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'Time Is Now to #PassTheDamnBill': 116 California DNC Delegates Demand Pelosi Hold Floor Vote on Medicare for All

I think the only way out of this is collapse of the u.s. Not sure what this will look like, very, very ugly I imagine based on what we are seeing now (early stage collapse)

Writing to Nancy Pelosi is worthless and when you consider this----

*Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the California Democrat expected to be the next speaker, the three-person House Democratic leadership team has collected more than $2.3 million total in campaign contributions from drugmakers since the 2007-08 election cycle, according to KHN’s database.

----it’s a joke. A sick, dark, murderous joke.

Read this link below. Clyburn is mentioned in this piece below—Clyburn who was VERY instrumental in getting biden in place so that the rich can keep getting richer and the poor suffer and fight amongst each other.



Yes, yes, yes! The Dem Party is (IMO) utterly irredeemable. I don’t think there’s a chance in hell that Progressives can have much influence, let alone take over that party, especially in the near future. Think about it - if Booker can somehow hang on and win the Kentucky Senate primary, do you think the DSCC will send one dime to him? They’re more likely to fund McConnell’s reelection than help a Progressive. Oligarchs gonna oligarch, after all. “Urging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to ‘forego political expediency and incrementalism’”? You might as well urge us to squeeze blood from a stone.


I always try to be respectful, but all I can think of when I see her vacuous eyes on that hangdog face are cuss words like greedy fucking bitch.


Yes. And Bernie Sanders is probably the only person who could have successfully made a third party run viable. With his name recognition, massive following, and political experience he could have pulled it off, but he chose the coward’s way out and folded comfortably back into the establishment Democratic Party. He is all the more blameworthy for not seizing the moment. I have no respect for him anymore. Jesse Ventura could probably do well as a third-party candidate, but it doesn’t appear that he has the will to run.


This letter is nice and all, but all it’s going to do is give a few people more false hopes.

The letter has no “or else” paragraph. There is no consequence for Pelosi if she doesn’t honor their request. So this letter is just going to be filed along with the other ones in the trash heap.


publicly and humanly countable paper ballots (in person or mail in) should be the gold standard. A ballot reading machine can be used only if a large random sample are counted/verified the night of the vote.

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"Our privatized, employer-based health coverage model is an international embarrassment,"

And I would also conclude the following:

  1. Nancy Pelosi, who refuses to allow a vote on it, is a national embarrassment.

  2. Nancy Pelosi, who is never (as far as I can find) found authoring legislation, works instead only to block legislation. Ironically, the head of supposed House liberals is really only focused on blocking liberal reform. As a matter of fact, I will go so far as to state that her job is to take bribes in return for making sure liberal reform doesn’t happen. How different is she from Mitch? Well, Mitch is actively pursuing reactionary reform, so that might be considered a difference.

  3. I suppose that the rest of the House Democrats are not naive, and they do perceive what I point out in #2. Therefore they (at least those who voted for her for speaker) are also actively blocking liberal reform, regardless of how progressive they claim to be.

Bonus: The signers of this letter are more politically savvy than me, just some ordinary Joe reading the news on the Internet. So they must know, as I do, that this letter will have no influence on her and that they would be better off endorsing Shahid Buttar. Therefore if any of them have not done so, I am calling them out as hypocrites.


The letter doesn’t acknowledge reality either.
This bill would not pass in Pelosi’s House – too many Blue Dogs in her caucus would vote against it.

And there you have the story of the d-party in a nutshell:
Pelosi is only Madame Speaker because Blue Dogs from swing districts give her the majority.
Those Blue Dogs can’t vote for “socialist programs” because then they’ll lose their seat to a Repub.
So, the only votes Nancy holds are for the easy stuff the d-party can unite behind – meaningless.
True progressives like AO-C are hamstrung by party unity, which only benefits Blue Dogs.


LMAO - The last thing PayGo Pelosi is going to allow is for her Wall Street Democraps to be put on the record opposing universal health care that does not include a 20% profit markup for Wall Street and Corporate Insurance Providers.


