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Time for Democrats to unite around Medicare for all


Time for Democrats to unite around Medicare for all

Katrina vanden Heuvel

“It’s an unbelievably complex subject,” President Trump said in February, discussing the Republican plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act.


That some 60% of Americans favour expansion of Medicare throughout so polarized and obscurantist a period is a mandate that needs to be teased apart from the propagandized CITIZENS UNITED power grab while a foreseen economic collapse continues in free fall through the printing presses overheating from spewing out the green graphic funny papers.


I've pretty much given up hope that the Democrats will ever "unite around" anything.


Dianne Feinstein won't support a government takeover of healthcare.

However, she does support government protections for wealthcare.


Another repressed conflict for another day far off in the future. For all the complex, deadly and wasteful rackets out there like the private health insurance industry, the US is in a state of perfection and there is no need for elected folks to do anything but receive donations and sleep well.



yeah, they'll get right on it Katrina. Because they finally have such a good opportunity to grandstand on it to absolutely zero effect.


Who are these strong progressive candidates?

You've named two. Good for them. I suppose it's start.


Cluck the Democrats, as the Chicken might say.

The largest single party, the Independents, and the Greens, all of the Socialist parties, the Working Families Party, and any progressive smaller parties must unite around Medicare for All and make their voices heard.

A grassroots movement to educate voters near and far will bring knowledge to those who are otherwise being fed lies and misinformation.

If then, any Democrats would like to join, as long as they embrace the principles that Healthcare is a basic Human Right and must be made available to all the classes, so be it.


Retire Dianne Feinstein!


The California assembly would be good place to start.

Might run into some trouble with Eric Bauman, the LA Times and the rest of the Clintonite crowd -but it's a worthy goal (if for nothing else than to call Republicrats out -and eventually oust them).


It will be in the Democratic Platform in 2020. No way around it. And it will happen.


Not only retire her, bill her.


Californians need to channel Saskatchewan and become the catalyst for US single payer the way Saskatchewan was the catalyst for Canadian single payer.

Unless a giant meteor wipes K Street and its denizens off the face of the earth single payer will never start in DC. It will succeed only if it starts in one state and spreads like it did in Canada.


While the article is spot on as to why we should have universal healthcare (sounds better than the "wonky" Medicare for all), this would mean jettisoning HRC et al as too many Democrats rely heavily on private healthcare corporations to fund their elections. I don't see that happening anytime soon.
If, however, the Democrats did embrace universal healthcare for the 2018 Congressional elections, the Democrats would win by a landslide. But that still won't translate into universal healthcare as there are many obstacles in the path of democratic reforms of the corrupt healthcare system. For example universal healthcare can not co-exist with a private healthcare system because future governments will underfund Medicare for all to weaken it and promote the Wall Street investors choice. America needs to get it right the first time around if this plan is to work out.


Nonsense, the Democrats know exactly what they want to unite around. Around their corporate masters that is.


It's not only ironic, but its downright hypocritical for KVH to issue this call. This once leftist/progressive magazine/website has become a vocal mouthpiece/apologist for the Dems as they continue to become irrelevant in their neoliberal configuration.

Among other things, the Nation went soft on Single Payer when the party discarded it as not being "pragmatic." KVH, as now longtime publisher, is largely responsible for a beacon of progressivism becoming a liberal fake news and fake politics website.


Posted this once on CD - am about to send a version to every major single payer and progressive organization that supports single payer. So if you have suggestions before it goes out...

Letter to Single Payer Advocates:
Want Single Payer? Provide Free Healthcare Events, like Remote Area Medical Did in California in 2009 - but Politicize it

Here's an idea for how to make single payer happen: Hold free events that a) provide basic health care, b) explain single payer, and c) register voters.

Sounds complicated? No need to reinvent the wheel - the free healthcare delivery part has been done.

In 2009, the nonpolitical doctor organization Remote Area Medical (RAM) held an open air event in a coliseum near L.A., CA. Doctors provided free dental and other basic health care (mammograms, pap smears, e.g.).

Thousands lined up - thousands without medical insurance or with inadequate medical insurance (i.e., like Obamacare).

What can be done: Combine health care delivery with "medicare for all" advocacy. Tap RAM for organization and delivery logistics - but provide not only health care, but education and voter registration.

Here's why it can work:

1a) U.S. health care is bad, so 'colliseum-type' or mobile health care van events will always be mobbed - medical activists won't reach out to people; rather, people difficult to reach will come to them. (And note - these will be right liberals and Republicans too). Thus, person-to-person contact and education can persuade and enfranchise both liberals and the mis-educated mass base of the U.S. right.

1b) Oh - and in connection with the 'education part' - Sanders himself can draw crowds and persuade by speaking at the mass, colliseum-type events.

2) But - as right wing critics of...anything that will help people...often say, 'But that would cost money.' Yes, an organization of doctors, nurses, sundry personnel, vehicles and physical medical equipment and supplies is needed to carry this out. And that would cost money. And the large left liberal base that poured its hearts and wallets out for Sanders, would surely do the same for this initiative - including the 'education' part that calls for massive tax increases on the rich. Fundraising is where Sanders is important again.

Well...link the NYT piece...wouldn't you support this with a strong single payer political thrust, progressives?

Wouldn't you, progressives, particularly support this at a moment that single payer is not only needed, but is becoming the defining issue separating right liberal Democrats from the large number of progressive, 'lesser of two evil' Sanders voters that ended up voting Democrat? A moment when progressive advocacy at such health care events can be used to pressure mainstream Democrats to support single payer? Because that can be the idea of the healthcare events too - not just taking aim at the right, but educating people to understand that - for the state to support its citizens - not only the right, but right wing liberal Democrats will have to be pressured to do what their electorate commands.

3) But won't the right with its vast media power and 'closed-circuit-tuned-into-right-wing-media' viewers ridicule such a movement to death? Well...they will try - as will right liberal Democrats. Good luck to them. Health care receivers will be getting help they need and talking one-on-one with decent people. We'll see where the cards fall. And violent right wing disruption? As Maxine Waters once noted, that only works when you can outnumber and intimidate victims and progressives - but with large numbers of health-care-less people getting support they need? Don't think so...

This initiative could deliver a shock to the system to both the right and right liberals.


Like this idea, progressives? Act:

Forward this with your own note to Our Revolution at:

National Nurse United - the organization at the forefront of calls for single payer in CA - at:

And to any other progressive organizations you are connected with - single payer or otherwise.


A Bed for the Night
-Bertolt Brecht

I hear that in New York
At the corner of 26th street and Broadway
A man stands every evening during the winter months
And gets beds for the homeless there
By appealing to passers-by.

It won't change the world
It won't improve relations among men
It will not shorten the age of exploitation
But a few men have a bed for the night
For a night the wind is kept from them
The snow meant for them falls on the roadway.

Don't put down the book on reading this, man.

A few people have a bed for the night
For a night the wind is kept from them
The snow meant for them falls on the roadway
But it won't change the world
It won't improve relations among men
It will not shorten the age of exploitation.


Exactly what we are doing in Vermont.


Forget the Demcrats; they've sold out,l are sucking at the teat of corprate promises.
I am for Progressives, Greens, Working party candidates. Will our democracy surviee? Dunno.
Seems up for grabs.