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'Time for Puerto Rico to Wake Up and Rise Up': Thousands Take to Streets Demanding Embattled Governor Resign

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/16/time-puerto-rico-wake-and-rise-thousands-take-streets-demanding-embattled-governor

Perhaps we should throw Trump to the Puerto Rican people like he did with the paper towels.


They can have him after we get done punishing him, if there is anything left.

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It is impossible to predict what damage crowds are capable of when riled up in the peak of anger. Hate has been festering so long that I would be afraid to be in the streets if I were Ricky.

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“I’m going to state this everyday: US multinationals operate in Puerto Rico and generate +$40 billion of net income there. PR govt taxes them < 4% on this income & companies get to credit 80% of that to their federal taxes. PR is the only bankrupt tax haven in the world”


From the article:

“…today, more than ever, many people are counting on my commitment to that work.”

Percentage of people counting on the governor’s commitment to “that work” who reside in Puerto Rico: 0.
Percentage who work on Wall Street: 100.

Depends on what your definition of “that work” is.


A Joan of Arc send-off would be appropriate.

Maybe a bit over-the-top.

Oh, IDK, it seems like it is time to be “over the top”

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