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Time for Democrats to 'Stiffen Their Spines' as #MidtermsBeforeSCOTUS Hashtag Takes Off


Time for Democrats to 'Stiffen Their Spines' as #MidtermsBeforeSCOTUS Hashtag Takes Off

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Mitch McConnell should follow the Mitch McConnell rule. Let the American people have a say when women's health and equal rights are on the line."


Thank you for contributing to nonprofit independent media. Your support comes at a critical time, uncertain times, but your contribution allows it to continue on behalf of progress and keep readers informed and inspired. Thank you for standing with us and for your dedication to shared progressive values. You make this work possible. We must get through this Trump era, goddamn it to hell! The fucking evil son of a bitch!! Fucking liar arming militants, aggravating race tensions for war, selecting targets for violence!
WORLD WAR III - He’s into it.


The Democratic leadership is concerned about civility.
That is more important.


Maybe some members of the Left ought to think strategically this next election too.


Don’t get your hopes up. If the base itself had their way I am sure there would be a huge blue wave, however the Dem establishment are as spineless as a sea slug. The most they can do is start hashtags and other meaningless forms of ‘resistance’.


Yeah,let’s not dare hurt anyone’s feelings, that’d be so un-nice!!..Not to mention some of the treatment towards Dems/Liberals from “the other side”…


BS…maybe the entire DP establishment clinton, obama, et al DINO sellout crowd should think strategically and not foist a despised banker/wall street/war-whore for prez who predictably lost to an even worse pathological cretin…


I made my donation the other day, and have given up on sites like Mother Jones, The Hill, Politico, Daily Kos, etc., in part because they have become mouthpieces for establishment Dems.
Common Dreams is one of few good sites left, along with Pro Publica.
The only criticism I have is that there should be more long-article investigative journalism.
I hope everyone donates to Common Dreams.


Welcome to kakubi theater. Enjoy the show!


If the women of this country want The Handmaid’s Tale to become a reality, they can sit back and allow a reich-wing SCOTUS to happen.
Remember that Vampire Pence the Theocrat, a character foreshadowed in The Handmaid’s Tale, is waiting to take over when Trump the Grifter Fuhrer is impeached, resigns, or when Melania poisons him.
The corporate Dems may be too lame to do to this SCOTUS fight what Mitch the Twitch did to Obama’s SCOTUS opportunity, but women have power to bring the whole country to its knees, if they sexercise it.


Oh yeah, but you Democrats have no power to stop it. Zero, zilch, nada. I’d love to see it happen, but back when McConnell made the rule, he was in control of the Senate! The Democrats are in control of, …their party. The one that started representing money and corporate “people” has control over NOTHING! How can they stop it? Simply, they can’t.


I suspect you really mean “tactical” not strategic. There’s nothing strategic in the course of action we see from the Democratic Party. Rather, we see weak tactical strategies, built around the infamous Clintonian triangulation world view – a tactic proven to be a formula for defeat and failure.

We should do everything we can – tactically – to elect as many disruptive legislators (at both the state and federal level) as possible. The Revolution must begin and has begun!


The truth is uncomfortable. Have you bothered to read about the Taft and Lochner courts? There really is a lesser evil sometimes, and it is worth voting for.


Strategic. The long term plan is to control institutions, to govern. Controlling the Court is how you do it, even if the person in the White House isn’t your favorite. The Right has been strategic. It’s voters vote, even for candidates they don’t like knowing what matters is controlling institutions. Progressives used to understand this, a long time ago, but don’t now.


What, obviously, is implicit in your argument is that when Democrats get control of institutions, working people, the poor and the left do too. You know that isn’t true, and I think you know the decades long grinding struggle that most working people have been dealing with. We are in this position because of what those in your party with actual power have done with that power, period. I really do believe that at some point, it will dawn on you that it makes far more sense to focus on those with actual power, what they have done with their power, instead of lecturing the people with no power that have been proven correct time and time again and are the victims of this system. Because, beyond the obvious logic of that, you and your party owe something to the people who you have harmed with your corruption, horrible strategizing and policies. We are here, the right is as powerful as it is despite its deeply unpopular policies, Trump is president, there has been decades of decline for most in this country, infrastructure is crumbling, the environment is collapsing, because of what people with power have done. The left has not had power, in your party too. I believe that it will one day dawn on your because, whatever my disagreements with you, you are smart and this is obvious. At some point, it will become just too ridiculous to continue to lecture the left when it isn’t the left that is to blame with us being in this position. If people like you listened to the left, just a little, in the 2016 primaries, you wouldn’t have pushed so strongly for Clinton. While I cannot guarantee that someone other than Trump would be in the White House, all the facts in the world show that Sanders was a far better candidate. Given how horrible Clinton was (can you finally admit that?), she might have been the worst choice of all the Democratic nominees, not just Sanders. We were proven correct. And as I also told you, start to focus on the massive amount of people that don’t vote and feel alienated from this political system. You won’t reach them by offering the same garbage that got us here, but I would imagine that if you stopped illogically lecturing people in places like this, it would dawn on you that you have to offer people something radically different than the status quo. We get it. We were proven correct about what would happen in the 2016 election. We have been right about a lot of other things too. It’s okay to learn from the left, to re-think your assumptions about how this all works.


The GOP reactionaries play hard ball, they take no prisoners, the always timid and malleable Dems remind me of a cross between Alphonse and Gaston and Caspar Milquetoast

When did CD ban the posting of images? Any word on that?


A lot of people don’t vote for a lot of reasons—that’s just fact. There are institutional, convenience, political, medical, all kinds of reasons. The idea that you know something special about non-voters is, well, kinda funny. In this last election, white working class typically non-voters went for a racist who was going to put brown people their place. Now we have a Court that’s going to give them what they want. You can be proud of that, I guess, HRC wasn’t worth the purity of your vote.

People like you are now going to get the hard lesson that the Lochner, Fuller, and Taft Courts taught people. You’ll have to decide weather hating Democrats is worth your lack of strategic decision making. Morality ain’t a play anymore, and the Right don’t care.


Civility? What a mantra to lose by. That’s what the Fascist and Nazi counted on when they incinerated millions of Jewish people. McConnell is pure evil and trumps poodle Chou isn’t any healthier. How about all the AMERICAN Japanese that we incarcerated during the second world war?


This country is filled with terrible people who are far too eager to do massive harm. Kennedy didnt have to retire 4 months before midterm elections. This was a deliberate move by that dirtbag fossil to insure he is replaced by this current criminal Administration. It makes me sick to think people like that are in charge of our country and write the law of the land. It is becoming hard to blame it all on Trump when so many around him are just as bad.


well what do you want us to do? voting takes places in November, this a-hole Kennedy is retiring in a month. And even if we get the House back, no one will be sworn in until January. Dems dont have the legislative numbers to do anything about this. So what are you barking at us women for? Like we can march our way out of this? I believe in the Handmaid’s Tale the protesters were all shot.