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'Time Is of the Essence': With Deadline 48 Hours Away, Californians Demand Jerry Brown Sign Net Neutrality Bill Immediately


'Time Is of the Essence': With Deadline 48 Hours Away, Californians Demand Jerry Brown Sign Net Neutrality Bill Immediately

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With just over 48 hours left before the deadline for California Gov.


From the article:

“SB 822 passed the legislature with overwhelming bipartisan support, despite fierce lobbying from the telecom industry.”

Just to be clear, “fierce lobbying” means “splashing big buckets of money all over Sacramento.” What’s the delay, Governor—did you get some on you?


Brown’s failure to sign the net-neutrality bill is infuriating and will spell the end of his political career and any positive legacy…I cannot fathom what he is thinking, except the lobbying by the special interests that are pressuring him to cave on the people’s clear and strong demands, and the promises of wealth if he submits to such bribery! Money and corruption in government is a disease that must be wiped out!


Though selling out is what they are designed to do, if any politician is unlikely to sell out, its Jerry Brown.


It appears the telecom, oil and gas industries would disagree.


Why do I think anyone in power has any integrity when faced with bundles of corporate campaign cash. Watching the Kavanaugh hearings with Flake caving in, the health care vote, tax cuts for the super-wealthy, support for trump policies, etc., etc., I have very little faith in Jerry Brown to do the right thing. Like congress, he invites and listens to corporations and lobbyists. Fat chance he’ll sit down and listen to a “protester”. If he signs the bill, maybe I’ll hold out hope for a brighter future for all of us, but it looks pretty dark right now. Please please please vote in November.


Well then can you explain the delay ?


Made him an offer he can’t refuse?


Hi Mary_Grayeske:
Maybe he’s waiting until the last minute so that no one knows what he’s going to do. This is a big deal and I’m sure that if the BIG $ ones knew for sure what he would do----that something would happen to change the vote. Someone said that Brown often signs bills at the last minute—maybe that’s why.


Not sure, but he sure has lost his progressive ways, he had years ago.


Hard to believe this – sad, truly sad.


One would have thought so! When he ran for president in 1992, he slept on the floor of a nasty band house when coming through Houston, only accepted $250/person, period, and did not sell or give away his mailing list!
When I lived in CA in late 70s, he dated Linda Ronstadt! What has happened to him? I don’t get it!


Possibly money, I hope not, but it has the potential to corrupt anyone.


If he was going to he would have by now. Creep.


Who knows what’s keeping him back? But he has been California’s best governor I understand.


What do you expect from a DINO?


Why the f*<+ is wrong with Jerry Brown? It’s very clear how he should vote!!! Otherwise, he needs to be removed from office ASAP…


Okay, I have two questions that are extremely important: 1. What happens to the bill if the Governor does not sign it? -and- 2. Does the legislature have an opportunity to override a bill that a Governor refuses to sign as if he had ‘vetoed’ legislation? Obviously, these questions relate to the law in CA only.


Regrettably, the quality of CA governors has been so bad (Republican Governors Reagan, Deukmejian, Wilson, Schwarzenegger were awful) that saying Jerry Brown is the best governor that CA has had (in our lifetimes) is not saying much.

BTW, Jerry’s father, Pat Brown, was perhaps a better governor – but in the early 1960s, CA had more money for social spending, like the development of many University of California campuses and the growth of the many Cal State colleges.

Jerry’s main claim to praise, in my opinion, are his good moves on fighting global warming – but his allowing oil and natural gas drilling and processing contradicts and negates many of his good actions against global warming.


Better to get rid of someone you’re suspicious of BEFORE they can do
actual damage like this. SAD, SAD, SAD.