Especially after the DNC threw Bernie under their political bus by supporting the Wall Street Walker in 2016. Bernie, in my opinion has been a progressive con by telling Progressives what they want to hear with no intention of following through ( and Bernie supporting Biden) but nevertheless; took campaign CON…TRIBUTIONS ( which went to support the corrupt DNC! ) from many of his acolytes (all the time knowing that the DNC is soooo corrupt and chose Biden a year ago) Bernie had to know he never had any chance of the Democratic, nomination for POTUS. Bernie’s revolution was really a revolution against his base!


Nancy ‘PayGo’ Pelosi is a corporate tool whose power is derived from having control over massive PACs (that are funded by Wall Street, Corporate CEOs, and other dark money) which she uses to keep ‘her party’ under corporate control.


President Uncle Joe, Chuck ‘Wall Street’ Schumer, and Nancy ‘PayGo’ Pelosi will vigorously support all of the health care reform that Wall Street tells them is okay!


Maybe this is going to have to be done STATE BY STATE –


And does he have the WILL to do it – ?

Does California have the power to do it – fully up and down the state?


Kentucky has a Governor—Andy Beshear—who believes in health care as a human right. If Kentucky makes the jump from the reinstitution of KY Connect—a Medicaid exchange—to M4A, that might encourage the mid-west and some of the southern states to do the same.
The states, at this point in the national collapse, will have to lead in providing what the “boughten” and broken federal government will not.

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That’s depressing. Will nothing ever rid us of people like Pelosi who stand as the impediment to M4A? Just goes to show us that getting rid of Trump does not get us even one step closer to M4A. The real enemy on that front are the corporate dems. Human life on earth will not last long enough to see their banishment.


I am with you! I usually try, but make exceptions when faced with corrupt politics, racism, greed and financial self-interest - in this particular case “Feckless Cow” works for me - with a nod to Sam Bee.

I particularly admire UK slang terms, especially the Scots, often so colorful and descriptive, like “cow” “Jobby” “twat” (“a way to call someone as stupid, useless, or otherwise contemptible person”) Americans are usually far-too repressed and unimaginative to get or accept the humor!



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I believe Californians have Medi-cal. That must have an affect on healthcare voting.

Keep trying – it will happen yet – let’s just hope will be in time —

Pelosi is up for re-election in 20202 – not even sure what’s going on there –

Who else we might be interested in defeting?

Now is the time for “General Strikes” - NOT TO VOTE FOR BIDEN ANOTHER

For those of us unable to participate in BLM’s protests – we need to demand ways
to communicate with our “virtual” Town Hall Meetings and take advantage of the
two-way street to challenge our Mayors and Town Council Officials to STOP the release
of new land for “luxury” housing – to provide “affordable housing” which hasn’t been done
in NJ over 50 years of the Mt. Laurel Accords.

It’s also a time to call all citizens to “Town Hall Meetings” to discuss national issues –
our national policing crisis where brutality is being used even to the death against AA’s and
POC in our communities –

Good time to discuss MEDICARE4ALL – Restoring regulations on capitalism to humanize it –
to ensure that everyone knows that both national parties are under control of Elites/large
corporations – and that that’s FASCISM –

to begin to discuss the MIC budget, increased again this year --now costing citizens 70 cents+
of every tax dollar we send to Washington, DC –


issues, including national issues –

The system in effect in Oregon seems great, and they reportedly have the highest voter turnout in America - vote by mail and drop ballots in giant “mail” boxes - and no real “voter fraud” bs claims like the Orange Jobby spews!


In '16 Sanders supported Clinton, he had no other choice. Today he has to support Biden, albeit grudgingly.

Sanders has no choice but to work with the democrats, he caucuses with the democrats. If he refused, he’d end up being kucinished: sidelined, driven out of office and of no help to anyone.

Further, Sanders running as any sort of 3rd party candidate would ensure he could not win. He’d take votes from the democratic candidate too, ensuring the republican won. He’d be even less popular with the democratic establishment than he already is.

Sanders did not win the nomination in '16 or '20 because the ruling elites in the democratic party would not and will never allow it. That’s why they shoved doddering, senile, foot-in-the-mouth, sniffing females hair, cardboard, over-scripted Biden out into the spotlight.

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