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'Time Is Running Out for Millions': Progressives Rally for People's Bailout as McConnell Pushes Corporate Immunity

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/08/time-running-out-millions-progressives-rally-peoples-bailout-mcconnell-pushes

Voters in GA need to keep this in mind when they vote. In fact it needs to be shoved in their faces and their noses rubbed in it

And the people of Kentucky need to be bitch-slapped


A corporation is amoral and has its whole existence above humans ,its humans who are intrinsically evil and must be controlled and subservient to the corporation .

This is the conservative theocratic mindset and belief.


McConnell is the worst thing that has ever happened to this country. But too many Democrats go along on his ride.

The US economy has been in a slow crash for a very long time. Just paying wage withholding for Social Security, medical care, and overall health insurance is larger than the wage levels in Asia where we’re importing things from.

The recent 2020 bi-partisan bailout provided eight trillion to the one percent and two trillion to the rest of the population. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats made a deal with the Republicans. They both agreed that they wanted to pay their respective campaign contributors, the financial sector, and the real estate sector.

Meanwhile, the USA economy is sinking. Only a restructuring of costs can save it. That will require a revolution, of the mind and in the streets. WHere is OWS when we need them?


Occupying is one thing, but who is going to head a group that can facilitate revolution level change?

“Bitch slapped”?
Or allowed to elect a candidate who offers a fresh alternative to McConell? He was just re-elected because the DNC used all its weight to ensure that another centrist, in hock to the same oligarchs as McConnell, headed up the Democratic ticket.
Voters in places like Kentucky aren’t going to throw out well established Senators for more of the same. And the DNC refuses to allow real Democrats to get past the primaries.


Yea, bitchslapped
They’ve been sending him back to DC since 1985 even though he owns a large portion of the responsibility for this


Time is not running out for Moscow Mitch and his enablers. They get to continue to wreak their special kind of patriotic havoc.

You know Mitch is going to get what he wants while the Democrats settle for a small slice of the pie and justify it by saying it was the best deal they get for the 'murican people. As George Carlin said, “They don’t give a f**k about you. It’s a big club and you ain’t in it.”


As of an hour or so ago Mitch’s offer was for the 900 billion, but also for corporate immunity, no unemployment help, and a mere $600 stipend for the millions who are over $5000 in debt to their landlords.

And it looks like Nancy is going to accept. But she’ll promise a better deal “next time”

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