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Time For Socialist History Month?

Time For Socialist History Month?

Laura Flanders

It’s that time of year again—when we’re encouraged to celebrate Black history, and soon it will be Women’s History Month—the time when people like me ask, “What about the rest of the year?”

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Laura Flanders has done a good job here on identifying the areas that the right always bring up as opposing any type of of socialism: property rights, public ownership, workplace democracy, taxes and intelligently and factually taking a stand about the ideology that underpins what we call capitalism. We must become proficient at discussing each one of these.

I, however, have one more topic to add: the common good. Until we on the left take intellectually and factually correct positions on living our lives for the common good of mankind instead of individual personal gain, we’ll never be able get into the mindset of our detractors … on the right or left. We must excel in conversing about and debating this single most important tenet of those opposing socialism.


HI mbrownec : and don’t forget that socialism seems to often address the COMMON GOOD much better than most religions and many religious leaders do. Back in America history, people like the Carnegie and other rich people did put
money directly into their community with things like libraries that benefitted the public.
Besides Jimmy Carte-------r has any other ex president done things like Habitat for Humanity? LIBRARIES are for the PEOPLE ( we don’t need any more presidential libraries! : 0


Are we seriously thinking that the ideas of socialism will be properly recorded by institutions at the beck and call of the ruling class?

I am minded by the man who Marx called “our philosopher”, a German immigrant to the USA.

If a worker wants to take part in the self-emancipation of his class, the basic requirement is that he should cease allowing others to teach him and should set about teaching himself Joseph Dietzgen

I"m sure "our philosopher influenced Mark Twain when he told the world “Don’t let school interfere with your education”.

Flanders’ “socialist history month” idea supports my long espoused contention in this forum that you will get no long term reform of racial, gender, and other social inequities until you narrow the income and wealth divide which has continued to widen for nearly half a century.