB page (which makes Orwell’s Ministry of Truth look benign), following public comments on Yahoo articles, and receiving lots of emails from several organizations which believe I’m a patriotic Republican and gun lover. Much as those who breathed a huge sigh of relief at Biden/Harris winning, the nearly 48 percent of the electorate who voted for Trump not only did not, but they dug in deeper (and the slow moving coup that Trump, his sons, and high level Republicans are orchestrating is helping that). Biden/Harris winning represents the beginning of the end of the world to them. AND all of you folks calling for a green new deal, etc., are forgetting the large number of folks who live in this country who think (wrongly, but it is what they think) such a creation will stifle jobs and worse–that it’s not needed, that climate change is a hoax.’

“Klein blaming the Democrats for not giving the people what they needed shows she conceives of “the people” as being, well, this group of people reading this piece. Which this country is not. Right now, most of the 48 percent who supported Trump will not accept having a vision of this country and what it must do shoved down their throats, for that is what they will see it as being.”

“So having observed firsthand what counts for thinking in this country (the White House FB page is stuffed with conspiracy theories, scientific illiteracy, etc.), I know that Biden is really the only candidate who could have won without setting the rest of the country on fire. So…what do folks plan on doing with almost half the country who hates them or views them as a kind of spawn of Satan?”

“I’ve got some ideas, but I wish Klein’s article had done more to recognize the donor class is less of an issue than the 70 million who support Trump and are ready to do more than vote.”

I’m quite sure I don’t have an answer to this, or the many answers we will need.
But I think we have to point out that the White House Face Book is likely a showpiece for the fascist
right and let’s hope not typical of all of his supporters. And sufficiently ugly, nasty and violent to turn
away anyone who will offer other answers to their lies.

This is a liberal nation – which means nothing when it comes to right wing violence.
We are against the US/CIA “illegal wars of aggression” and against the Military.
As Rahm Emmanuel made clear in his attack … "F-U to liberals who would end all
the wars and shut down the MIC confirming what the majority of the DP wants…

75% of Americans want Medicare4All and numbers still growing.
Even higher percentages of Americans support Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood.
Percentages for simple CHOICE are now over 50% – and there is support for reproductive
freedom at about 74% and when Latinos are added in, it reaches 84%.

Americans support Social Security – which needs to be returned to its original goal/design.
And Americans support Medicare.

These people are human beings – likely with families – not all of them will support violence
which overturns democracy here. As Trump has pointed out, Democrats saw 2016 as a
steal via an Electoral College which shouldn’t still exist. They will want good educations for
their children – and presumably a future for them. And before that most of us saw 2000 as
a steal for W Bush. GOP hasn’t won the popular vote in 8 elections? Or more?

And we are now ready to toss the hack-able electronic voting computer and vote strickly

Granted many of these people are willing to be individually violent – as seen at Trump rallies.

The fact that the Supreme Court allowed the right wing to be ARMED By Koch Bros. leaves
that an open question, however, as fascination and obsession with guns leads to a belief in
in violence as a solution to problems. It’s not, it’s a temporary solution for people who have
no other solutions but faith in deadly weapons which make them feel momentarily powerful.

You are right however that they will run from information – education –
because they’ve been taught to FEAR it –

But just who are these 70 million who voted for Trump and an end to democracy and social
violence? Who are these 70 million who also need and support Social Security, but who think
that it is BIDEN and DP who are overturning it – not Trump. Who are these 70 million who
4ALL INVOLVES AND IS ALL ABOUT? Yes, they have grandparents who have lost their homes
due to medical bills. And, yes, likely many of these women have either had abortions or will.
These clearly aren’t people who question and challenge anything very much – and they’ve been
brainwashed most of their lives, it seems, by the MIC and CHURCH. Yes, they have had racism
engrained in them by Elites who profit from it. And sexism – and homophobia – and these are
issues on which they crusade for the benefit of CHURCH – and likely some for benefit of KKK.