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'Time for John Kelly to Go': Trump Chief of Staff Denounced for Shielding Alleged Domestic Abuser


'Time for John Kelly to Go': Trump Chief of Staff Denounced for Shielding Alleged Domestic Abuser

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Women's advocacy groups and other critics are calling on President Donald Trump's Chief of Staff, John Kelly, to resign in response to his defense of White House staff secretary Rob Porter—who stepped down Wednesday amid allegations that he abused two ex-wives—and reports that Kelly knew about the alleged abuse but ignored it.


We should see more outrage over the lies that have become as ordinary as sunshine and rain. But what can you expect from a country that has as top dog a Proud proclaimed predatory sexual offender.


Serial abusers in US government. From top to bottom…


‘She [Nita Chaudhary] challenged the popular narrative that, when it comes to managing the president’s antics, Kelly is one of the “adults in the room,” charging that “John Kelly is not reining in Trump’s worst and dangerous tendencies—he is enabling, encouraging, and amplifying them.”’

This is the fundamental problem with Trump, he brings people down to his lesser developed level. The elites in NYC have known this for decades. #NotMyRoleModel


Trump too should resign. Keep the pressure on, raise the stakes.


Kelly saw his boss, Trump, get away with sexually assaulting/raping a large number of women over many, many years scott-free, and he is obviously totally fine with that or he would have quit long ago. So of course he would be fine with a few “love-taps” given by another subordinate of Trump to his wife.

What a disgusting administration, from top to bottom.


Is there anyone in Donnie John’s administration who shouldn’t go?


One problem I have with these types of articles is this. Where was/is the media when Bill Clinton was in the White House and using his position of power to sexually harass females? Why is it that supporters of Bill Clinton (including Females) refer to some of the women that came forward to complain about Mr Clinton as “Tramps”?

I am not suggesting this absolves Mr Kelly or Mr Porter or “Grab them by the Pussy” Herr Trump of their own behaviour but rather that if people wonder “How it got to this place and why is it still like this” , treating Mr Clinton as some sort of Rock Star with that “wink wink” and “boys will be boys attitude” in fact empowers those that come after and repeat the same sort of behaviour.

I would like nothing better then to see Herr Trump resign or be impeached but if any sort of progress is to be made here, there can not be acceptance of this sort of bejaviour when it a “Liberal” doing it.


Suspira, try to focus on the “here and now.” Clinton is old news and you are wrong in that his antics were ignored as I seem to remember something about an impeachment that took place…don’t you? These defenses of this horrible administration by ALWAYS bringing up a Clinton are way, way, way past their due date. Time to throw them out and come up with something new. Oh, that’s right, there isn’t anything new to bring up. And you are also wrong in insinuating that Clinton wasn’t criticized from our side of the political aisle. I, for one, can’t stand either of them…and I’m also an avid criticizer of the DNC and its neoliberal leaning.


Tread carefully on the misandry movement. Are there women who lie? Are there women who marry for status? Are there gay women who marry to hide their sexual preferences?. Are there women who marry for sheer security? Are there women who are unaware of their sexual preferences? Is it a banana or a banana peel? The self-righteous will run its course and nothing will be solved except a “feel good” among the ego-driven newsies and a lot of innocent damaged people. The solution starts with an honest and deep discussion about child rearing and sexual relation. How about a frank discussion about a serious open and frank talk about sex education instead of the sterile and gibberish filled idiocy of the present day?


What are you on about? NOTHING is old news. All that the USA and Countries of today have become is due to things done in the past that they have never addressed or tried to correct. This is why the USA has been at war for 91 percent of its history. The people always want to forget the past and pretend it never happened.

The consequences of slavery are still with you.
The consequences of genocide are still with you.
The consequences of Nuclear bombs dropped on Cities are still with you.
The consequences of the assassinations of John F Kennedy, Martlin Luther King and Medgar Evans are still with you.

Forgetting the past and failing to address the TRUTHS that it reveals leads to a nation that has a history that is built on myth and lies. You sound very much like Barack Obama who indicated that rather then prosecute the War Criminals that started the iraq war that “we must look forward and not back”

Gitmo is still open. The USA still drops bombs on poor people in Syria and Iraq and Yemen.

They do NOT go away. Had Clintons trepidations been addressed and had he stepped down in shame for the same, a person like Donald trump could never have risen to power as he boasted about grabbing pussies.

And now Donald trump talks about dropping Nuclear bombs on North Korea. Do you not think it would be less likely a President could openly advocate such had the USA not accepted the lies and spin about why THAT was done and put those war criminals on trial?

Donald Trump and John Kelly do not reflect the rot of Donald trump and John Kelly as much as they reflect the ROT of the system itself and that systemic rot did not start in 2016 and it will not end in 2020 if the people think it only about the “here and now”.