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Time For Obama and Clinton To Oppose The Dakota Access Pipeline


Time For Obama and Clinton To Oppose The Dakota Access Pipeline

Isaiah Poole

The fight between Native Americans and the financial interests dead set on pushing an environmentally hazardous oil pipeline through sacred Native lands in the Midwest intensified on Thursday, ahead of what is expected to be a climactic court decision Friday on whether work on the pipeline can proceed.


If Hillary declares against the fossil fuel industry and for the Native Americans her oil and gas campaign donors will be livid.

Obama probably has some big, fat speaking fees coming from the fossil fuel industry after he leaves office. So he'll keep quiet while he contemplates the greasy oil riches that are headed his way.


Obama. “I can’t give you details on this particular case,” he said, “but what I can tell you is that we have restored more rights among native Americans to their ancestral lands, sacred sites, water, hunting grounds, we have done a lot more work on that in the last eight years than had in the previous 20 or 30 years, and it is something that I hope will continue as we go forward.”

Hope I'm wrong, but this could just as easily be interpreted as "I've done enough, so let the oil flow". As far as, “I can’t give you details on this particular case,” given Obama's track record, this could mean "I'm waiting to see which way the political winds blow." Vintage Obama double-speak. We've had eight years to learn how to translate.


Besides, if Obama wants details, I'm sure Jill Stein would be glad to supply them, given that she's joined the protesters at the site. Go Green.


Obama doesn't want any more details, he only wants to know where the exit is and when the damn bell's gonna ring.


Most critical for Obama is the assurance that his speeches on this Asian trip convinced audiences that TPP is the greatest thing since pre-sliced bread. TPP will enable oil companies to get tribunal approval to oppress tribes all they want to.

Notice that this article and MSM coverage has ignored Jill Stein's on-site support of the tribes ? The MSM does, however copiously cover Leonardo Di Caprio's involvement.


We would be foolish to hold our breath waiting for any of the political establishment to decide to 'be on the right side of history'. Won't happen. Too bad the MSM is ignoring the issue altogether. Can you imagine the public response if it was widely known that a pipeline was designed to go under the Missouri River? That is idiotic on its face - I don't care what they bought and paid for Army of Engineers say. I'm no engineer, but is it a stretch (at all) to see a catastrophe in the making?

The only good news in this (other than the courage and commitment of the Protectors) is that the easement is being sent to congress. They will, in fact, own it if/when they refuse to stop it.


Last night she went on at length about the Lizard people. Oh my.


Thank you for posting these exquisite short clips.

I love RFK, jr! That Kennedy eloquence... wow.


No, and you won't see any either, even Sanders is a noshow. Jill Stein made it clear where she stands--Go girl!

Obama won't as it would be suicide for some career after he leaves office. HRC can't as she owed them all too much money and favors. She loves fracking and pipelines and Big Oil. As I have stated elsewhere (and here), this is cultural genocide.

What all these profiteers fail to realize or don't care since they are all in the moment is the contamination of our water supply (oceans and fresh) has no substitute. The entire human race and eco system needs water to survive--Insect, birds, animals, all plant life, our food sources and when that is gone/destroyed, that is the end of all life on this planet.

Oh, I answered that myself. They just don't care.


Wwooowww... great interpreting... good job.


as of yesterday, the President put a stop to the construction of the pipeline till further investigations is made....