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'Time Is of the Essence': After Wisconsin Fiasco, 150+ Civil Rights Groups Urge Congress to Protect 2020 Elections

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/14/time-essence-after-wisconsin-fiasco-150-civil-rights-groups-urge-congress-protect

150 civil rights groups.

I only remember two having power three generations ago in Alabama.

The first successful was U.S. Army using soldiers, very well armed, to protect elderly grandmothers who walked from their church to the county courthouse. They had never been allowed to vote before.
Two elderly men walked with them. Likely the pastor and an elder.

There were 13 armed KKK guys at the courthouse sidewalk. They did not flinch or move.

The second was federal lawsuits for voting rights filed in each of the southeast states by bobby kennedy’s 10 civil rights lawyers. They all won before republican judges who had been appointed by Eisenhower.

Eric Holder had 700 civil rights lawyers and did not prevent the states purging black voters off the rolls.

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Are you saying that right-wing politics is evil?
If so, I strongly agree.

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“right-wing politics is evil”
Yes, the Jim Jordan of Ohio type and new chief of staff, Mark Meadows are evil.
Kentucky’s McConnell is evil.
and so is fancy prancy nancy on the debit democrat defunktos evil too.

The 150 civil rights groups exist, when every government layer has a civil rights officer and staff to ensure badgered individuals and segments of population are not discriminated against. Why do we need so many groups? Who supports them financially? Do they obtain tax dollars as not for profit charities? Hmmm.

The only way to protect the 2020 election:

Step 1: Rescind Texas Congressman Pete Sessions’ 2006 Postal Service Destruction legislation.

Step 2: Include the Postal Service on the current COVID-19 bail out program.

Step 3: Mandate 100% vote by mail nationwide for the 2020 election.


Tim Canova was on Jimmy Dore the other day talking about getting nationwide paper ballots. Jill Stein endorsed his effort a year ago. Canova asked people to sign his new White House petition. He said this petition might be more worthwhile than the usual ones, on the basis that Trump said he was in favor in 2018. If it gets enough signatures by April 26, it could force Trump to “put up or shut up” as Canova put it.

This tweet contains a link to Canova’s web page about the petition, which has a big link to the White House petition near the top.


Direct link to the petition:


Note that this petition asks only for your name and email address, and requires confirmation by responding to an automated email.

As Donny freely admitted large turn outs are the Republicans enemy. And as we saw in Wisconsin proof, Republican’s tried their best voter suppression efforts again, like reduce the Milwaukee polling stations from 108 to 5 and make voters risk infection waiting inline to vote. BUT walla, the Democrat Supreme Court candidate won by 120,000 votes over the Trump endorsed and campaigned for GOP candidate. Trump only won the State by 23,000 in his election. There is NO voter fraud of ANY significance in the U S. Proof, Dumb Donny quietly disbanded his wacky conspiracy theory and much heralded Voter Fraud Commission. Why as even a 5th grader paying attention knows there is NO significant voter fraud and they couldn’t and didn’t find any. But there are many examples, like Wisconsin, and law suits against Republicans trying to game the system by voter suppression like in Wisconsin.