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'Time Is Now to #PassTheDamnBill': 116 California DNC Delegates Demand Pelosi Hold Floor Vote on Medicare for All

Kentucky has a Governor—Andy Beshear—who believes in health care as a human right. If Kentucky makes the jump from the reinstitution of KY Connect—a Medicaid exchange—to M4A, that might encourage the mid-west and some of the southern states to do the same.
The states, at this point in the national collapse, will have to lead in providing what the “boughten” and broken federal government will not.

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That’s depressing. Will nothing ever rid us of people like Pelosi who stand as the impediment to M4A? Just goes to show us that getting rid of Trump does not get us even one step closer to M4A. The real enemy on that front are the corporate dems. Human life on earth will not last long enough to see their banishment.


I am with you! I usually try, but make exceptions when faced with corrupt politics, racism, greed and financial self-interest - in this particular case “Feckless Cow” works for me - with a nod to Sam Bee.

I particularly admire UK slang terms, especially the Scots, often so colorful and descriptive, like “cow” “Jobby” “twat” (“a way to call someone as stupid, useless, or otherwise contemptible person”) Americans are usually far-too repressed and unimaginative to get or accept the humor!



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I believe Californians have Medi-cal. That must have an affect on healthcare voting.

Keep trying – it will happen yet – let’s just hope will be in time —

Pelosi is up for re-election in 20202 – not even sure what’s going on there –

Who else we might be interested in defeting?

Now is the time for “General Strikes” - NOT TO VOTE FOR BIDEN ANOTHER

For those of us unable to participate in BLM’s protests – we need to demand ways
to communicate with our “virtual” Town Hall Meetings and take advantage of the
two-way street to challenge our Mayors and Town Council Officials to STOP the release
of new land for “luxury” housing – to provide “affordable housing” which hasn’t been done
in NJ over 50 years of the Mt. Laurel Accords.

It’s also a time to call all citizens to “Town Hall Meetings” to discuss national issues –
our national policing crisis where brutality is being used even to the death against AA’s and
POC in our communities –

Good time to discuss MEDICARE4ALL – Restoring regulations on capitalism to humanize it –
to ensure that everyone knows that both national parties are under control of Elites/large
corporations – and that that’s FASCISM –

to begin to discuss the MIC budget, increased again this year --now costing citizens 70 cents+
of every tax dollar we send to Washington, DC –


issues, including national issues –

The system in effect in Oregon seems great, and they reportedly have the highest voter turnout in America - vote by mail and drop ballots in giant “mail” boxes - and no real “voter fraud” bs claims like the Orange Jobby spews!


In '16 Sanders supported Clinton, he had no other choice. Today he has to support Biden, albeit grudgingly.

Sanders has no choice but to work with the democrats, he caucuses with the democrats. If he refused, he’d end up being kucinished: sidelined, driven out of office and of no help to anyone.

Further, Sanders running as any sort of 3rd party candidate would ensure he could not win. He’d take votes from the democratic candidate too, ensuring the republican won. He’d be even less popular with the democratic establishment than he already is.

Sanders did not win the nomination in '16 or '20 because the ruling elites in the democratic party would not and will never allow it. That’s why they shoved doddering, senile, foot-in-the-mouth, sniffing females hair, cardboard, over-scripted Biden out into the spotlight.

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Of course Sanders had a choice especially given the fact that Sanders had proclaimed that he was going to start a “political revolution” which certainly was not going to happen when he supported not one but two corporate Wall Street hacks, namely Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. In 2016 Sanders correctly pointed out that H. Clinton was not qualified to be president but yet he chose to support her. He does the same thing in 2020 when he once again betrays his followers by supporting a person who shared very few of his beliefs. It should also be pointed out that Biden does not support one of Sanders’ main ideologies and that would be a form of universal health care. Sanders does a wonderful job of placing party over principle.

As the late comic George Carlin once observed, this is the best that America has to offer and do not expect it to get any better. As for Sanders when the Savage Mules tell Sanders to jump he replies: How high?


