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Time Running Out to Halt Arkansas's "Execution Assembly Line"


Time Running Out to Halt Arkansas's "Execution Assembly Line"

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Time is running out for lawyers to stop the state of Arkansas from carrying out its plan for an "execution assembly line"—killing seven men within an 11-day span.

The first executions for two of the men, Don Davis and Bruce Ward, are set for the same day, April 17.

The Guardian's Ed Pilkington writes:


More like the "hate" of Arkansas IS the "state" - of the state of Arkansas.


With the sort of justice Arkansas is doling out, it makes me wonder how many of these men might just be innocent....


I wonder if America will ever evolve into a civilized country. We have a long way to go, and might not make it before climate change ends our "exceptional" reign.


Expediency over justice. That might be the actual motto for the system allowed to exist in the US. No. 1 - Our governments should not be killing people. No 2 - If we advanced our society and provided a better life for all, I don't think we would see the killings that we do. No 3 - If the leaders of many states prevent that advancement of human dignity and welfare, aren't they in many ways complicit in the crimes that have been committed?


that would require humility - not an American trait.


Get out yer confederate battle flags and white hoods so we can head down to the prison to have a hoe down to celebrate these multiple executions. We can praise God that these bad folks who are not like us will be executed. The gubner don care if dey guilty or dey innocent - we jus need to kill em fore we run out of those lethal chemicals. I mean we gave em a lawyer who spent a couple hours on der case - what more could they ask for in this generous state. hee haw!!!




Welcome to the Fourth Reich! Now even the Supreme Court will just return guilty verdicts.
* Hitler said to truly control a country, you must first control its courts. Then, whatever you do is legal, whatever the opposition does is illegal.
* Herr Twitler seems to have finally achieved that goal.


I cannot believe I am living in a time when this is still the law anywhere in my country. To kill because someone else has killed - no logic in it at all. It is just pure hatred, sickness that keeps these laws on the books.