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Time for Some Mea Culpas from the Clinton Camp?


Time for Some Mea Culpas from the Clinton Camp?

John Atcheson

Donald Trump is doing everything he can to lose this election, and yet he remains within striking distance because too many people believe the lesser of two evils is still too evil to vote for. As the Wikileak emails increasingly reveal her obvious duplicity on big banks and Wall Street, the myth of the “progressive who gets things done” is evaporating before our eyes.

With No Illusions, Says Climate Leader, Clinton Must Be Elected—Then Fiercely Confronted

Excellent piece. Together with Chris Hedges----http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/donald_trump_the_dress_rehearsal_for_fascism_20161016 ----this pretty much says it all.

Though expecting any Mea Culpas from the Clinton Camp is a pipe dream.

Report from Northern Wisconsin: Trump signs everywhere. And these are some of the biggest signs I've ever seen. Even bigger than the old "We Stand with Walker" signs.

There are emboldened right wing, angry, voters (many dressed in camouflage) everywhere apparent. And they all have guns.

This is scary.

Seriously scary.

I am selling the place that has been in my family for generations and getting the hell out of here.

As Hedges and others have pointed out, these people are not going away.

The narcissistic, power hungry, oligarchic team of HRC et al not only allowed this to happen but intentionally paved the way for Trump. This is beyond reprehensible. How can so many on the "left" not see this?

In any case . . . it does appear that this empire is doomed to collapse and is now on the fast track to do so.


Thanks for this John. Although I'm sure you know, that regardless of increased wealth concentration , environmental havoc, and military engagements, there will be no mea culpas from those presenting the election of Hillary Clinton in a positive light.


Just back from a road trip across the country, Pacific Northwest to Southeast, back through the beautiful Southwest's National Parks, and saw the same in all of the states . . . Trump/Pence signs everywhere . . . and not a single Hillary sign to be found.


"And Trump’s one remaining hope of winning is a very low turnout."

Our only hope of us winning is for the voter turn out to be so low that neither one of the twin awfuls will be in a credible position to claim to have won.

The Donald is so out of control full of himself that he wants Saturday Night Live criminalized for making fun of him. Imagine a world where Trump has command authority over the Military, the FBI, and the CIA-NSA alphabet soup of spy and covert op organizations with blanket warrants to stop, frisk, and book all comedians who do political humor. Look out John Stewart, Johm Oliver, Bill Maher, and Mort Sahl if he's still alive and well, the Trump Feds are coming for you to teach you just who deserves and demands respect.

It's amazing that his still numerous enthusiastic backers aren't able to see the dangerous foolishness of this. But as absurd as it is, in a Trumped Up USA, publicly speaking out about, for example, the virtues of the Bill of Rights could be criminalized. Next he might come after The Pledge of Allegiance because it asks us to honor "the republic for which it stands" instead of honoring him. "I pledge allegiance to the Trump of the United Fools of what used to be the land oif the free,"


Not enough brain bleach to expunge this from my head:

Fortunately, it seems as if Trump will lose my state without my voting for this cackling killer.


Another excellent article by John Atcheson. It's certainly a sad state of affairs. I would be one of those apathetic non voters if Jill Stein wasn't a candidate. I will cast my ballot with conviction and enthusiasm.


Seriously? She's in play in red states! But okay. I'll play along. Let's spend just a moment on what a GOP anti-Bernie ad would look like, shall we? First there's that socialist bogeyman who would take all your hard-earned cash and distribute The Unworthy. Then there's the anti-war pacifist who would be weak on terror and crime and let ISIS walk all over us. Family values? Let's talk about those erotic writings, the suggestion that naked children should touch each other, or the child out of wedlock. Or we could talk about his own bundlers from fundraisers that - oh yes - included all The Evil Big Banks. He may be St Bernie the Pure to you, but the GOP would have had a field day defining him for the masses. And need have lost bigly. And just like with Trump rallies, attendance isn't the same as votes. Get real.


So nice that the DNC and its corporate media cohorts only had the best interests of Democrats and progressives in mind when they decided that Hillary would be the better choice in a general election. It would have been nicer still to let the people decide that for themselves, rather than poisoning the well from the beginning. Only one example from WikiLeaks should suffice: Donna Brazile, vice chair of the DNC, required by its rules to be neutral, and a supposedly neutral political commentator on CNN, working in January 2016 to undermine his outreach to African-Americans. Vice-chair of the DNC!!

As for the things you mention from Bernie's record, there are plenty who believe he would have trounced Trump nevertheless. Trump is an abomination; he has arrayed against him the entire mainstream media (except for Fox), vast segments of the population (women, Latinos, etc) who he's alienated, and pretty much the establishment wing of the Republican party itself. Yet, despite his self-immolation for which he alone bears full responsibility, he still polls within a few percentage points of Clinton.

That's an affirmation of the wisdom of Clinton's nomination compared to a Sanders vs. Trump election? Completely unpersuasive.


One of my favorite George Csrlin bits and one that is so suited to the way things are now that it's almost as if he knew it would come to this.


Bernie's chances of ever becoming the Democratic nominee were less then zero. He knew that.
The oligarchy had settled on Jeb! versus Hillary. May the most evil genius win.
What the plutocrats didn't count on was the rage within the Republican Party that allowed Trump to be victorious.
Too bad so sad for them. The best laid plans of mice and men and all of that.
The oligarchies new plan was to get Hillary elected and save the Republican Party.
The Republican Party is close to death and Hillary is hated equally by the Left and the Right.
At this point the oligarchy doesn't know whether to s*** or go blind.
And that should make the 99% feel exhilarated.