Yep, Mitch McConnell’s Senate is all ready to pass M4A and Donald Trump is ready to sign it into law. It’s only Speaker Pelosi who’s keeping it from happening. Somebody forgets how a bill becomes a law.

How do you figure? Delegates at the National Convention literally have no control over Speaker Pelosi or the House of Representatives. This article should have been titled 116 Sanders supporters who just happen to be delegates want Pelosi to pass a key item of Sanders’ agenda. The fact they are delegates are immaterial. That position provides them zero leverage over Pelosi.

There’s no prove he supports Biden begrudgingly. They actually have a mutual affinity for one another, something Sanders never really had with Clinton. Sanders did not win the nomination in '20 because African Americans in S.C. did not support him. A bunch of the moderates who were looking to get wiped out on Super Tuesday dropped out, thus consolidating support among moderate voters around Biden. Sanders hadn’t grown his base enough since '16 to compete and got crushed. It was voters, not some mythical ruling elite keeping him down.

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Just send her home to her ice cream freezer - problem solved.

So you argue that the House should simply not pass any legislation, since the Senate simply won’t approve any of it. Somebody forgets how to organize to build a movement that gets stronger over time.

It’s not about passing M4A through this year’s Senate. It’s about putting Democratic Party representatives and candidates on record, so voters can see who they are voting for, so that more supporters can get elected, and keep growing the movement. And it’s about clarifying for voters that the Senate is blocking everything, to get better Senators elected over time. And it’s about continuing to develop legislation that will pass when enough Reps and Senators are put in office who support it.


Shame he and the other “progressives” just made the billionaires a lot more rich with the CARES act. Oh and none of them will stand against Pelosi like these delegates are doing btw.

I don’t support Biden and won’t vote for him (and obviously not Trump). I’ll say it again, Bernie will be kucinished if he does not go-along, to get-along by the ruling elites in the democratic party. He has no other choice if he wants to remain in the game.

Biden, the democrats pick (speaking about African Americans):

During a radio interview … on the nationally syndicated Breakfast Club, Biden said that “if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

At the very least it should have threatened that all these delegates would support Shahid Buttar should Nancy not pass this bill. But alas it is common that Democrats will never actually accurately challenge their dear leaders.


Voters often vote against their own best interests, nothing new with that. However, there is no doubt that Sanders does not sing his own praises, his staffers should have been doing a better job of that.

In 2016, Rep. John Lewis (hardcore Hillary supporter) said “I didn’t see Bernie” at civil rights protests in the '60s. Photos of Bernie being arrested surfaced soon after.
In 2019, these photos resurfaced again:

A viral hoax claims that Sen. Bernie Sanders was arrested in 1963 for “throwing eggs” at black civil rights protesters. He was arrested while protesting on behalf of civil rights.

Charles Barkley: Democrats Pay Attention to Black Voters Only ‘Every Four Years’ and ‘Do Nothing’ for Them

Too bad so many of Bernie’s acolytes fail to see that they have been taken for political suckers. I warned his Progressive, supporters in 2016 when I first recognized the Bernie con when he uttered these infamous words: " we have to support Hillary; because we cannot afford a Trump president". Those words proved very true, but what is so egregious to me…IS THOSE WORDS ARE TRUE BECAUSE BERNIE SOLD OUT TO THE CORRUPTION OF HILLARY AND THE DNC!


Very well put and exactly what needs to happen before we move on to the next steps. Dems who cannot acknowledge and work to remove the impediments of Pelosi and her cohort corporatists are missing the boat and part of the problem.

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Well, one starts by building public support for it, or capitalizing on the public support that already exists, then you pass it in your chamber, even if you believe the other chamber won’t pass it or the President will veto it and you maximize the public pressure on the opposition. What you don’t do is fail to act under the guise that it won’t pass on account of the opposition.

So, in this case, a bill becomes law by passing it in the House, then going on the offensive in the public square. If it never passes the first chamber, when you have control of that chamber, you will have foregone an opportunity to move the issue forward, even if you think it won’t ultimately pass yet.