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Time is Running Out: Coalition Calls on Obama to Protect Democracy Before November Election



Of course the idea is great but the results will be the same. Obama is one of them and would never actually do this. He has had the opportunity all along and has done nothing. He even said he would do it in his first campaign but we all saw how he went right immediately following his election.
I would like to think calling would matter but I really don't believe we can expect anything from him that would hamper Hillary. Hell he's covering for her emails and will probably stop the FBI from coming out with their report till after the election. Nice, our new president is immediately indicted after taking office.
It's a sad day in Amerika but he's not our answer.


Obama won't have time to talk even if you call. He is way too busy with his dark money bag men funding the TPP and TTIP campaigns, trying to figure out how to get those "trade deals" approved.


It took me a long time, but after the final nail of Obama's 2008 Bait and Switch, I finally lost the naiveté to expect that once a President was actually in Office that they would be guided by an Inner Compass that would lead them to do what was Honorable and Right.

It is now apparent to me that, with only a few exceptions, they "...Dance with who Brung'em."

We should all know, by now, who brought everyone Except Bernie, as we should all be aware of, by now, who brought Barack.