The problem here, as with so many progressive media pieces about wars, is that it takes on face value the stated aims. Maybe the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have been roaring successes--if the goal was to prevent the rise of democracy in the Middle East, knock down any nation whose leaders defy the Washington Tel Aviv-Riyadh axis, and provide a fresh horrible example of what happens to nations whose leaders persist in such defiance. As well as supplying the MIC with a trillion dollars. And why should those pundits apologize? You really think any of them wants progressive change, a redistribution of wealth? I think they KNEW that by rigging things six ways from Sunday to ensure a Clinton primary win, they were risking a general election loss--but they may see Trump as no worse than Bernie, and anyway they know they can run the hacking software to ensure the numbers ring up a Clinton win, no matter how those unwashed voters cast their computerized votes.


Yes and the "naked children" touching each other is a right wing smear meme. He was quoting a medical article, not encouraging children to touch each other. Would have been quickly debunked.


It's mostly an urban/rural divide. Haven't checked the suburbs; maybe it's more mixed there.

The only chance for Trump to win is that the "embarrassment" factor causes people to be reluctant to express support for Trump when polled, and also that people inclined to vote for HRC might not bother to vote at all. I want really badly to see her lose, but I'm not very hopeful. Will probably end up voting for Jill Stein, but if polls suggest a very close race in PA I might even vote for the buffoon. I hope the weather is horrible that day.


Polls are likely to remain close in FL, OH and PA.

Trump is NOT a weak candidate.

Trump is a self destructive candidate who is running to get the PR he needs to launch his own media empire.

The only reasons to vote FOR Trump is to send the Clintons back to NYC to spend more time with their money, and/or to force Trump to be seated in an office that he doesn't really want.


We must ask ourselves
"Do I subject this nation to a Trump presidency because I'm upset about something a politician said?"

Mea culpas don't come readily from politicians, or many people really - human nature perhaps.

I supported Bernie in the primaries and was saddened that once again politics ruled. I've backed so many losing candidates that you'd think I would just give up. The candidates I supported were very good people and I felt they had all of the right ideas - at least they matched what I believed.

The reality I've lived with for over 40 years is that you can affect important change on the local level, but it is much harder on the national level. Why ... because you get to talk to people on the local level, you get to have meaningful conversations with friends and neighbors about issues that deal with the township or county where we live.

I've stopped travelling to other states ... I've stopped donating to national candidates.
I still write letters to the editors ... I still call my Senators and Representatives and urge others to do the same ... I have on occasion traveled to Harrisburg to lobby my state representatives ... I still try to get Democrats and Republicans to talk to each other and when they do, we make progress.

I let my wounds heal after my candidate loses a primary or celebrate after my candidate wins a primary. When the pain or joy subsides, I redouble the effort to elect the best candidate (not being my candidate if they lost) to hold office as my representative in government.

Last week I had a conversation with a Republican friend who said "I don't trust Hillary". That didn't surprise me, but it did make me ask why, not only of my friend, but also of myself. After reviewing the standard complaints (email, Bill, and other media highlighted faults), we looked at each and said "hmmm, I'm not really sure - but there's something ...."

I've come to the conclusion that 20 years of Hillary bashing had me brainwashed. I always thought that I was politically savvy and would see through that never ceasing attempt to discredit another human being. Guess no one is immune.

A careful look at Hilary shows a lot more to like than not like. She really is a strong individual who bucks the status quo, but on the other hand she's also a shrewd political activist. People don't like either one of those traits, and she has paid a price just for being Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I'm casting my vote for her because she really is the only choice for progress. To get anything done in DC, she will need strong Democratic support in Congress. We need a Republican minority to voice opposition, but the Republicans have shown that they cannot govern, they stall, they delay, they shut down - they don't govern.

Let's make sure Republicans hear us, use your voice to vote them out of office and out of power. We can amplify the voices of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren only if there's someone at the top and beside them who will listen.

Vote Democrats up and down the ballot - Republicans will never be progressive.

Bill R.


Bernie's trust factor was thru the roof. People understood that he did not have a public and a private position. Efforts to smear him would just have looked mean-spirited since they have nothing to do with policy. The whole tenor of the campaign would have been higher. It could have been a discussion about how to improve things instead of this filthy roll in the mud that we've had.


Don't hold your breath John. Very few in the political class and only to the extent that "it was a mistake" have renounced their role in the Iraq invasion. If they were pressed on the reasons why it was a mistake you can be sure that none of them would say "because it was a crime" or " because of the destruction, the massive loss of life and human suffering it has caused."

That the rigidly maintained official narrative is so at odds with truth could explain why this scab of a nation seems willing and able to tear itself apart. Where there is no truth, there is no sanity. That may be the USA's epitaph.

I'm just on pins and needles waiting for Wednesday's "debate." Not. Truth, as usual, will be absent again.


But then again, we don't have that race. We have what we have and this election cycle sucks.

Blame who you want to blame, then vote to protect all Americans from a fate far worse.


It's not an issue of who I "want to blame." It's not subjective. We are not helping things with all this talk of just "getting over it." We need sober analysis of what happened here. Those responsible for this sh*t-show should be held accountable for it.